How To Wash Dry-Clean Clothes

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I still remember the day I found out how to wash dry-clean clothes. I’d been stepping around a growing pile of dry-cleaning for weeks, but our household budget was too strained to even think about dropping them off. Knowing there’s a “pink tax” on women’s dry-cleaning, I eventually weeded out my husband’s shirts and took […]

How To Wash Bathroom Rugs

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Knowing how to wash bathroom rugs properly will help you get them clean without destroying them. These practical rugs really do need to be washed regularly. They’re in your bathroom, after all, and depending on their location they collect a lot of hair, moisture, and misfires (especially if you have young boys). While their rubber-backing […]

Get my best tips in my new book: 1,001+ Housewife How-To’s!

My awesome new book!

Although I’ve published several books for the Kindle, I hadn’t published a paperback until now. But over the weekend, my new book 1,001+ Housewife How-To’s hit Amazon and, although I might be a little biased, it’s fantastic! If you’ve visited my Housewife How-To’s® Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, you’re familiar with the type […]

How To Deodorize Smelly Shoes

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If you’ve got teens, you need to know how to deodorize smelly shoes. Even if you don’t have teens, you may still want to know how to get rid of that odor because, let’s face it, stinky feet are only funny to kids. Here are four ways to get the funk out. Why Shoes Smell […]

How To Clean Grimy Pillowcases

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Have you noticed yourself wondering more often during the summer how to clean grimy pillowcases? Maybe it’s the heat and humidity combined with the extra activities we all take on, or perhaps you’ve had house guests who weren’t good at removing their makeup before bed. Either way, dingy pillowcases tend to be stinky ones, too. […]

How To Sort Laundry (with Printable)

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When my son recently did the wash to earn pocket money, I quickly realized he had no idea whatsoever how to sort laundry. Not only did he pretty much just toss everything into the machine, he managed to cram three peoples’ clothing, sheets and towels into ONE load to which he added most of a […]