How To Do Less Laundry

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If you’ve got little children, you know their clothes get messy within moments of putting them on. But with older children and adults’ clothes, not everything needs to be washed after each use. Since few people actually enjoy doing laundry, why not learn how to save time — and money — on this miserable chore? […]

How To Line Dry Clothes

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Knowing how to line dry clothes won’t just help the environment — it’s easier on your clothes, too. You’ll also save money on AC costs in the summer since your system won’t run overtime to remove the heat your dryer adds to the house. As if that’s not enough reasons to consider line-drying here’s one […]

How to Clean Microfiber Cloths

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Since they’re one of the most important tools in housekeeping, it’s important to know how to clean microfiber cloths. Unfortunately, the bristly, dirt-grabbing texture that makes them so helpful around the house also makes them very difficult to clean. Rather than replacing yours constantly, try these steps to extend the life of your microfiber cloths. […]

How To Use Vinegar In Laundry

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Once you know how to use vinegar in laundry you can save a small fortune on expensive products. Seriously, no condiment is more helpful around the house than white vinegar! In addition to its role in homemade cleaning products like DIY window cleaner and daily shower spray, vinegar is a star in the laundry room, […]