How To Get More Done Every Day

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Many of us, faced with juggling several competing priorities, wonder how to get more done every day. Parenting, work, keeping house, caring for loved ones, self-care, volunteer or civic activities, church… the demands on our time seem to constantly multiply, and yet there are still only 24 hours in the day. If you’ve ever worked […]

Get my best tips in my new book: 1,001+ Housewife How-To’s!

My awesome new book!

Although I’ve published several books for the Kindle, I hadn’t published a paperback until now. But over the weekend, my new book 1,001+ Housewife How-To’s hit Amazon and, although I might be a little biased, it’s fantastic! If you’ve visited my Housewife How-To’s® Facebook page or follow me on Twitter, you’re familiar with the type […]

How to Help Someone with Cancer

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When you first learn of a friend or family member’s diagnosis, it’s natural to wonder how to help someone with cancer. As we learned when my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in July 2012, friends and family members truly do want to help but sometimes don’t know where to start. Dealing with cancer is […]

How To Get Organized and Clean House: Day Twenty-Nine

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We’re wrapping up my series about how to get organized and clean house in 30 days. On day 29, we’re cleaning our home office ceiling, walls, and shelves. We’re also giving our bathrooms their weekly cleaning, and counting down the hours until we’re finally done! Tips On Getting Organized and Cleaning House •Do it daily: […]