How To Repel Wasps Naturally

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I wish I’d known last summer how to repel wasps naturally. Instead, I wasted a miserable Saturday morning with my swollen arm on ice, and another three weeks itching miserably. Turns out, I’m a bit allergic to wasps and had no idea. Since then, I’ve spent considerable time researching how to keep wasps away, because […]

How To Improve Home Humidity

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Knowing how to improve home humidity can improve your health, protect your home’s structure and furnishings, and as a bonus, can reduce your energy bills! What Is The Proper Indoor Humidity Level? The recommended indoor relative humidity level is 35 to 45%. Problems arise when the humidity is too low or too high, so it’s […]

Hostess Gift Ideas and Etiquette

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Coming up with hostess gift ideas can intimidate even the most socially-savvy. Sadly for those of us who enjoy entertaining, too few people understand the etiquette surrounding the hostess gift and simply decide to skip it, passing by an opportunity to thank their hostess properly and make their presence memorable. Why Give A Hostess Gift? […]

Homemade Daily Shower Spray Recipe

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Save money and time by making a homemade daily shower spray recipe part of your daily cleaning routine. You’ll not only prevent pink mold and mildew in your shower, you’ll reduce soap scum, making your weekly bathroom cleaning routine that much faster. Cleaning shower walls and glass doors is one of my very least-favorite chores. […]

How To Make Seed Tape

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Properly spacing vegetable seeds is easy when you know how to make seed tape yourself. Sure, you can buy seed tape at many garden centers, but if you’re the kind of gardener seeking to use organic, heirloom, non-GMO seeds you’re in for quite a hunt. So why not make your own? How To Make Seed […]

20 Uses For Old Sweaters

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Once you’ve finished spring cleaning your closet, you may find yourself wondering about uses for old sweaters. Sure, donating them is one option, but what about those sweaters that even your local charity wouldn’t want? Try these creative ideas and turn your old sweaters into creative, fun and frugal projects for your house. No-Sew Uses […]

Easter Egg Tips Roundup

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These Easter Egg tips are all about my two favorite things: making time-consuming tasks easier, and saving money in the process. Using them you can “boil” four dozen eggs in just 30 minutes, decorate them with things you already have in the fridge, and use every one of them — and their shells! — in […]