Weekend Links

We got snow!

After two years of minimal snow, we got over 10 inches last week. To say my son was happy about having two snow days in a row doesn’t accurately describe the squealing, jumping, noisy celebration…mine, included. Hey, I may enjoy having the house to myself on school days, but I also enjoy extra days to […]

How To Use Bread Heels

How to use bread heels from HousewifeHowTos.com

Knowing how to use bread heels can help stretch your grocery dollars. Sure, you can use them to make sandwiches but, surprisingly, many people don’t. In fact, many people throw them away! Crazy, right? We’re so used to a surplus of foodstuff that it seems not only old-fashioned, but downright silly to save things no […]

Ten Quick Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Need some quick, affordable ideas for Valentine’s Day decoration? I know I do! While I do enjoy shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts and baking love-themed goodies, after the grand spectacle that is Christmas in our house, I get a bit lazy. Fortunately, I’ve learned a few speedy, inexpensive ways to make the house look festive […]

5 Great Uses For Binder Clips

As an office supply junkie, I have several dozen binder clips in various sizes. Why? I can’t remember exactly, but they were probably on sale. Used to be, I’d feel guilty every time I opened my desk drawer and saw them sitting there unloved, unused. Then one day I had an “Aha!” moment (you know […]

How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

How to prepare your home for winter from HousewifeHowTos

  Knowing how to prepare your home for winter is the key to avoiding damage so you can enjoy the season’s snowy fun. Did I say “fun”? You bet I did. I absolutely adore winter: the cozy sweaters, the crackling fire at night, the way the earth is muffled as snow falls, and how clean […]

10 Ways To Reuse Zipper Lock Baggies

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Frugal housewives know that washing and reusing ziplock bags is a great way to save money thanks to that tough, durable plastic that makes them so great for food storage, yet so very awful for landfills. After repeated washing, the plastic starts to look cloudy and grow thin in places, making them no longer safe […]