How To Save Money Gardening

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Growing your own produce and flowers can be more expensive than buying them from the store unless you know how to save money gardening. From choosing the proper plants to stretching your gardening budget, here’s how to save money gardening while still indulging your green thumb. 1. Know what grows well in your climate. If […]

Get Free Mulch For Your Garden

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With last-frost dates approaching throughout the country, it’s time to start thinking about getting the garden ready for spring. Mulch, as any gardener will tell you, is crucial for weed prevention, moisture retention and soil improvement. It can also cost a small fortune, unless you know how to get yours free. Here’s how to save […]

10 Unusual Uses For Eggshells

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  Sweeten coffee: Add some crushed, clean eggshells to the basket of your coffee maker along with your ground coffee. They’ll cut the acidic taste, and leave you with a sweeter cuppa joe. Article continues below Jello molds: If you’ve been careful when peeling the eggs, you’ll have a few intact halves laying about. Carefully […]

How To Make Homemade Air Freshener Gel

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Why would anyone want to know how to make homemade air freshener? Because many commercial air fresheners contain harsh chemicals, including nerve-numbing agents that block your sense of smell and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) linked to cancer. Some also contain allergens as well as phthalates, which have been associated with reproductive abnormalities and shouldn’t be […]

How To Make Natural Hand Scrub

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Knowing how to make natural hand scrub won’t just save you money, it will help minimize your exposure to caustic toxins found in commercial products. Earlier this year, studies indicated that antibacterial soaps and scrubs weren’t any better than non-antibacterial ones in defeating viruses, and for people with allergy and asthma problems they can actually […]