Even More One Minute Chores

Even MORE One Minute Chores from HousewifeHowTos.comA number of readers have written in to share their surprise at what a big difference doing my lists of one minute chores has made in their homes. Many of us just feel so overwhelmed when we think “Oh, I have to clean the kitchen” but a minute here and there? That’s not so bad!

If you haven’t already seen them, be sure to check out my original list of one minute chores and the follow-up, 30 More One Minute Chores.

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Now, here are even more one minute chores to do next time you’re on the phone or waiting for the oven to preheat!

More One Minute Chores

  1. Wipe banisters with homemade disinfecting wipes.
  2. Refill salt and pepper shakers.
  3. Shine kitchen canisters.
  4. Kill some weeds by pouring white vinegar on them.
  5. Clean your TV remotes. (They’re filthier than they look!)
  6. Dust a room’s light bulbs. (Bonus: place a drop of essential oil on cool bulbs for fragrance.)
  7. Take your bed pillows outside so the sun can kill dust mites.
  8. Wipe the cobwebs out and off of your mailbox.
  9. Microwave a very wet kitchen sponge to kill bacteria.
  10. Wipe the microwave after microwaving your sponge to get rid of cooked-on food.
  11. Defrost tomorrow’s dinner.
  12. Refill your dishwasher’s rinse agent tank with white vinegar.
  13. Clean a drip pan on your stove.
  14. Change paper towels in your refrigerator’s produce and meat drawer.
  15. Wipe smudges off of your garage door opener.
  16. Spray your cutting board with 50-50 vinegar and water to kill germs.
  17. Run ice cubes through the garbage disposal to remove grime.
  18. Wipe the fridge and freezer handles.
  19. Use a disinfectant wipe on the toilet seat and rim.
  20. Put overdue library books in your car’s front seat.
  21. Toss any plastic containers in your kitchen that don’t have matching lids.
  22. Rub a wood cutting board or spoon with mineral oil.
  23. Check prescriptions and order refills if needed.
  24. Go through medicine cabinet and dispose of expired meds.
  25. Dust the top of a few door jambs.
  26. Slip a dryer sheet into your linen closet to freshen the smell.
  27. Turn your keyboard over and tap the crumbs out of it.
  28. Run a dryer sheet around the baseboards in one room to remove and repel dust.
  29. Straighten your cookbooks.
  30. Change the water in your flower vase.

Next time you’re waiting for the washing machine to finish spinning, or for the kids to finish putting away their toys before bath time, tackle a few one minute chores and turn that waiting time into work time. Before you know it, those random acts of cleaning will really add up and you’ll actually have even more free time on your hands.


    • says

      Thanks! That’s really the idea. No one likes the thought of cleaning all day, or even for a solid hour, but one minute here and there isn’t hard at all. (I say this knowing that I’ve got a 5+ hour of deep cleaning to do tomorrow to get ready for a home appraiser’s visit, because despite following my own cleaning routines regularly, an appraiser visit means it ALL needs to be perfect at the exact same time! Ugh.)

    • says

      Awesome! I’m a little piggy when it comes to eating at the computer. I wind up having to turn my laptop over and dump the crumbs out at least once a day. No doubt, both my waistline and my keyboard would love it if I’d stop munching online, but it’s a habit I’m just not willing to give up. Yet!

  1. Nikita says

    Katie, your one minute chores are so inspiring. Giving them a proper name and listing them makes each one much more “worthy” of doing. I love one minute chores tho I’ve never really thought of them as such. I do them more regularly than anything else. I’m always trying to do things that last too & thought I’d share a trick that I like.

    Everytime I clean my refrig the glass shelves are so big in my sink that they are a hassle. I had them all washed and dried sitting on my island & it came to me to cover them with saran. I put on 2 layers and now when I do clean the frig it is so much simplier. For me it’s worth the minute it takes to cover them. You have to really look to even know they are covered. Now the shelves don’t get scratches from moving things in and out either. No spills means I don’t have to do every shelf every time.

    Before I had drawer liner cut to fit but then that needs washed so it wasn’t a big help. Wax paper didn’t do so well either as it would get scrunched up. Saran tosses. I wipe them down and recover and put them back in frig.

    • Katie B. says

      Now that’s BRILLIANT, Nikita! I hate washing my fridge shelves every week because, like yours, they’re too big for my sink. I usually take them to my deck to clean them, but in the winter that’s pretty miserable. We’ll be using your Saran trick now!

  2. Unexpected Housewife says

    I love this. I do some of these things automatically while waiting for the coffee to brew, etc. It makes me feel so much more productive to think about them as accomplished chores! This idea will make me feel like I’m still doing some cleaning on those 60-80 hr work weeks where I’m home long enough to shower and feed the cat (and wipe counters while making coffee!). And maybe I can convince my other half to try some of these too!

  3. Pepe' says

    I agree with Nikita. The list is so inspiring and I achieve a lot more. I’m sending the list to my sister who’s going to love it. Thank you for making it convenient for us by printing them. Pepe’

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