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Knowing how to clean car interior properly can protect your investment in your vehicles and make your daily commute more enjoyable.

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Most of us are in our cars at least once a day, and quite often we’re grabbing a bite on the go. Add in kids, a dog or two, and all of the messes they bring, and it’s no wonder our cars get dirty quickly.

How To Clean Car Interiors

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1. Get the junk out. Remove all garbage and place it garbage bag. Toss. Remove any items that don’t belong in your car and place it in second bag. Set aside to put them away after you’re finished cleaning your car.

2. Vacuum the larger surfaces first. Using the vacuum’s upholstery attachment, vacuum the floor mats then remove them and set them aside. Vacuum the ceiling of your car (especially important if you’re a smoker), the car seats, under the seats, and finally the floor.

3. Vacuum the crevices. Using the vacuum’s crevice attachment, vacuum between the seats and console, under the seats, around the edges of the seat rails and all other areas where food and dirt hide.

4. Vacuum the dash. Using the vacuum’s brush attachment, vacuum the dashboard, the console, the inside of all cup holders and all other surfaces where dust collects.

5. Wipe it down. Dip a microfiber cloth into the bucket of warm water and wipe down the dashboard, steering wheel, console, door handles and all other vinyl surfaces. Be sure to rinse and wring the rag frequently so you’re not just smearing dirt around. Change rags as needed. Add a small amount of soap to clean any sticky messes.

6. Clean the stains. Inspect the floor for stains. Remove them by dabbing (not rubbing) on warm, soapy water with a cleaning cloth then scrubbing to lift stain. Dab dry with a clean cloth. Repeat for stains on seat upholstery.

7. Wash the mats. Hose off the floor mats in your driveway. Treat stains with soapy water and a scrub brush. Allow them to sun dry.

8. Polish the glass. Use glass cleaner and a clean, dry microfiber cloth to clean fingerprints and haze from the inside of windows. Polish any chrome surfaces with the cloth, too.

9. Finish up. Return floor mats to car when they’re completely dry. If you like to use a product to shine your car’s dash and interior surfaces, now’s the time to apply it by spraying it on a lint-free cloth and wiping it onto the surface to be treated. (Spraying it directly on the surface usually applies too much and can get your windows greasy again.)

10. Restock for the future. Make a habit of stashing a couple of empty of plastic shopping bags in your car to hold trash, muddy shoes, and items that don’t belong in your car. It’s also a good idea to keep a supply of paper napkins and a clean microfiber cloth in your console to deal with future spills.

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  1. Maranda Gaither says

    I love this! I wish it was a printable like so many of your lovely routines. I have all of them laminated and posted in respective rooms. I clean my car weekly and would love to have a schedule there as well. Thank you so much for all your wonderful tips and schedules they have seriously helped keep my life clean! (I have a seriously messy husband 😉 haha.)

    • Katie Berry says

      I’ll try to make it a printable by this summer, Maranda. It does my heart so good to know you’re printing and laminating them! God bless you and your messy husband. (I have one, too, though I have to give mine a pass due to the brain cancer. Or so they tell me.)

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