Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Weekly kitchen cleaning checklist from HousewifeHowTos.com
Most of us find the kitchen needs more attention than any other room in the house, and this weekly kitchen cleaning checklist will help ensure you get every surface sparkling.

Be sure to read through the instructions below before printing the chart at the bottom of the entry. As always, I recommend slipping the chart into a plastic page protector and hanging it inside a cupboard where you can refer to it on cleaning day.

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Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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Start with the clutter: Toss the obvious trash, and sort through what’s left. Everything that belongs in another room should go in a bag and be set aside until you’ve finished cleaning. Now, put away the gadgets and other things that belong in the kitchen.

Do the dishes: If you’ve been following the daily cleaning routine your sink is already empty. Otherwise, either wash them or put them in the dishwasher.

Dust the high stuff: Using a long-handled duster (or carefully climbing on a foot stool) clean the ceiling fan, tops of your cupboards and fridge, recessed lighting, and window trim.

Wipe everything down: Using a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle of all-purpose cleanser, clean your cupboard and drawer fronts. Wipe the back-splash. Wipe appliance fronts and tops. Wipe the stove top. Wipe spills off the floor of the oven.

Get the small stuff, too: Wipe down small appliances, light switches and door knobs.

Clean the microwave: Loosen cooked-on food by heating a cup of water for a minute. (Add a slice of lemon to it for a nice fragrance if you like.) Remove the turntable if you have one and wash it. Wipe the inside of the microwave with a microfiber cloth and return the turntable.

Rummage through the fridge: Dispose of any spoiled food. Clean any spills on the refrigerator shelves or floor. Now’s a good time to change out the paper towels lining your produce and meat drawers, too.

Disinfect the sink: Sinks are nasty places full of bacteria. Wash yours with hot, soapy water and a microfiber cloth then scour it using a homemade soft scrub powder. Or, fill it with hot water, add 1/4 cup bleach, and let it sit before draining, scrubbing and rinsing clean. (Don’t mix bleach with other household cleaners!)

Polish the glass: Using a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner, polish the inside of windows, picture fronts, and any other glass surfaces in the room.

Empty the trash and clean the trashcan outside. Let it air dry and the sun will finish the disinfecting job for you.

Sweep and mop: Vacuums do a better job getting up crumbs and pet hair, but if yours doesn’t have a floor attachment then use a broom. To mop, use a bucket of floor cleaner, not your sink.

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Printable Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Routine from HousewifeHowTos.com
Printable Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Routine (.pdf)


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  1. RedOakLane says

    Great list.  I need this.  Toss out the clutter….ugh!  I know my counters should have less stuff on them and they do look neater when it’s not there.

    • says

       Clutter builds up on mine, too. Everyone in the house walks in through the garage and sets stuff down on the island (grrr) or the kitchen desk. But do they pick it up later? No, no they do not. That task falls to me, and I’m pretty ruthless about getting rid of stuff that’s not tax-related, irreplaceable or mine. Every so often I wind up tossing out something my husband or kids claim was super important (Fantasy Football team picks or the latest weird-looking rock my son found outside) and they get better about picking up after themselves. For a while.

    • says

       LOL! It really does get quickly messy, doesn’t it? Kind of like doing laundry — you spend all day washing, drying, folding, hanging and putting away… and when everyone goes to bed the laundry hampers are full again. *sigh*

  2. Raquel says

    This is a great list! I really, really do need to clean out my kitchen especially the clutter! Have a great day :-)

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