Four Free Printable Cleaning Checklists!

When I first posted my cleaning routines as blog entries, many of you said you love printable cleaning checklists. Apparently, several of you were printing them to post on your refrigerator or to put in your household notebook.

But since you like things to be pretty — and easy enough for everyone in the family to follow — I’ve reformatted them into nifty free printable cleaning checklist slash flow-charts. I suggest printing and slipping them into a plastic page protector so you can use a dry erase marker or crayon to check off steps as you work.

Printable Cleaning Checklists

Printable daily house cleaning checklist

Daily printable cleaning checklist from

Printable daily house cleaning routine








(Click for the full size printable daily house cleaning checklist.)


Printable weekly bedroom cleaning checklist

Printable cleaning checklist for weekly bedroom cleaning from

Printable weekly bedroom cleaning routine checklist








(Click for the full size printable weekly bedroom cleaning routine checklist.)



Printable weekly bathroom cleaning checklist

Printable cleaning checklist for weekly bathroom cleaning from

Printable weekly bathroom cleaning routine checklist








(Click for the full size printable weekly bathroom cleaning routine checklist.)

Printable weekly kitchen cleaning checklist

Printable cleaning checklist for weekly kitchen cleaning from

Printable weekly kitchen cleaning routine checklist








(Click for the full size printable weekly kitchen cleaning routine.)

If you like these printable cleaning checklists, be sure to check out my other printable cleaning routines. Remember, you can also subscribe here to be notified of new how-to’s, or follow me on Facebook for daily cleaning tips and tricks.

Equipment you may need:


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  • Terry

    These are very nifty. I might even print them out. Honestly, I’ve always been pretty much haphazard in my cleaning. But these would help! I wondered, though: what does putting a sponge in the microwave do?

    • Katie B.

      It disinfects the sponge, Terry. In fact, microwaving kills more germs and bacteria in sponges than bleach does!

      • Virginia Ellen

        We don’t have a microwave, so we just pour boiling water from the kettle over our sponge and let it sit.

      • Katie B.

        Virginia, that is an excellent idea! I forget not everyone has a microwave, since I have a love-hate relationship with mine.

  • Sandra

    Those are some handy lists, I’ll be printing them up :)

    • Katie B.

      Thanks! I hope they’re clear enough that even the kids can help!

  • Stephanie

    Love this! I just pinned it!

    • Katie B.

      Thank you, Stephanie!

  • Debbie

    I love these cleaning charts. I think I will finally be able to egt my house under control. Do you have a daily chart for cleaning the living room/family room?


  • Judy

    I must be doing something wrong. I’ve tried to print out your Daily Whole House Tidy Routine flow chart several times, changing from portrait to landscape, decreasing the size by 80%, and still cut off the bottom several steps. Can you help? I’d like to put it on my refrigerator as a flow chart instead of as a list. Thanks.

    • Katie B.

      Judy, I’d suggest right-clicking and choosing ‘Save As’ so it downloads to your computer. Then you can open it in Word or whatever image program you prefer and adjust it to fit your specific printer. :)

  • Nina

    Am I printing this correctly?! It seems to waste so much paper for some reason when I click on them they print much smaller. Maybe I am doing something different.

    • Katie B of

      Nina, since I don’t know your computer and printer setup, I’m not sure what the problem is. These are .pdf files so you do need a .pdf reader. If you want to adjust the size of the files, open them as a .pdf and copy them, then paste them into a word processing document and adjust as needed.

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