How To Get Rid Of Spiders In Your Home

How to get rid of spiders in your home from
When seasons change, many homeowners find themselves wondering how to get rid of spiders in the home. It’s not so much that spiders suddenly move indoors — in fact, some scientists claim you are always within three feet of a spider — but we’re more likely to discover their webs as we go about Spring cleaning (or Fall cleaning, if you’re the type to procrastinate).

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Eliminate clutter: Like cockroaches and mice, spiders love clutter. Some common spider-attracting areas:

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  • Stacks of storage boxes
  • Piles of newspapers and old magazines
  • Under-bed storage
  • Crowded under-sink storage

Clean often and well: Running the vacuum through the center of the room and dusting horizontal surfaces isn’t enough to deter spiders from making your home their home. You already know they love to build webs; your job is to make sure that they can’t.

  • Vacuum behind and beneath sofas, chairs, and nightstands.
  • Use an extension dusting pole to clean ceilings, light fixtures and corners.
  • Clean your bookshelves properly.
  • Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean air ducts and registers.

Keep them from coming indoors: In addition to making sure your windows and doors seal properly, look for other ways spiders can get into your home:

  • Inspect your home’s foundations and walls and caulk or otherwise seal problem areas.
  • Don’t stack firewood along your home’s foundation. Keep shrubs and trees from touching your exterior walls, and trim or mow grasses regularly.
  • Be sure to close your chimney flue when the fireplace is not in use. Not only will this help deter spiders, it will help control your utility costs, too.
  • Spiders and other pests are often brought into our homes via paper grocery bags. Use (and wash!) cloth grocery bags and hang them between uses rather than leaving them in a pile on the floor.
  • Wash your bananas (and other produce). Seriously. You only need to see a deadly banana spider’s egg sac on your produce once before this step will become habit.

Use natural deterrents: Many of the same methods for controlling cockroaches or ants will deter spiders, too.

  • Place spider glue traps in areas where you often find spiders, like behind the water heater and under utility sinks.
  • Spiders don’t like peppermint oil or vinegar, so use a combination of the two against them. Spray windowsills and entryways with a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 1/2 cups water, and 20 drops of peppermint essential oil. (Eucalyptus oil purportedly works, too, but I find peppermint a more pleasant scent.)

If all else fails… Particularly bad infestations, such as those found in older homes, may require a professional exterminator. These days, many such services offer non- or lower-toxic solutions, so be sure to ask. Once the infestation is under control, the above methods can prevent future problems.
Or there’s always this way to get rid of spiders in the house…
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  1. Heather-Joan Carls says

    YES!!! I love the picture at the end of the your post!!! I have come close to doing that! I LOATHE spiders!!! I don’t fear them but I am compelled to kill them before they have a chance to kill me kinda mindset lolz I actually killed one last night in the bathroom up by the ceiling with the broom. 11 o’clock last night WHACK! Thank you for the tips. I can use a lot of them. Watch out, spiders, Heather-Joan is coming to extract massive genocide on you! lolz 😀 :p

    • Jo says

      Only spider I want in my house is one that doesn’t procreate, that spins a big web to catch all mosquitoes. Not sure which I loathe more….probably mosquitoes. I keep asking “Why God…Why couldn’t you have created mosquitoes and spiders in a way that would have been less annoying/harmful to humans, but still fit into the food chain!”

  2. Kristi Wood says

    Another completely non-toxic way to control creepy-crawlies in your house is to sprinkle food-grade diatomaceous earth (which you can buy on Amazon or in a lot of locally-owned gardening nurseries) under and behind appliances and along the floor in closets and pantries. It is completely safe for pets and children; it’s used as an additive in cattle feed, so you could eat a spoonful of it and it wouldn’t hurt you at all. It’s the microscopic skeletal remains of diatoms, and it has sharp edges that cut into an insect or arachnid’s exoskeleton and cause them to dessicate. I’ve been using it for years.

  3. niceee says

    The best way to rid spider is the vacuum cleaner. Every year my aunt start a (cobwebs) spring cleaning in her garage and basement. There are so many giant Hobo-spiders, with large webs in there. After vacuuming we checked the full dust bag and all spiders were killed inside, most of them were split in several pieces! The suction was to strong for the spiders.

  4. Srinidhi says

    I absolutely am terrified of spiders and even though sometimes I do try to kill every last spider on earth and get filled with a spider-killing vengeance I just want them to leave. If they don’t bother me I have no need to kill them, but alas, they never listen and they can’t say I didn’t warn them. I try to look for ways to keep them out with natural deterrents like peppermint oil. So this article was helpful.

    • Katie Berry says

      I can’t stand spiders, either, though I try not to kill them outdoors. I’m glad to know you found the article helpful!

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