How To Clean and Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Maintain your vacuum cleaner with Vacuum cleaners are really the housewife’s workhorse, saving us the miserable hours of sweeping and beating carpets that our great-grandmothers endured. But even the best vacuum needs a little TLC now and then to keep functioning at its best. Here’s how to maintain yours.

Keep it empty: If your vacuum has a bag, replace it when it’s half-full. Empty models with dust bins after every use. No matter what the manufacturer says, a full bag or dust bin does cut suction.

Check the brushes: Thread, hair and other items often get tangled in the rolling brush at the base of your vacuum. This brush is what lifts dirt and debris from your carpet. If it can’t spin properly, it can’t clean properly. Tease the threads loose or use small scissors to snip and remove them.

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Inspect the belts: Over time, a vacuum cleaner’s belts can become worn or stretched out. When this happens, the vacuum won’t work properly. Inspect yours regularly and replace loose or worn belts as needed.

Wipe your vacuum regularly: Given their job, it’s not surprising that a lot of dirt and dust collects on a vacuum. Keep yours dust-free with a soft cloth after each use. Check the beater bar housing every month or so for accumulated debris and remove it, using a soft bristled brush if necessary, so you’re not simply spreading dirt when you vacuum.

Remember: never vacuum up coins, small toys, sharp items or larger pieces of debris. These can damage the interior mechanisms of your vacuum, bending the blades and ruining the motor.

  • Small Town Mommy

    I definitely need to do some maintenance on my vacuum.  I hate vacuuming but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of it,

    • Katie B of

       I’m one of those weird people, I guess, because I love vacuuming. It makes such a HUGE impact, and the room looks so much cleaner even if I didn’t bother dusting or polishing. Then again, I don’t fret over vacuuming in straight lines. (I have a friend who obsesses over that, so she never bothers vacuuming because she can’t make the lines perfect.)

      Now, sweeping or mopping? Oh I absolutely HATE those.

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