How To Clean Trash Cans

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Knowing how to clean trash cans properly, and doing it as part of your cleaning routine, will go a long way toward eliminating household odors and fruit flies. Few things are nastier than walking into a home that reeks of garbage except having to bat at flies that hatched on that filth.

You will need
•Rubber gloves
•Long-handled scrub brush
•Cleaning rags or paper towels
•Bucket of hot water
•White vinegar

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1. Put on the gloves: Garbage cans are full of nasty and sometimes dangerous bacteria. Wear the gloves!

2. Work outside: Some people wash trash cans in the sink or bathtub but then you’ve got to clean and sanitize them thoroughly when you’re done. Work outside if you can to save yourself an extra step. If you must work indoors the sink is a better option than the tub since it’s easier to clean when you’re done.

3. Empty the can: and remove as much gunk as possible using the rags or paper towels.

4. Hose it out to remove the first layer of grime. Then, using the long-handled brush (or a toilet brush used specifically for cleaning garbage cans), scrub the bottom and sides. Rinse and repeat until you’ve removed the food stains and spills.

5. Add hot water to the bottom of the can and pour in 2 cups white vinegar. Using the long-handled brush again, swirl the vinegar solution around the interior of the can, wetting down every surface. Allow this to sit 20-30 minutes for disinfection.

6. Dump it out in the gutter or down the drain. Do NOT dump it on your plants or lawn–the vinegar will kill them.

7. Rinse and air dry in the sun which will also help kill any remaining germs or bacteria.

Remember, plastic trash cans are porous and will hold on to germs as well as odors more than metal cans. Regardless of what yours is made from, it needs cleaning at least once a month. Adding a layer of used newspapers and a sprinkling of baking soda will help control spills and odors between cleanings, and will make it far easier to remove messes in the future.

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  1. Allie from Albany says

    If you let your plastic containers dry in the sun, do it on a temperate day. I did it when it was 88 degrees farenheit outside, and the sun warped the plastic. Now when I open the can, the lid flies off and it never did before. We’ll have to buy a new can. %$#@&^%!!

    • Katie B. says

      Oh no! I wouldn’t think 88 would be enough to warp a can, but I’m glad you took the time to let me know that happened. (Incidentally, I did our cans last week when it was 94 and didn’t have any problems. Did you leave yours sitting on hot cement or in front of a car or glass door? Either would magnify heat.)

  2. Ariel says

    Getting the mechanics of a Simple Human trash can wet breaks it, so only wash the liner this way. Learned the hard way, but they sent me a new part for free

    • Katie Berry says

      I’m sorry yours broke. I’ve never heard of a trash can that can’t be washed! Hopefully your family is neater than mine; our can gets splatters everywhere. Ugh.

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