My Five Best Spring Cleaning Tools

For many of us, the slowly warming weather signals the launch of our annual Spring Cleaning routines. If you ask me, sunnier days are a mixed blessing: sure, I love the thought of Spring coming, but all that cleaning? Ugh! That’s why I look to my five best Spring Cleaning tools to make an otherwise difficult task just a bit easier.

When it comes to choosing cleaning tools, I look for a few important traits. First, I like multipurpose tools. My home just doesn’t have enough storage to justify keeping a gadget that can only do one thing. Second, they really must save me time. If it takes longer to set it up or clean it than it does to actually use it, I’m not interested. Third, it has to work very, very well.

That, I think, is what I like most about these gadgets: although I find them indispensable for Spring Cleaning, I actually rely on them year-round. They just get put through their paces a bit more thoroughly around this time of year. I should also mention, although I’m sharing all of these via Amazon because that’s where I bought them from, you may be able to find them at a lower-price elsewhere. Do your own research, yada yada. You know the drill.

A multi-head cleaning tool with extension pole

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You’ll notice that all of my Spring Cleaning routines mention dusting the ceiling, ceiling fans and walls. As an allergy sufferer, reducing household dust is one of the most important steps involved in cleaning, and this multi-head extension tool tool makes that task simple.

Use the static duster on walls, ceilings, window sills, door frames and recessed lighting, plus save your back by using it to clean baseboards. The ceiling fan duster slips right over the fan blades and pulls off all of that nasty fuzzy dust that builds up. The sponge and squeegee head makes short work of windows and wall mirrors, and is great when you’re washing the car, too. Oh, and as a short woman, I like the suction-cup light bulb changer, though I don’t really consider that part of Spring Cleaning.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Lint-free, washable and reusable, this 24-pack of microfiber cloths is a wonderful multi-tasking cleaning aid. Use dry to dust furniture, lift cat hair from upholstery and carpets, and wipe spills. Lightly dampen to clean spots off glass, remove fingerprints, and erase scuffs. Combine with your favorite non-bleach homemade cleaner to ramp up its cleansing power. Then, just toss them in the wash (no bleach, no fabric-softener) and reuse literally hundreds of times.

My favorite spray bottles

Since I prefer to use homemade cleaners, I’ve tried just about every spray bottle under the sun. Reusing spray bottles from old cleaners makes me nervous: the plastic from which they’re made is porous, so you can never be certain you won’t cause problems when adding your own cleaners to the residue lingering in them. Plus, they really aren’t built to last, and who wants to keep buying harsh chemicals just to get more spray bottles? The ones from the Dollar Store seem great at first (if they work), but quickly turn cloudy when using white vinegar-based cleansers.

These clear spray bottles, although pricier than the ones at the Dollar Store, don’t turn cloudy. They don’t clog. They fit my hand wonderfully, and they are easily adjustable from a pin-point stream to a wide, fine mist spray. My only piece of advice: trim the plastic tube that runs from the handle to the bottom of the bottle so it doesn’t curve. That way you’ll be able to use every last drop of your mixture.

A hard-surface steam cleaning tool

This gadget makes short work of so many nasty Spring Cleaning (and regular cleaning) tasks! Nasty grout? Steam it clean! That yucky ring on tile floors around the baseboards? Steam it away! The fine line of I-don’t-want-to-think-about-it stuff that accumulates at the base of toilets and around the hinges? Give it a good steam, wipe it clean, and voila! your toilet is as pristine as the day it was installed.

I’ve used my hard surface steam cleaner to power off creosote buildup on the glass doors to my fireplace, eliminate hard-baked crud in the microwave that even a nuked cup of water couldn’t loosen, power clean garbage cans… so many cleaning uses. On top of that, it can be used to steam wrinkles out of clothing and curtains, lift away wallpaper, and loosen varnish on furniture you’re planning to rehab. Truly a multi-tasker.

A steam cleaner for every type of floor

For some reason, the people who build our house decided to use five (count ‘em, five!) different types of flooring in our house: carpet, linoleum, laminate wood, porcelain tile, and ceramic tile. With two kids, two cats, a messy husband and myself, my floors can get really bad. Oh, and did I mention that the porcelain and ceramic tile are both white, while the carpet is ivory? Yep, my floors can get truly filthy over the course of the winter, even though I’ve banished shoes indoors.

I called a commercial company once, hoping to get my floors professionally cleaned. They claimed there was a glaze on the bathroom ceramic tile that prevented them from cleaning it. (There wasn’t; it was hairspray.) They wouldn’t do the laminate floor because they worried their machines would harm the top coating, and declined to do the linoleum for fear their machine would scuff it. They were willing to do the porcelain tile in the kitchen… until they saw two tiles were cracked. As for the carpet stains? They reappeared the day after the carpets dried, so I essentially wasted both money and time calling them.

That’s when I decided to buy this steam cleaner for every type of floor. It cleans every flooring surface in my house, in addition to the upholstery. It lifted out pet stains, it powered away scuffs on the tile, and that hairspray buildup in the bathroom came right off. Now, while I did have problems with some stains reappearing when I used the commercial carpet shampoo, once I switched to shampooing using Dr. Bronner’s, the stains came up and my floors were cleaner than I’d ever seen them before.


So there you have it: my five favorite Spring Cleaning tools, which I also use pretty much any time of year. They’re all multi-tasking hard workers that save me time and perform very, very well. Sure, I’m never really going to like Spring Cleaning (who does?), but if I’ve got to do it — and I do — then I’m so glad to have these products which make a nasty chore just a bit easier.

Disclosure: the items above are obviously sold via Amazon. I own each item listed, and highly recommend them. But, yes, I get a small commission if you buy through these links. I use it to buy more things to clean.

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  • Liz

    I am a huge fan (and user) of microfiber cloths…and now I will check out your other suggestions!

    • Katie B.

      Aren’t they wonderful things, Liz? Makes me wonder how we ever lived without them. LOL

  • Jeff

    I am with you on the microfiber cloths. I first started using microfiber cloths to clean my new car because I didn’t want to scratch the paint. Now I use them all over the house. They are great for cleaning computer screens, smooth cook tops, and stainless appliances. They also make glass cleaning microfiber cloths that work well on windows and car glass.

  • Jeanette @ Office cleaning Charlotte

    I think that when you’re trying to clean your home, particularly when you’re doing something as big and important as the spring clean, it is absolutely vital that you ensure that you have the correct equipment before you begin. If you don’t do this then there is always the chance that you could get half way through the job and decide to give up, and you may never get around to starting it again. Make sure that you have everything that you need at the start, and this should help you to get the jobs done, meaning that you don’t have to think about them again until the next spring clean.

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