Printable Monthly Cleaning Routine

Printable monthly cleaning routine from
This printable monthly cleaning routine can help you keep up with weekly room-by-room cleanings, along with all of the other little tasks that go into keeping a home clean and organized.

A day-by-day plan like this is a great way to get started cleaning and organizing your home. If you need even more motivation, along with specific and detailed cleaning advice, check out my book 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House (paperback or Kindle). I’ll walk you through this very schedule, giving you checklists and tips along the way. By the time you’ve finished the book your whole home will be clean and organized, then this schedule will help you keep it that way!

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Be sure to visit my page of printable cleaning checklist routines for weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning routines throughout the house.

To use the printables, I recommend slipping each one into a plastic page protector so you can cross off items with a dry-erase pen as you complete them. Whether you keep those in a household binder or not is a matter of personal preference; personally, I find maintaining those binders just turns into another chore. I just tape my cleaning routines inside a cupboard or on the back of a door in the relevant room, then keep the daily and monthly schedule on my fridge where they nag me into completing them.

Printable Monthly Cleaning Routine

Printable Monthly Cleaning Routine from
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Note: The monthly cleaning plan, which appeared in an earlier version of this post, has been revised to synchronize with my book.

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  1. Magnolia Sky says

    Hi! hate to be a bother, but when I try to print the pdf, it gives me a giant zoomed in corner of the page and that’s it. I’ve tried printing it without being ‘zoomed to fit’ and in black and white, but when I do that, nothing prints at all! I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but I thought I should let you know. Thanks!

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