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With this Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist you can be sure every nook and cranny is clean and dust-free. Don’t limit this kind of deep-cleaning to just Springtime, though: you can do it any time of year and if you have allergies you should do it every 4 months!

Before you get started, read through the steps below then grab the printable Spring Cleaning Bedroom Checklist at the bottom of the entry and work your way through each step.

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Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

1. Start with an all-over tidy. Perform the tasks for a daily bedroom tidy, but don’t bother making the bed.

2. Gather what doesn’t belong in the room. Collect all items that don’t belong in the bedroom and put them in one bag/box to discard. Gather up any knickknacks or other items you no longer want to keep. Put them in a second bag/box to donate. Pick up all trash, including any under the bed, nightstand or dresser, and put it in the garbage bag. Discard.

3. Remove linens to launder. Remove the drapes or curtains, which gather a frightening amount of dust over a year. Take them to the laundry room if they’re washable (check the label), or to your car if they need dry-cleaning. Alternatively, shake them outside to dislodge dust and hang in a non-sunny spot to air out. Strip the bed of all linens, including pillows, but not the mattress cover. Take to laundry room or dry cleaner, based on the label’s instructions.

4. Start dusting. When dusting, it’s important to work from top to bottom, left to right. This way you’re not scattering dust over surfaces you’ve already cleaned.
• Dust the ceiling fan using a long-handled duster. Alternatively, you can slide a pillow case over the blades and run the edge back and forth — the dust will fall right into the case. Just shake it outside when you’re done.

•Remove any pictures from the walls and place them on the bed.

•Now, starting at the door, dust the ceiling, window moldings, around windows, walls, corners, then baseboards.

•Using a dry microfiber cloth, dust the picture frames. Spray glass cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the fronts of the pictures. Rehang.

•Clean the inside of the windows, then any other glass surfaces in the room.

•Dust all remaining knickknacks and pictures.

•Remove the shade from lamps and wipe down the light bulb with glass cleaner. (Just be sure the bulb is cool first.) Run the lint brush over the inside and outside of the lamp shade and return.

•Strip the mattress cover from the bed and take it to the laundry room to launder.

5. Treat your wood furniture. Remove any sticky buildup on your wood furniture. Now is a good time to cover any scratches in your wood furniture, too.

6. Clean the mattress. Using the upholstery tool for your vacuum’s hose attachment, vacuum the top of the mattress. Treat any mattress stains. Flip and rotate the mattress, then vacuum the top again.

7. Start vacuuming. Using the floor attachment, vacuum beneath your bed and other furniture. (If you can move furniture to vacuum beneath and behind it, do so. Then, using the crevice attachment, vacuum around the base of the walls to remove dust buildup. Finally, vacuum the rest of the floor. Treat carpeting stains and vacuum again.

8. Take out the trash. Empty the trash can and wash it outside using 1 cup hot water, 1/2 cup white vinegar and a stiff scrub brush. Rinse well and let dry. (Keep your trashcan clean by lining it with a plastic grocery bag, or by placing a paper towel on the bottom.) Return all items that belong in other rooms.

9. Launder the linens. Return dried drapes or curtains to the windows. Wash your linens according to the label instructions. Return them to your bed when they’re completely dry.

10. Freshen up. Spray the room with air freshener or set out a homemade gel air freshener with your favorite scent.

Ready for the printable?

Printable Spring Cleaning Bedroom Checklist

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Routine Checklist Printable
Click for the .pdf file

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  1. Robin says

    I am wondering why all the printable cleaning charts don’t load? I would be happy to pay for them, I just would really like to have them. :-)

    I just started a blog and would love to put a link to your site on my blog. Do you have a picture you want me to use?

    • Katie B. says

      Hi Robin,
      I didn’t do a checklist with the bedroom Spring Cleaning routine. Of the Spring Cleaning series, I’ve only had time to do a checklist for the bathroom. You can find it, as well as the daily and weekly cleaning checklists, by following the links on this page. As for links, I always welcome them. But if you’d like a button, here’s one:


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