Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

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This living room spring cleaning checklist will guide you through deep-cleaning every surface in this important gathering spot. Whether you call it the living room or the family room, or have one of each like we do, this room seems to attract a lot of clutter, dust and dirt.

Although a daily cleaning routine can keep these areas looking nice, it’s good to give them a thorough going-over at least once a year. Here’s how.

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As always, before we get to the printable cleaning checklist, I strongly encourage you to read through the steps below so you understand the order we’re working in. Then, print the checklist and follow along.

You will need:

Let the light in:
•Remove the curtains or drapes. Take them to the laundry room if they’re washable and launder them, or to the car if they need a trip to the dry-cleaners.

Start with the small chunks.
•Pick up any items that belong in other rooms and place them in the “Elsewhere” bag/box. Set aside.
•Next, gather knickknacks, books, and other items you no longer want to keep and put them in the “Donate” box/bag. Set aside.
•Finally, pick up all trash from surfaces and under furniture. Set aside. This includes old magazines and newspapers!

Work top to bottom:
•Dust the ceiling fan. Use a long-handled duster to do this, or try slipping a pillow case over the blade and running it back and forth to catch the dust. Either way, shake the dust outside.
•Remove artwork from the walls.
•Dust, in order: the ceiling, corners, top of window frames, walls, window casings and sills, then baseboards.
•Using a clean cloth, dust the artwork. Polish glass picture fronts with a light spray. Return artwork to walls.

Move on to soft furniture:
•Remove pillows and cushions from the sofa. Take them outside and give them a good beating with a clean broom. Let them air out while you return to work inside.
•Pull the furniture out from the wall. (Get help if you need it!) Dust the wall behind the furniture, including the baseboard.
•Using the vacuum’s upholstery attachment, vacuum the sofa and chairs. Be sure to get the back as well as the sides. Use the crevice attachment to get into any nooks and crannies, then run the vacuum on the floor where the chair/sofa was before returning it to its place.
•Return the sofa and chair cushions/pillows.

Dust everything. Starting at the door and working to your left, remove every item from horizontal surfaces, then start dusting everything.
•Dust fronts, backs, sides of tables.
•Dust knickknacks before returning them to their place.
•Remove lampshades and dust them. Dust lightbulbs and run a cloth sprayed lightly with homemade glass cleaner over the bare bulb — just make sure it’s cool first.
•Pick up electronics and dust beneath them. Dust their cords, too.

Pay extra attention to wood furniture.
• Now is a good time to remove sticky buildup from wood furniture.
•Check for, and fix scratches in your wood furniture, too.
•Polish the wood using a homemade furniture spray.

Make it shine.
•Clean the inside of your windows.
•Clean all other glass surfaces in the room, too.

Now for the vacuuming.
•Using the dusting attachment for your vacuum, go over the hearth if you have a fireplace in your room.
•Vacuum all lampshades with the dusting attachment, too.
•Switch to the crevice attachment and go around the base of your walls, paying extra attention to the corners where dirt accumulates.
•Vacuum the floor, moving occasional furniture and area rugs as needed.
•Note: vacuum area rugs, too, then turn them over and vacuum their backs to remove ground-in dirt.

Almost done!
•Return the curtains to the shiny, clean windows.
•Straighten any remaining magazines, books, etc.< •Consider spraying the room with homemade air freshener or setting out a jar of homemade air freshener gel.
•Take items for donation to your car so you can drop them off with your favorite charity. (Get a receipt, and be sure to file it properly for next year’s taxes!)
•Put away items that belong in other rooms.
•Throw away the trash.

Now, enjoy your nice clean living and/or family room!

Ready for the printable?

Printable Living Room Spring Cleaning Routine

Living Room Spring Cleaning Printable Checklist from

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  1. Elan Millow says

    My problem is that I am not an organized person and I have trouble knowing where to start and how to follow through. I like the way you laid it all out in steps. I took a very messy room last night, followed the steps in your post–and I couldn’t believe how quickly I had the room looking really good. My husband was impressed. Thank you for a great blog! I visit every day and love your stuff.Best regards!

  2. Lisa W says

    Thank you so much for these amazing lists/charts. I’ve been printing them off and laminating them for myself, husband and 6 & 7 year old boys. I’d LOVE to see this in a chart like the others as well! You were able to make a chart that is soooooo helpful in keeping my sanity and I will have weekly and Spring cleaning together for ease of reference! I hope to train my children the right way on how to clean, so we won’t have to worry about this when they are older. :-) I’ll keep watching for the Living Room/ Family Room flow chart…. Keep up the amazing job!

    • Katie Berry says

      Since you were so incredibly nice, Lisa, I went ahead and put that Living Room Printable Chart up for you. Have a great weekend, and thank you for the kind words!

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