Easter Egg Tips Roundup

Easter egg tips roundup from HousewifeHowTos.com

These Easter Egg tips are all about my two favorite things: making time-consuming tasks easier, and saving money in the process. Using them you can “boil” four dozen eggs in just 30 minutes, decorate them with things you already have in the fridge, and use every one of them — and their shells! — in delicious recipes after your Easter Egg hunt is done.

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If you’d like to save time making Easter Eggs this year, or you wonder how to use up all of your hard-boiled eggs after the hunt, then these Easter Egg tips are for you!

Quickly Make And Decorate Easter Eggs

There’s no need to spend hours over a boiling pot, worrying that an egg-shell will break. Make “hard-boiled” eggs in the oven in just 30 minutes. You can do dozens at a time!

Once they’re cooked and cooled, soak your eggs in these natural dyes for Easter Eggs made from fruits or vegetables and white vinegar. Want to decorate as you dye? Color designs on the shells using a white crayon before you place the eggs in the natural dye. Once they reach the desired shade, let the eggs dry then buff away the crayon and your design will show through.

Using Hard Boiled Easter Egg Leftovers

Probably the hardest part about using leftover Easter Eggs is peeling the things. Here’s how to peel hard-boiled eggs easily. Using this method, I very rarely have a torn egg white because the shells just slip right off.

Tired of eating them plain? Check out these six recipes using hard-boiled eggs. One of them is the only reason my husband puts up with the “nonsense” (his words) behind making four dozen hard eggs for one kid’s Easter Egg hunt.

Use Your Easter Egg Shells, Too!

Don’t even think about throwing away the shells when you’re done! Here are 10 uses for egg shells so you can get every penny’s worth out of those eggs. If you’ve dyed your eggs naturally, you don’t need to worry about nasty chemicals and artificial dyes when using those shells, either.

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