How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs In The Oven

How to make hard boiled eggs in the oven from
Whether you’re planning to make enough Deviled Eggs to feed everyone at the company picnic, or you just want to host the biggest Easter Egg Hunt in the neighborhood this year, you can save time if you make hard boiled eggs in the oven .

Why fire up the oven rather than simply boil the things on the stove? Because no matter how hard I’ve tried, I overcook boiled eggs and then the yolks turn that ugly green-gray color. With this method, I’ve never once had that problem. Plus, they have a wonderful, creamy texture when cooked in the oven instead of turning rubbery.

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If you’re worried about messing up your oven, be sure to slip a baking sheet on the rack beneath the eggs as they cook. Have your tongs or silicone gloves ready so you can grab the eggs out of the oven and plunge them into ice water the instant they’re done to stop their cooking.

How To Make Hardboiled Eggs In The Oven
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Make several dozen eggs at a time using this easy method.
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  1. Place one oven rack on the lowest rung in your oven. Line it with foil, or put a cookie sheet on it.
  2. Place a second oven rack in the middle of your oven. Carefully put eggs on it, spacing them roughly ½ inch apart.
  3. Close the oven door and set the temperature at 325F (163C). (Do NOT preheat!)
  4. Let the eggs cook for 30 minutes, and not one minute more.
  5. Using tongs or good oven mitts, quickly transfer the eggs to a sink filled with ice water. Allow eggs to cool before peeling.


Once you’ve made your hard boiled eggs in the oven, be sure to use this trick to peel hard boiled eggs easily. Don’t toss the shells, though — there are some great ways to use eggshells around the house!

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    Have ever had a smoked egg? I make smoked egg salad all the time, It is huge crowd pleaser

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