Four Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions

I have been on the hunt for clever bathroom storage solutions. You see, Last month as I was Spring Cleaning our bathroom, I realized what was once an over-abundance of storage has become inadequate and cramped.

Okay, so I have a makeup and haircare product addiction, as well as an aversion to throwing away such products even if they don’t work. (Somehow, I always think time will improve them.) Plus, my husband’s cupboard under the sink had grown crowded with his medical supplies and other stuff I kept shoving in there. Oh, and don’t get me started on how full of junk the drawers were.

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Unfortunately, I hadn’t given much thought to looking online for clever bathroom storage solutions. If I had, I’d have adopted these four ideas while doing the Spring Cleaning. Instead, I just threw out stuff, a lot of stuff, and now our bathroom is back to feeling spacious again. But, hey, there’s always Fall Cleaning, right?

Clver bathroom storage solutions from

(Clockwise, from top left:)

      • Imagine all the extra storage space created by installing over-the-door shelves like this one from Martha Stewart! For short people like me, these would have to be for rarely-used stuff, because I’m not keeping a ladder in my bathroom.


      • There’s not a lot of actual wall space in my bathroom, thanks to a strange layout and the previous owners’ horrifying decision to install a towering wall mirror above the bathtub — one so big there’s no way we could remove it ourselves, and the contractors’ price for removal is way out of our budget. But we do have one free wall where floating shelves like these from DIY Network would work perfectly!


      • Toothbrushes sitting on bathroom counters really gross me out. Even if the counter is far away from the toilet, it’s still near the bathroom sink where people thoughtlessly flick their wet hands before they reach for the towel. (A habit, I might add, that drives me NUTS since I’m the one in our home who cleans the mirrors.) Storing them in the medicine cabinet makes sense, until the things fall onto the counter when you open the door. Storing them in notches cut into the shelves so they don’t fall, like The Family Handyman did, is brilliant!


      • One thing my bathroom I’d really like? A place to store spare towels and wash cloths. I guess, since our master walk-in closet opens off the bathroom, the architect figured we’d just use a shelf in there. The architect clearly didn’t count on a woman with a shoe and handbag addiction living here. There’s no room in my closet for towels, doggone it! But there is a corner in the bathroom where I may hang doubled-hanging baskets like Shak In Style.

How’s the storage in your bathroom? Do you have all you need, or have you adopted some clever bathroom storage solutions? I’d love to hear about them!


  1. Julia says

    I have a good sized bathroom but the storage situation is a little weird. The tub toilet and vanity are all in an l shape smashed together. The toilet sets out farther than the vanity. My problem is the toilet paper holder is attached to the vanity and to get to it you basically have to turn all the way around to reach it. Our soulution was just setting the tp on the tub. Well now we have 9 month old twin boys who are ornery as ever and go for the tp first thing in the tub. I would love a crrative idea for tp placement. I can send pics. Thanks

    • Katie Berry says

      What about something like this? You wouldn’t have to twist around, and you can put it where the boys can’t reach it when they’re in the tub.

  2. Jessy Reynolds says

    I know this is an old post, but I thought I would share. My bathroom storage solution for makeup, bath and body, hair products, etc is to hang a shoe organizer over the door. It’s not beautiful since everything is still in sight, but it’s organized and keeps clutter off the counter.

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