Organize Rain Gear For Spring

How to organize rain gear for spring from HousewifeHowTos.comIt never fails: the day you oversleep, it starts raining just before you leave the house. Where’d you put the umbrella, and what about a rain jacket to cover your silk blouse? Or you hit traffic en route to pick up your kid from school, right as it starts to pour. By the time you pick up poor Little Timmy, he’s soaked and shivering, and not at all happy about it. A few minutes spent organizing your rain gear could have prevented this.

Get Your Closet Ready For Rain: With the weather starting to warm up for spring, now’s a good time to clean and put away your heaviest winter coats, snow- and ski-wear. Keep mid- and light-weight jackets ready until you know the season’s fully changed, but add a rain slicker for each member of your family. If your lives require a lot of walking in the rain, be sure to include a pair of rain boots for family members, too. (Bonus tip: place an old cookie sheet or two on the floor of your closet or mudroom to catch drips, and to corral your rain boots.)

Keep Your Kids Dry: Tuck a small, collapsible umbrella into each child’s backpack with instructions to leave it there, not in their locker, in case of rain. Be sure to attach a label with your child’s name in a discreet location to prevent mix-ups with other kids whose umbrellas look similar.

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Pack Your Purse Wisely: I carry massive handbags, so there’s always room for an umbrella. If you’re more of a smaller handbag gal, an umbrella might be too bulky. You could go our grandmother’s route, keeping one of those clear plastic rain bonnets tucked in your itty bitty bag but don’t blame me if people giggle at how frumpy you look. Another option: Totes makes a line of rain hats and scarves that can be tucked in even the smallest clutch bag. Find them at Walmart or

Ready Your Car For Rain: Even if Little Timmy managed to stay dry while waiting for you to pick him up in the rain, his shoes are still going to be a damp mess. And let’s not even talk about how Fido’s going to smell when it starts pouring while he’s playing at the dog park. Prepare your car for sudden downpours by tucking a few old towels into a pillowcase and stashing them in the backseat. They’ll make a nice cushion for weary riders on sunny days, and you’ll have towels ready for wet feet or fur. It’s not a bad idea to keep a few plastic bags in the trunk for wet jackets, too, and don’t forget a spare umbrella!

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