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30 Days to a Clean and Organized House eBook from HousewifeHowTos

Today, I’m celebrating the release of my new eBook 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House exclusively on Amazon. This eBook specifically expands on my series from earlier this year, and was written for those of you who don’t like clicking through lots of links.

If you are tired of apologizing about your home when company visits, frustrated by all the clutter and wondering how to get it done on YOUR schedule then you’re going to love this organizing and cleaning eBook!

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  • Easy-to-follow cleaning plans guide you through purging clutter and deep-cleaning every room in your home.
  • Learn the secrets to organizing without going insane.
  • Work at YOUR pace and fit a deep-cleaning and thorough organizing into YOUR schedule!
  • Step-by-step instructions and helpful flowcharts show you how!

    Plus, you’ll get recipes for 10 of my homemade cleaning mixes so you can make your own cleansers using ingredients you may already have in your kitchen and a monthly schedule so you can stay on top of your cleaning and organizing accomplishments! And it’s just $3.99 — you’d pay more for a bottle of bathroom cleaner… although with my cleaner recipes you won’t have to!

    Get Your Copy Here:

    Get My Cookbook, Too!

    To celebrate the release of this new eBook, I’m offering my cookbook, Autumn: A Season Of Easy Cooking for FREE for the next three days! Ordinarily, it’s $6.45… and that’s still a steal considering all you get:

    • 12 Weekly Dinner Menus featuring seasonal, whole foods so you never have to make time to plan menus!
    • 12 Grocery Lists so you never buy more (or less) than you need!
    • 12 Cooking Plans to guide you through preparing ingredients in just a couple of hours one afternoon.
    • OVER 100 FAMILY-APPROVED RECIPES that will please even your pickiest eaters.
    • NO processed foods! NO strange ingredients! NO unpronounceable Frankenfoods!
    • And best of all… you SPEND LESS THAN 20 MINUTES in the kitchen making dinner!

    Get Your FREE Copy Here:

    And don’t forget, Amazon Prime members can borrow either book for FREE! (Not a Prime member? Grab a 30-Day Free Trial here.)


  1. says

    Ma’am, I bought your book last night and now I’m on a mission — I’m going to clean and organize this whole house, immediately, if not sooner. I also took advantage of my Amazon Prime and ordered quite a few of the recommended items. My boys have been put On notice. Thank you for a very concise, thorough, and easy-to-follow primer on how to get my house back into shape!

  2. Diane says

    I’m waiting on my paperback copy now! Should be here thursday according to amazon. I can’t wait. I have ADHD, and have an eight year old daughter with ADHD, and a six month old son with major health issues after a bout with meningitis. We see five specialists and have twice weekly therapy sessions for him, as well as weekly in home counseling and a once a month pyschiatrist visit for my daughter (other mental health issues besides the ADHD). So lately my very hard won bit of organization has gone out the window. After reading the description and reviews, this book looked like just what I need to get back in gear.

    • Katie Berry says

      Thank you for buying my book, Diane! I hope you find it as helpful and motivating as other readers have. :)

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