Use Cardboard Tubes To Organize Wires And Cords

Organize wires and cords with paper tubes Are you as tired as I am of chasing dust bunnies from behind the entertainment center? Sick of getting your feet tangled in the nest of wires under your desk? Here’s how to easily tame that unruly mess.

Simply fold the cords from your electronics into a figure eight shape and tuck them into an empty cardboard tube (e.g., toilet paper, paper towels or gift wrap). Put only one wire per tube and write the type of wire on the outside of the tube for easy identification — e.g., television wire, computer monitor wire, etc. Next time you need to unplug just one component, you won’t have to hunt through the mess. Even better, they won’t sit there collecting dust or getting tangled around your feet.

This is a great way to store unused extension cords, too!

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Bonus tip: if the tubes will be in a visible spot, like under your desk, cover them with a piece of pretty gift wrap or leftover fabric.

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