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How to unclog drains from

How To Unclog Drains

Maybe it’s just my house, but it seems I always need to remember how to unclog drains around 3 AM…on a weekend. At that point, even if my plumber was a night owl, his weekend rates would leave me sleepless for days! Fortunately, there are several steps homeowners can take to unclog drains without needing […]

How to get your car ready for school from HousewifeHowTos,com

How To Get Your Car Ready For School (and a giveaway!)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. You’ve bought your kids’ back-to-school clothes and supplies, taken them for sports physicals and immunizations, and marked your calendar with dates for the school’s Open House and other important events. Now it’s time to make […]

How to get more done every day from

How To Get More Done Every Day

Many of us, faced with juggling several competing priorities, wonder how to get more done every day. Parenting, work, keeping house, caring for loved ones, self-care, volunteer or civic activities, church… the demands on our time seem to constantly multiply, and yet there are still only 24 hours in the day. If you’ve ever worked […]

10 tips to keeping a clean house from

10 Tips to Keeping a Clean House

You can drastically stretch the time between regular cleanings when you know these tips to keeping a clean house. Although they don’t amount to a complete house cleaning, when you get in the habit of following them daily you probably won’t have to clean every week. Don’t feel like you need to be the one […]

Cleaning uses for hydrogen

25 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Considering all the uses for hydrogen peroxide around the house, it’s second only to white vinegar in the budget-conscious cleaning kit. While we’re all familiar with combing hydrogen peroxide through our hair to lighten it, it does so much more than that! Health & Hygiene Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide 1. Disinfecting cuts and scrapes: The […]

How to clean stained cement from

How To Clean Stained Cement or Concrete

Learning how to clean stained cement or concrete will help you maintain your home’s value. Coming home to a pristine garage is simply nicer than returning to a filthy one. Plus, when you’re ready to sell, a spotless garage floor (and fresh coat of paint on the walls) may persuade potential buyers that you’ve paid […]

How to make authentic guacamole recipe from

How To Make Authentic Guacamole

Living in Texas then California when I was a kid, I pretty much grew up eating authentic guacamole from a very young age. Avocados trees were so abundant in California back then — most of our neighbors had at least one tree in their backyard, although we didn’t. Since the fruits on a tree mature […]

Reclaim your house with my book!

Reclaim Your House With My Book!

There may not be an autumn chill in the air, but now that kids are back in school it’s time to reclaim your house. Sure, you’ll miss the little darlings but maybe not their constant mess, dirty footprints all over the floor, or demands for snacks and meals even as you’re still washing dishes from […]

How to wash tennis shoes from

How To Wash Tennis Shoes or Sneakers

Knowing how to wash tennis shoes or sneakers to will help you remove stains, eliminate odors, and prolong their lifespan. Given how much a good pair of these shoes cost, taking the time to clean them will save you money in the long run, too. How To Wash Tennis Shoes Or Sneakers Most tennis shoes […]

How to organize study space from

How To Organize Study Space

With the school year starting up again, many parents find themselves wondering how to organize study space to keep their kids on task and prevent those nasty letters from the teacher about missing assignments. Take a few moments to read these tips and get the year off to a good start. How To Organize Study […]

How to wash stuffed animals from

How To Wash Stuffed Animals

Given the amount of love and face-to-face time our children devote to their favorite soft toys, knowing how to wash stuffed animals is important to keep them smelling fresh and safe for snuggling. Here’s how. How To Wash Stuffed Animals Not all stuffed animals can be washed. Skip this step and go to “General Cleaning” […]

How to wash pillows from

How To Wash Pillows (and how often)

Having a family of allergy-sufferers, and being one myself, I was delighted by our symptoms’ improvements once I learned how to wash pillows. It’s not just that they smelled better, though that was certainly a nice benefit. Washing our pillows got rid of pollen, dander (both human and pet), and dust mites — three things […]

How to understand expiration dates when does food expire from

How To Understand Expiration Dates

Knowing how to understand expiration dates can save you a small fortune since you won’t feel the need to replace things just because a date on the package tells you to. On the other hand, you may be horrified at how many things you’ve thrown out based on a relatively meaningless date stamp. How To […]

What to buy in August for big savings from

What To Buy In August For Big Savings

With stores clamoring for your back-to-school dollars, knowing what to buy in August is the key to smart spending. As summer winds down there are BIG savings to be had on everything from groceries to home furnishings. There are some surprising false-sales, too. Check out the list below so you don’t get taken in by […]

How to make pesto recipe from

How To Make Pesto & 5 Variations

Knowing how to make pesto is a great way to deal with the bounty of basil plants in your garden. But even if you don’t like basil there are variations using other herbs that are still delicious. Check them out below! What is pesto? Pesto draws its name from the Italian word pestare, which means […]