Printable House Cleaning Checklist

Looking for a printable house cleaning checklist to clean every room in your house? The links below will take you to my printable house cleaning checklists and flow-charts, which you’ll find at the bottom of the entries. Check them out to find daily, weekly, even spring cleaning routines for every room in your house.

Example of a free printable house cleaning checklist routine from
Example of the FREE printables you’ll find on the pages below

When printing a house cleaning list, consider putting it in a plastic page cover so you can cross items off with a dry-erase pen or crayon as you do them, then wipe the page clean to use again next time. And don’t forget to stash your pages where you can easily find them, maybe inside a door or cupboard in the room they focus on?

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Printable List of One Minute Chores

Daily House Cleaning Checklist and Routine:

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The 30-Day Deep-Cleaning Plan

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Weekly House Cleaning Checklist and Routines

Monthly Cleaning Routine

Spring Cleaning Routines

More Printable Cleaning Checklists and Routines

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