5 Great Uses For Binder Clips

The handy binder clip As an office supply junkie, I have several dozen binder clips in various sizes. Why? I can’t remember exactly, but they were probably on sale. Used to be, I’d feel guilty every time I opened my desk drawer and saw them sitting there unloved, unused. Then one day I had an “Aha!” moment (you know you’ve had them, too) and realized my stash of binder clips could actually solve one of the greater annoyances in my life.

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Binder clips can keep cat litter liners from collapsing! I have two cats: one is an avid litter scratcher and the other’s happy to let his poop air-dry (probably because he knows the first one will cover it for him). Unfortunately, the litter scratcher has a habit of pulling the plastic litter box liner into the mess and, well, that defeats the liner’s purpose, doesn’t it? My “Aha!” moment came when I realized that a binder clip on each side of the box would keep the liner in place. Sweet! (Well, as ‘sweet’ as a litter box can be.)

Binder clips keep the garbage bag from collapsing, too! This one was obvious as soon as I saw my litter box solution worked. Yes, I know they make drawstring-style trash bags that supposedly prevent this. I’ve yet to see one actually work, but a binder clip does! All it takes is two clips on opposite sides of the trash can to keep the bag in place.

Binder clips keep receipts tidy in my purse! I used to stash my ATM and other receipts in my wallet until the end of the month when I’d compare them to my debit/credit card charges. After breaking not one but two wallet clasps, I finally realized I needed a better solution. (I’m not always such a slow learner.) Now I use a binder clip and fasten my receipts together in a pocket of my purse until it’s time to go through them.

Binder clips keep outdoor tablecloths from flying away! Plastic tablecloths are an attractive way to protect a patio table when you’re hosting the neighborhood BBQ… if they haven’t blown away. Rather than springing for over-priced clamps that usually break, anyway, I now fasten the tablecloth to the table’s corners with binder clips.

Binder clips make it easy to reuse resealable plastic bags. I make a point to wash and reuse our resealable plastic bags — unless they’ve been used for raw meat. Rather than hang them over one of the spoons in my utensil crock, which makes it tough to use those spoons, I now clip them to the bottom of a cupboard door and let them drip-dry onto a kitchen towel spread on the counter.

Lifehacker has even more uses for binder clips. Do you know any clever ways that binder clips can make life easier?


  1. says

    Nice ideas! I used binder clips when I took my Christmas cards to the post office. I had them separated by country and then each group were clipped int a binder clip.

  2. Donna B. says

    We use them on potato chip bags. & chocolate chip bags. & coffee bean bags. And once I used them to hold a stack of papers together.

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