Homemade Daily Shower Spray Recipe

Homemade daily shower spray recipe from HousewifeHowTos.com Save money and time by making a homemade daily shower spray recipe part of your daily cleaning routine. You’ll not only prevent pink mold and mildew in your shower, you’ll reduce soap scum, making your weekly bathroom cleaning routine that much faster.

Cleaning shower walls and glass doors is one of my very least-favorite chores. I’m short and can barely reach the top of the walls, much less reach the shower head so I can aim it against the walls to rinse them after scrubbing. Fortunately, using a daily shower spray means I rarely have to actually scrub the walls anymore; now a simple weekly spray with homemade bathroom disinfecting spray, followed by a quick wipe, gets the job done.

Either have the person who takes the last shower of the day do this, or make it part of your daily cleaning routine. It only takes a few seconds, but it can cut TONS of time out of that weekly bathroom cleaning.

Simple Daily Shower Spray Recipe

Combine in a spray bottle, shake and use daily:

  • 1 part white vinegar or apple-cider vinegar
  • 3 parts water

Vinegar-Free Daily Shower Spray Recipe

Combine in a spray bottle, shake and use daily:

  • 1 part rubbing alcohol
  • 3 parts water

(Remember: rubbing alcohol is flammable, so don’t store or use this near an open flame.)

Tilex-like Daily Shower Spray Recipe

This one uses hydrogen peroxide, which degrades quickly when exposed to light. If you don’t own dark-colored spray bottles, you can use an old hydrogen peroxide bottle. Just screw a spray bottle head on top!

  • 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 2-3 drops liquid dish detergent (like Dawn)
  • 1 cup water

Keep in mind, this is a daily shower spray recipe designed to be used between deep cleanings. It will prevent soap scum, but it won’t clean built-up soap scum. For that you need a homemade soap scum remover, after which using this daily shower spray will keep those walls sparkling.

Equipment I Use With This:

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  • DianaG

    Comment: I love your website! I am attempting to reform my poor housekeeping skills, and your advice, especially the natural cleaners recipes, are very helpful. Thank you for your hard work, and your leadership and inspiration!

    Question: I have been using the vinegar based daily shower spray for a few days, and I like the cleaning results, but the hubs is not pleased with the constant vinegar smell in our bathroom (the smell is actually pretty strong in our adjacent bedroom, which I think is the bigger complaint, for me, too, honestly.) I noticed that some of your recipes have essential oils added. Would adding essential oils freshen up the lingering smell from the daily shower spraying? I wanted to get your advice before running out to buy the oils…

    Thank you so much, again, for all your great advice!

    • Katie Berry

      Hi Diana! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my website. Like your husband, mine doesn’t like the vinegar smell, either. Essential oils definitely can improve the vinegar smell — just be sure they’re not oil blends. (Some brands add essential oils to grapeseed or other neutral oils, and those are best for use on the body/bath, not for cleaning.) I bought this set when I first started using oils and have been really pleased with the company’s quality. (That’s an Amazon link; I don’t work for their company. LOL)

      Another thing that helps is running the bathroom fan for 15 minutes or so after you’ve sprayed. That also prevents mildew, so it’s a win-win solution!

  • Terry

    Thanks for this great website, it’s so helpful! I just wanted to clarify the daily routine, spray with homemade spray then “wipe”, but what do you recommend to wipe with – a squeegee, cloth (microfibre, cotton, or…?), or a paper towel?

    • Katie Berry

      Hey, you’re making extra work for yourself, Terry! There’s nothing in the recipe or the daily routine about wiping the shower after using the daily spray… that’s what makes it convenient!

      • Janet

        Does this work well on glass shower doors too?

      • http://housewifehowtos.com/ Katie B of HousewifeHowTos.com

        This works to prevent mildew, mold and soap scum on tile, glass, and fiberglass. It’s very important that you first get rid of any soap scum, then this spray will prevent more from accumulating. Fortunately, getting rid of the soap scum isn’t difficult. Try my homemade soap scum remover — you spray it on, wait a while, then wipe the nasty stuff away.

  • Terry

    Wow that’s amazing thanks so much Katie! Sorry I misread the weekly spray and wipe for the daily.

  • ampis1st

    We just cleaned our way into an old house where the sinks, shower, tub and toilets were gross. They were brown with scum. After trying four other recipes including vinegar and even SOS pads, a friend suggested Bar Keeper’s Friend! I was amazed. Every one of the items listed above look brand new.

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