Ten Quick Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Quick and easy Valentine's Day decor and gifts from HousewifeHowTos.com Need some quick, affordable ideas for Valentine’s Day decoration? I know I do! While I do enjoy shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts and baking love-themed goodies, after the grand spectacle that is Christmas in our house, I get a bit lazy. Fortunately, I’ve learned a few speedy, inexpensive ways to make the house look festive at the last minute. Here’s how.

1. Strew paper hearts over the coffee table. Everyone knows that strewn rose petals scream ROMANCE, but roses are so expensive around this time of year! Get the same effect by scattering dozens of hearts cut in various sizes from light pink, magenta and red construction paper in various sizes. Pretty, right?

2. String a heart garland. Cut hearts out of Valentine’s Day gift wrap and paste them on larger hearts cut from construction paper. Attach a row of hearts to a pink ribbon and hang them from the mantle or over the top of windows.

3. Make a candlescape with Kisses. Arrange several white and red pillar candles of different heights on top of a pretty white platter, then strew Hershey’s Valentine’s Kisses (the pink, red and silver ones) around the base. Pretty AND edible!

4. Another candy and candle idea. Simply fill a clear glass votive holder with pink and red candy sprinkles, then nestle a votive candle in the center. Just be sure to blow the candle out before eating, okay?

5. Show off your cupcakes. With all the time spent making pretty cupcakes, it’s a shame not to treat them as part of the decor, too. Load up a cake stand with Valentine’s cupcakes and use it as a centerpiece. Run a ring of Valentine’s craft paper around the rim and tie it with a pretty ribbon. Sitting there on the table, it’s a great way to motivate the kids to eat their veggies at dinner!

6. Hang cut out cookies and their cutters. Planning to make sugar cookies for your Valentine? Turn them into decorations by poking a hole in the top with a drinking straw before baking. Once the cookies cool, decorate them then thread a ribbon through the hole and hang them as decorations. Hang the cutters between the cookies, if you like, too.

7. Be-ribbon what you’ve got. Grab some wide gift ribbon, “wrap” pictures hanging on your walls, then stick a bow on top. Wrap the base of lamps with multiple lengths of curling ribbon, then make a cascade of curls to fancy it up. Hang more ribbon cascades from doorknobs, drawer pulls and cupboard handles.

8. Go nuts with carnations. Fill pretty glass vases in different sizes with red pistachio nuts. Pop a few pink or white carnations in various lengths into each glass. Tie the glasses in a circle with a pretty ribbon or arrange them in a row.

9. Deck the halls again. Hang shiny red and silver Christmas ornaments from the branches of houseplants, or nestle them in a clear glass bowl on a side table.

10. Decoupage your windows. Tear pink, red and white tissue paper into different sizes (or be super picky and cut out hearts). Glue them to the window using a water-soluble glue and let it dry. This looks like stained glass on a sunny window, and is super pretty at night when seen from outside.

See, you really can get your home gussied up for Valentine’s Day quickly and inexpensively! What are your favorite ways to decorate for this super sweet, romantic day?

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  1. says

    Those are some great ideas, simple and inexpensive!
    I’m with you on post-Christmas, not wanting the whole extravaganza of a big Valentine to-do.

    But I do a few things. I have a couple of sets of everyday dishes, one for fall and winter, the other for Spring and summer. Valentine’s Day is the day I swap out the fall/winter set for the spring /summer set. And the spring/summer set is pink, red and white floral! How perfect is that?! And my placemats this time of year are pink floral or red solid. So for the actual Valentine’s Day all I need is one last Valentine-y centerpiece for the table. A cake or cupcakes is the usual. I’ll have to get out my cake stand — that’s a great suggestion!

    • says

      Thanks, Lili! I love your idea of having different sets of everyday dishes and coordinating placemats. What a wonderful way to change things up while keeping them useful, too!

      • says

        I think it’s been fairly frugal to have a couple of sets that we change during the year. I don’t feel the need to buy a bunch of other seasonal decorations, as the table ware gets a fresh look a couple of times a year. I chose patterns that have been in production for a long time, and I find replacement pieces regularly in vintage shops, for less than new, even.

      • says

        Yes, I agree it’s an excellent way to stretch decorating dollars! In fact, I’m starting to feel the need to go shopping for new tableware now. LOL

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