Weekend Links

After two years of minimal snow, we got over 10 inches last week. To say my son was happy about having two snow days in a row doesn’t accurately describe the squealing, jumping, noisy celebration…mine, included. Hey, I may enjoy having the house to myself on school days, but I also enjoy extra days to sleep in!

When I woke up Thursday morning, this was the view out of my front window. Honestly, there’s a road somewhere beneath all of that snow!

All Thursday morning, my darling husband kept trying to go outside to shovel the walk, only to have more snow fall and mask his efforts. It wasn’t long before that snowy view lost a whole lot of its charm. Now, according to last night’s weather report, we’re in for up to five more inches of tonight and tomorrow. My son was equally excited about this news (“Three snow days in a row!, Mom. THREE!!!!”) but my heart sank. Three snow days in a row? For real???

All I have to say is thank goodness for Pinterest and Facebook, or I might go crazy from lack of interaction with other grown-ups!

Anyway. This week my internet travels produced some wonderful reading that’s had me thinking about staying warm on wintry nights, saving money by making my own vinegar, sprucing up our basement stairs, and simulating spring. Enjoy the weekend links!

So enjoy your Sunday. I’ll be spending mine glued to the Weather Channel and praying, because I really do need a day to myself to clean house now that we’ve all been cooped up indoors together for days!

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