What Type Vacuum For Allergy Sufferers

What type vacuum for allergies from HousewifeHowTos.com

Dear Katie, My husband and daughter both have horrible year-round allergies. You’d think they’d feel better in the winter when there’s no pollen floating around, but actually they both sneeze even more. We don’t have pets, and I vacuum the carpets every week. My husband says the problem is my vacuum — one of those […]

How To Reduce Household Dust

How to reduce household dust from HousewifeHowTos.com

If you have allergy-sufferers in your family, you need to know how to reduce household dust. According to the makers of one furniture spray, the average home collects 40 lbs. of dust in one year. Forty pounds! Add in older carpeting, kids, a couple of cats, and a busy schedule and the figure is probably […]