How To Get Family To Help With Chores

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At some point, every homemaker has asked how to get family to help with chores. That’s certainly the case with today’s Reader Question from Vivienne whose New Year’s Resolution to clean and organize her house is running into the reality of a less-than-helpful family. (Be sure to read the wonderful UPDATE below!) Dear Katie, Since […]

Even More One Minute Chores

Even MORE One Minute Chores from

A number of readers have written in to share their surprise at what a big difference doing my lists of one minute chores has made in their homes. Many of us just feel so overwhelmed when we think “Oh, I have to clean the kitchen” but a minute here and there? That’s not so bad! […]

Chores That Kids Can Do

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I’m often asked by harried moms for a list of chores that kids can do. Not surprisingly, these requests spike during summer vacation when so many kids view any unscheduled moment as cause to complain about having nothing to do. Mom, meanwhile, often finds that “vacation” means twice as much cooking and cleaning. Personally, I […]

30 More One Minute Chores

30 More One Minute Chores from

My original list of one minute chores has become one of the more popular entries on I’ve been asked several times if I can think of still more one minute chores. Of course I can! Clearly, we’re all trying to find ways to squeeze in a little extra cleaning time between work, errands and […]

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