How To Make Tomato Powder and Use It, Too

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Knowing how to make tomato powder and use it is one of the keys to getting your time and money’s worth from the tomatoes in your garden. If you’ve ever made homemade tomato sauce from your garden’s bounty, or even canned homemade ketchup like I did earlier today, you’ve probably looked at that pile of […]

Easter Eggs: Boiling, Naturally Dyeing and Using What’s Left

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There are still three weeks to go, but now’s the time to start thinking about Easter eggs: boiling, naturally dyeing and using what’s left so your Easter Egg Hunt doesn’t ruin your household budget. Why such an early start? Well, for one thing, you don’t want to get caught paying premium prices for eggs in […]

How To Use Bread Heels

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Not long ago, a friend came over while I was cleaning out the freezer. Ordinarily, that’s not a chore I’d do in front of anyone, but she did come by unannounced, and I already had the contents of the freezer piled on my kitchen counter. She got a chuckle out of my bag of bread […]

10 Beauty Treatments From Your Kitchen

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There’s a reason why I’m smiling in this photo: I’d made guacamole from the other half of the avocado I used on my face, and nibbled it while sipping  a margarita. Booze isn’t the only beauty ingredient you can find in your kitchen, though.* Here are 10 more beauty treatments from your kitchen!

Recipes for Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs

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Once the Easter Egg Hunt is over, busy home cooks are often left scrambling to find recipes for leftover hard boiled eggs. (Sorry about the pun.) Whether you used natural Easter egg dyes or the commercial (yet food-safe) stuff, here are some quick, delicious ways to use those leftovers. Deviled eggs: Just about everyone has […]

10 Unusual Uses For Eggshells

Unusual uses for eggshells from

Next time you’re making breakfast or baking a cake, don’t toss the egg shells: try one of these unusual uses for eggshells instead! Sweeten coffee: Add some crushed, clean eggshells to your coffee grounds when brewing a pot. They’ll cut the acidic taste, and leave you with a sweeter cuppa joe. Jello molds: If you’ve […]

10 Kitchen Scraps You Can Reuse

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One of the easiest ways to save money is to use what you already have until you just can’t use it anymore. Then use it again. That’s doubly true for these 10 kinds of kitchen scraps. Follow these tips to get even more out of them before tossing them in the trash or, better yet, […]

Freeze Kitchen Scraps In Ice Cube Trays For Savings

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Did you know that if you freeze kitchen scraps you can stretch your grocery dollars? You already know to double recipes and freeze half to make last-minute dinner preparation less of a nightmare, but what about those tiny amounts of broth or sauce you’ve been throwing out? Freeze Kitchen Scraps From… Tomato sauce or paste. […]

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