Four Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions

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I have been on the hunt for clever bathroom storage solutions. You see, Last month as I was Spring Cleaning our bathroom, I realized what was once an over-abundance of storage has become inadequate and cramped. Okay, so I have a makeup and haircare product addiction, as well as an aversion to throwing away such […]

How To Store Winter Clothing

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When the weather finally starts warming up, it’s tempting to simply toss bulky sweaters into bins in favor of lighter-weight clothes, but taking time to think about how to store winter clothing can save you frustration next year when the temperatures plunge. Personally, I make winter clothing storage part of my closet Spring Cleaning routine […]

How To Reduce Household Clutter

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How is your New Year’s resolution to reduce household clutter coming along now that we’re seven weeks into 2013? For those of you still struggling, or those who’ve given up already, take a deep breath and know that it is possible to meet this goal. You don’t need a whole weekend, or even an entire […]

5 Great Uses For Binder Clips

As an office supply junkie, I have several dozen binder clips in various sizes. Why? I can’t remember exactly, but they were probably on sale. Used to be, I’d feel guilty every time I opened my desk drawer and saw them sitting there unloved, unused. Then one day I had an “Aha!” moment (you know […]

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