How To Make Garlic Powder At Home

How to make garlic powder from

Why would anyone want to know how to make garlic powder at home? The answer is because it’s so easy, and you never have to wonder about the quality of your ingredients. If you eat primarily organic, as our family does, you’ve no doubt discovered how difficult it is to find organic spices and herbs […]

Homemade Marshmallows Recipe and Hot Cocoa On A Stick

How to make homemade marshmallows and hot cocoa on a stick recipe from

Recently at a Christmas gift bazaar, I stumbled across the most amazing treat: hot cocoa on a stick! The lady who’d made them said they’re one of her best sellers, because most people think it’s too much trouble to make them even though she thinks they’re quite easy. Well, I’m not most people: I badgered […]

How To Roast A Moist Turkey

How To Roast A Moist Turkey from

There are three secrets to roast a moist turkey. I knew none of them when, as a new bride, sixteen of my husband’s family came to our house for our first Thanksgiving together. It’s been fifteen years, and we still crack jokes about how that turkey was so tough and dry we’d have been chewing […]

Homemade English Muffins

How to make Homemade English Muffins recipe from

I don’t make Homemade English Muffins very often, not because we don’t like them, but because we like them so much. Since they freeze well, I’ve been known to double and even triple my recipe for homemade English muffins, making a batch of dough in the bread machine, another in the stand mixer, and a […]

Banana Bread Without Sugar Recipe

Banana bread without sugar recipe from

Recently, my sister-in-law asked if I had a recipe for banana bread without sugar. I didn’t, but since I’m the kind of person who loves a good cooking challenge, I decided to give it a try. Make that several tries, until I came up with a winner. Shortly after my husband’s cancer diagnosis, I began […]

How To Make Homemade Cottage Cheese

Homemade Cottage Cheese Recipe from

My son absolutely loves homemade cottage cheese, which I started making but after reading the ingredient list on a carton from the grocery store. Instead of the “lactose, salt, guar gum, mono and diglycerides, xanathan gum and carob bean gum” that come in the store-bought stuff, homemade cottage cheese has just a few simple ingredients […]

Homemade Enchilada Sauce Recipe

Homemade enchilada sauce from HousewifeHowTos

Poor planning led to me to try a homemade enchilada sauce recipe the first time. I’d had one thing on our dinner menu, but at the last minute got a craving for Mexican food, but we were out of enchilada sauce. Now, I’d never tried the freshly made stuff before, so I was surprised at […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Pies Recipe

Strawberry-Rhubarb Mini Pie recipes from HousewifeHowTos

I love spoiling my husband with his favorite goodies on Father’s Day. Since he’s extremely careful about his diet the rest of the time, holidays give him a chance to really dig in and enjoy. Out go the rules about no sugar or white flour, and with them the frustration of trying to adapt conventional […]

Recipe: Zucchini Muffins With Crumb Topping

Zucchini muffin recipe

Zucchini muffins are a great way to use up that abundance of zucchini that’s the bane of home gardeners (and their neighbors) each summer. Although I always promise my husband I won’t plant too many of them each year, the truth is I love zucchini so I find it hard to limit the number of […]

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