How To Make Authentic Guacamole

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Living in Texas then California when I was a kid, I pretty much grew up eating authentic guacamole from a very young age. Avocados trees were so abundant in California back then — most of our neighbors had at least one tree in their backyard, although we didn’t. Since the fruits on a tree mature […]

How To Make Pesto & 5 Variations

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Knowing how to make pesto is a great way to deal with the bounty of basil plants in your garden. But even if you don’t like basil there are variations using other herbs that are still delicious. Check them out below! What is pesto? Pesto draws its name from the Italian word pestare, which means […]

How To Make Lemonade From Scratch

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When a great sale at the grocery store gives you lemons on discount, it’s time to learn how to make lemonade from scratch! That’s the fortunate position I found myself this winter when our grocery store priced lemons for $0.18 each. I guess there’s not a lot of demand for lemons in February, so I […]

How To Poach An Egg In The Microwave

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Until I learned how to poach an egg in the microwave I’d pretty much given up eating poached eggs at home. Since one of my favorite breakfasts is Eggs Benedict, I’ve only had it when we’ve gone to a restaurant for breakfast… something that doesn’t happen very often. Then I found out how easy it […]

How To Make Homemade BBQ Sauce (Recipe)

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I promised earlier this week I promised to share my homemade BBQ sauce recipe, and here it is! I’m lucky enough to near one of the great BBQ capitals of the world, Kansas City, which means there’s no shortage of restaurants offering amazing ribs, burnt ends, and briskets. Even with all of the wonderful dining […]

How To Make Homemade Ketchup (Recipe)

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If you’re looking to eliminate high-fructose corn syrup and commercially-processed foods from your family’s diet, knowing how to make homemade ketchup is a real boon. Lately I’ve made a concerted effort to ditch processed foods but, as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve only recently looked into making condiments from scratch. (I blame […]

Homemade English Muffins

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My family is so wild for homemade English muffins that I’ve learned to double, and sometimes triple my recipe so we always have some on hand. They freeze beautifully, which means I usually have a couple dozen stashed away for lazy mornings or sudden Eggs Benedict cravings. If you plan to make a double or […]

Banana Bread Without Sugar Recipe

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Recently, my sister-in-law asked if I had a recipe for banana bread without sugar. I didn’t, but since I’m the kind of person who loves a good cooking challenge, I decided to give it a try — make that several tries — until I came up with a winner. Shortly after my husband’s cancer diagnosis, […]

How To Make Homemade Cottage Cheese

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My son absolutely loves homemade cottage cheese, which I started making but after reading the ingredient list on a carton from the grocery store. Instead of the “lactose, salt, guar gum, mono and diglycerides, xanathan gum and carob bean gum” that come in the store-bought stuff, homemade cottage cheese has just a few simple ingredients […]