How To Clean When You Don’t Have The Time

How To Clean When You Don't Have Time from HousewifeHowTos

The busier your life gets the more you look to your home to be a place of comfort and order, but wind up wondering how to clean when you don’t have the time. The good news is that it’s possible, even in the middle of great stress, to restore a sense of order. How do […]

Even More One Minute Chores

Even MORE One Minute Chores from

A number of readers have written in to share their surprise at what a big difference doing my lists of one minute chores has made in their homes. Many of us just feel so overwhelmed when we think “Oh, I have to clean the kitchen” but a minute here and there? That’s not so bad! […]

30 More One Minute Chores

30 More One Minute Chores from

My original list of one minute chores has become one of the more popular entries on I’ve been asked several times if I can think of still more one minute chores. Of course I can! Clearly, we’re all trying to find ways to squeeze in a little extra cleaning time between work, errands and […]

Got A Minute? Try These One Minute Chores

One Minute Chores from

Cleaning doesn’t always mean setting aside an entire day — even one minute chores can make a big difference! Sure, a minute doesn’t seem like that much time when you’re doing something fun. But think of all those minutes you’re waiting for everyone to get ready to leave, or you’re watching commercials on TV. Add […]

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