How To Spring Clean Your Entire House

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Around this time of year, you may find yourself wondering how to spring clean your house when the weather is still so iffy. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here it’s been sunny and 70° F one day, then rainy and 40° F the next. I’ve lived here in Kansas long […]

How To Store Winter Clothing

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When the weather finally starts warming up, it’s tempting to simply toss bulky sweaters into bins in favor of lighter-weight clothes, but taking time to think about how to store winter clothing can save you frustration next year when the temperatures plunge. Personally, I make winter clothing storage part of my closet Spring Cleaning routine […]

How To Steam Clean Carpeting

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With Spring Cleaning well underway in many homes (but not mine, yet), now’s the time many homemakers wonder how to steam clean carpeting to reduce household dust and odors, remove carpet stains, and get their floor deep-down clean. Obviously, you can go the more-expensive route and hire professional carpet cleaners, but once you know how […]

My Five Best Spring Cleaning Tools

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For many of us, the slowly warming weather signals the launch of our annual Spring Cleaning routines. If you ask me, sunnier days are a mixed blessing: sure, I love the thought of Spring coming, but all that cleaning? Ugh! That’s why I look to my five best Spring Cleaning tools to make an otherwise […]

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Using a bathroom spring cleaning checklist can make an otherwise miserable, yucky chore just a little less miserable. Ideally you have a daily cleaning routine that keeps the bathrooms tidy, or at the very least you’re doing weekly bathroom cleanings, right? No? Don’t worry, I fall behind, too. Even though the bathroom is the smallest […]

Printable Closet Cleaning Checklist

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These two printable closet cleaning checklists are the latest addition to the printable cleaning checklist collection. As Jackie reminded me on the Housewife How-To’s Facebook page, I’ve shared printable cleaning routines for most of the other rooms in the house, but not the closet. There’s a reason for that: I hate cleaning my closets, too. […]

Spring Cleaning: The Garage

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I tend to leave cleaning the garage to my husband, and he tends to spend about 2 minutes sweeping then calls it clean. Considering how often we walk through the garage, and how much we store in there, it deserves more attention, like an annual Spring Cleaning.

Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

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This living room spring cleaning checklist will guide you through deep-cleaning every nook, cranny and surface in this important gathering spot. Whether you call it the living room or the family room, or have one of each like we do, something about sofas and lounging attract clutter, dust and dirt. Although a daily cleaning routine […]

Printable Kitchen Spring Cleaning Routine

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This printable kitchen spring cleaning routine can be used any time of year when your kitchen needs extra attention. If you’ve been keeping up with the weekly kitchen cleaning, its probably already in good shape. Here’s how to get those nooks and crannies spotless, too. There is a free printable kitchen spring cleaning checklist at […]

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