Printable Closet Cleaning Checklist

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These two printable closet cleaning checklists are the latest addition to the printable cleaning checklist collection. As Jackie reminded me on the Housewife How-To’s Facebook page, I’ve shared printable cleaning routines for most of the other rooms in the house, but not the closet. There’s a reason for that: I hate cleaning my closets, too. […]

Weekly Cleaning Routine: The Living or Family Room

Printable weekly living or family room cleaning routine from

Here’s a free printable weekly living room cleaning routine for those of you who’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to get the house clean and organized. According to the email I’ve been receiving, that’s a LOT of you! So imagine my surprise to discover that, while I’ve posted a number of printable cleaning checklists, I’d […]

Weekly Cleaning Routine: The Bedroom

Weekly Bedroom Cleaning Routine from

A weekly bedroom cleaning routine needs to consist of more than making your bed now and then and scooping up your laundry. Not only will regular weekly bedroom cleaning help your bedroom feel like a place of comfort and retreat, it’s essential for allergy sufferers. Follow this routine to clean your bedroom each week and […]