Katie Berry

I’m Katie Berry, and I specialize in practical cleaning methods and routines.

I want to help you discover how to clean your home well without letting it overwhelm you, so you’ve got the time and energy to do things you enjoy.

How I Gained My Experience

In what seems a lifetime ago, I was an attorney and relied on caseload checklists to stay on top of my demanding and complex job.

They served me well, but I began struggling to balance my work and family life. So, I started creating cleaning checklists to stay on top of things at home.

When I transitioned to being a full-time stay-at-home mom with my kids, those cleaning checklists were indispensable to me. Before long, other women began asking me to share my approach, and that grew into HousewifeHowTos.com.

I Am Always Learning

Since launching this site, I’ve taken my responsibility to provide accurate and reliable cleaning information seriously. To accomplish that, I use the same curiosity and exacting standards that I relied on as an attorney.

That’s led me to spend the past decade studying home economics, household chemistry, basic home maintenance and repair. Currently, I’m on my way to becoming a certified residential cleaning technician so I can continue networking and exchanging knowledge with others in the field.

Oh, and I’m also a Certified Happiness Coach — a program I studied so I could learn how to help motivate people to accomplish things that bring them joy. 🙂

My Cleaning Expertise is Recognized in Leading Publications

Since then, I’ve had the honor of sharing my cleaning expertise in many prestigious publications. You can see the full, updated list on my Featured in the Press page.

Hired as a Cleaning Expert

In November 2021, I was recruited by TheSpruce.com to serve as a member of their Cleaning Review Board. In that capacity, I applied my expertise to review and approve or decline their cleaning-related content before publication.

Although I resigned that position in June 2023 to focus on my next book (coming in 2024!), they continue to list me as a board member in recognition of my contributions and to enhance the credibility and authority of their work.

Why My Cleaning Methods Stand Out

I am a practical, no-nonsense kind of person. I believe that cleaning should be efficient, effective, and easy to do.

I also understand that everyone has unique challenges with cleaning. As someone with ADHD and the mother of an autistic adult who lives at home, I know firsthand how overwhelming cleaning and life in general can be.

So, I don’t focus on chasing trends or role-playing as a 1950s housewife, TradWife, or whatever homemaking craze is taking over TikTok these days.

I focus on real-world cleaning and getting the job done well using methods that are safe for home and health. You can read more about my publishing principles and practices.

I Am Here to Help

So, if you feel like all you do is clean or you’re feeling too overwhelmed to even start, I’m glad you found me. I want to help.

Let me teach you a few things about cleaning your home better but faster, so you’ve got more time to do the things you enjoy.

Drop your email below, and I’ll start sharing my cleaning secrets with you today.