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7 Signs You Are A Tidy Person

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Ever heard the phrase “fake it ’til you make it”? If you’re a messy person, knowing the signs of a tidy person and adopting their habits can help you become one. It worked for me.

See, my ADHD gives me mind-blowing focus sometimes, but I used to struggle with cleaning—especially when I was a new military wife. Then one day a stray comment triggered my competitive streak, and I set out to become a tidy person. Look where it’s led.

Study the Signs of a Tidy Person

If cleaning house doesn’t come naturally to you, studying the habits of tidy people can help you develop the skill. That’s all that cleaning really is: a skill you develop through repeated practice. Give it enough time and it becomes a natural part of who you are.

1. It’s Just Another Day.

Tidy people don’t wait for their homes to look messy then clean it. They follow a routine that involves cleaning a little every day. From tidying up their home daily, to tackling one room at a time, they keep messes from happening in the first place.

2. They Use a 2-Minute Rule.

Tidy people clean as they go, rather than putting it all off to the end. If it takes less than a couple of minutes, they take care of it right then and there. They’ll rinse utensils, wipe up spills, straighten things on the coffee table. It’s just what they do.

3. They Encourage Tidiness in Others.

There are a few unmistakable signs you’re in the home of a tidy person: the shoes neatly arranged on a mat next to the door, a pile of coasters handy on the coffee table, a wastebasket in every room. Tidy people enjoy living in a clean environment, so they encourage it in family members, too.

4. They Are Ready to Clean in an Instant.

You’ll never find a tidy person rummaging around in a cramped closet looking for their vacuum. They don’t run out of clean microfiber cloths or misplace their cleaning products. Taking care of their cleaning tools means they’re ready to deal with messes the instant they happen.

5. They Treat it as a Process not a Project.

Tidy people rarely leave a room empty-handed. Instead they’ll take dishes to the sink or pick up trash. Their homes look neat all the time because they make a point to neaten up things throughout the day.

6. They Make Their Beds.

Tidy people know making their bed motivates them to keep the rest of their home tidy all day. Plus, it instantly makes their bedrooms look better. They also don’t use a dozen throw pillows, those look like a mess when they’re trying to sleep.

7. They Don’t Go it Alone.

Tidy people believe that home is a group project. Having a clean home brings them joy, so they teach their kids to do age-appropriate chores. It’s not so much about getting free help as empowering their kids to grow up and become tidy people, too.

So, Are you a Tidy Person?

If you’re doing most of these things, pat yourself on the back! Find a few you’re slipping on? Try adopting a few of these tidy habits and see what a pleasant impact they make on your home.

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    I passed this with flying colours, but then again, I’m 50 so I should!

    On the other hand, my father’s 52yr old wife doesn’t. My poor Dad of 70 not only has to do all the work on their small farm, but she also expects him to do the housework too while she is at her part-time job!

    I love Housewives How To’s. I’m a cleaning nut and a bit OCD, but whenever I need a cleaning tip or recipe, this is where I come too.

    Bought the book too! And it is better than most I have read.

    Keep up the good work Katie! We need you.

    From the UK, many thanks!

    1. Katie Berry says:

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site and book, Ann Marie! I do try to address common household challenges both in my blog and my books, so it’s wonderful to know they’re proving to be a good resource for people. Have you subscribed to my newsletter, too?

      My sympathies about your father’s wife. I can’t imagine how odd it must be to have a step-mother only two years older!

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