7 Signs You Are A Tidy Person

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Are you a slob yearning for a clean home? Learn the habits of tidy people so you can fake it ’til you make it.

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People keep their homes clean for different reasons. Some cannot stand looking at a mess. Others work to keep a clean house to impress family or friends. And then there are people who really enjoy the act of cleaning — they find it meditative and calming, plus a good way to get in some exercise.

But what if you’re someone who wants their home clean but doesn’t know how to get it that way? That’s when it can be helpful to imitate the habits of naturally tidy people, so you can “fake it ’til you make it” and start getting your home under control.

Habits of Tidy People

If cleaning house doesn’t come naturally to you, studying the habits of tidy people can help you learn the skill. That’s all that cleaning house really is: a skill you develop through practice until it comes naturally.

1. They Have a Routine.

Tidy people make cleaning part of their everyday life, rather than wait until their homes are out of control. As long as you’re in the habit of giving the kitchen and bathrooms a thorough weekly cleaning and hitting the other rooms in your home regularly, you’re ahead of the game. Try using house cleaning checklists until you know the steps involved by heart.

2. They Clean Messes ASAP

Tidy people enjoy it when their homes are tidy. They know it’s easier to clean up messes right away rather than putting them off. For example, cleaning while cooking cuts down on the grime you have to deal with later. Tidy people rinse utensils and dishes as they cook and load them into the dishwasher. They wipe up spills and splatters, too. If that’s your habit, you’re tidier than you think.

3. Their Homes are Respected

Guests know when they’re in a tidy person’s home the moment they step through the door. They’ll wipe their shoes on the mat or may even take them off once they step inside. Rather than plunking down their glass just anywhere, they’ll look for a coaster to protect the coffee table you’ve so carefully dusted and kept clutter-free. Try using a daily whole-house tidying routine and your guests will sense the difference.

4. Their Cleaning Tools are Within Reach

Tidy people make sure they’ve got the essential cleaning tools and that they know exactly where they are. Some keep a set of cleaning products in every bathroom and another under the kitchen sink. Other tidy people stash their cleaning tools in a closet or cupboard. The important thing is having the right tools for the task and having them easily accessible so you can tackle problems as they occur.

5. They Declutter Constantly

Tidy people rarely leave a room empty-handed. That’s because they don’t think of decluttering as a task so much as an ongoing process. If you’re a tidy person, you manage household clutter by putting things away promptly after use, purging junk when you see it, and collecting trash wherever it’s found. Tidy peoples’ homes look picked up because they’re always picking things up and putting them where they belong. (Want to work on this? Brush up on The Golden Rules of Decluttering.)

6. They Make Their Beds

Tidy people make their beds. It’s not just a habit learned in childhood. Tidy people enjoy making their homes look attractive. They know the three minutes it takes to make their bed is a commitment to keeping the rest of their home tidy all day. Need more convincing? Find out how making your bed can change your life.

Be the first to know how to clean your home

Ready to love your home again?

7. They Don’t Do it All

Tidy people don’t take on all the responsibility for cleaning the house. A family home is a community, and every family member is part of it. Tidy people understand that giving kids chores teaches them to be part of this important, primary community and prepares them to one day be responsible members of the larger community beyond the home. Want to get your kids more involved around the home? Check out this printable list of age-appropriate chores.

So, How Tidy Are You?

If you’re doing all or even most of these things, pat yourself on the back for being a tidy person! Find a few you’re slipping on? Try working them into your life and see what a pleasant impact they make on your home. Need more guidance to become a tidy person? Sign up for my free series of 5 Secrets to a Cleaner House and start learning today!

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    I passed this with flying colours, but then again, I’m 50 so I should!

    On the other hand, my father’s 52yr old wife doesn’t. My poor Dad of 70 not only has to do all the work on their small farm, but she also expects him to do the housework too while she is at her part-time job!

    I love Housewives How To’s. I’m a cleaning nut and a bit OCD, but whenever I need a cleaning tip or recipe, this is where I come too.

    Bought the book too! And it is better than most I have read.

    Keep up the good work Katie! We need you.

    From the UK, many thanks!

    1. Katie Berry says:

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site and book, Ann Marie! I do try to address common household challenges both in my blog and my books, so it’s wonderful to know they’re proving to be a good resource for people. Have you subscribed to my newsletter, too?

      My sympathies about your father’s wife. I can’t imagine how odd it must be to have a step-mother only two years older!