1. love this post! when i married my husband + we moved in together, i discovered all sorts of creepy stuff – sauces that expired 5+ years ago, etc. ick! i’m super guilty of leaving 5 potato chips in the bottom of a bag, pushing it to the back of the pantry, then ignoring it. i’m trying to get better, though! =)

  2. Oh, my husband does that and it drives me nuts! Then again, I do the same thing with stuff in the freezer. I have oodles of “bags of bits”, as he calls them: produce that was days from going bad that I’ve blanched, stashed and forgotten about; rinds from hard cheeses that I decided to save for soups or fondue; heels of bread, etc.

    Opening my freezer can be a terrifying thing if I haven’t cleaned it lately, because all of my bags of bits come tumbling out like Fibber McGee’s closet!

  3. Dearest Katie,

    First off, I hope that your husband is recovering well. That’s more important even than the pantry.
    Guess after several moves and quite some years I learned some tricks in keeping the pantry neat. Important is to have a sequence where you put the newest items so you don’t end up keeping the old things forever. Grouping by use is great and I do that too.
    I’ve learned to place flour and also rice in the freezer for avoiding any meal bugs. Works very well.
    Wishing you both well and sending hugs,

    • Thank you, Mariette. He’s recovering nicely! The tip about putting flour and rice in the freezer is an excellent one. I freeze ours for a few days after we get it home to kill anything that might be in there already, then move it to air-tight canisters. Fortunately, we don’t have a meal bug problem. (Though I’m going to keep my fingers crossed on that, the way our luck has been of late.)

    • Especially with children rummaging through, right? I can find anything in my pantry, until my son gets in there. Then, whoa Nellie. It looks like a tornado hit it!

  4. Alright, your post has really inspired me to clean my pantry (long overdue!) I suspect I’m going to find all sorts of things lurking in the back….We usually have a good suply of canned food just in case we get stuck at home.
    I hope your husband is recovering well. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Thank you, Raquel. He’s recovering nicely! I’m due for a pantry-cleaning, too, after our house guests leave. Three weeks with other people going through the cupboards and pantry willy nilly (and not even paying attention to my pretty shelf labels… *sniff*) means it’s a mess.

  5. I’m just reading over the days and this one is a day I’m NOT looking forward to. I am though looking forward to how my house will look when I’m done. So far the daily cleaning routine is going good, the other day my daughter wanted to make the bed before we got out of it.

    • The pantry is NOT fun to clean. Well, actually, I can’t say there’s really thing that’s fun to clean, but the pantry definitely takes a lot of work. Maybe your daughter would be willing to do it? 🙂

  6. Hi Katie!

    I just found your blog today and I am LOVING all of the printables! However, the flowchart for the pantry doesn’t print correctly. Do you mind making it so that it will? Thanks a bunch!! I also plan on trying the recipes for homemade cleaners that I am super excited to try!


    • Thank you for the kind words, Becky, and for pointing out the problem with the pantry chart. I’ve been slowly switching my printables over to a new format and that one hasn’t been switched yet. Will try to get it done soon, though. 🙂

  7. I’m starting a new job soon. With my significant other and I both working each week, I’m going to use your printables to make cleaning a faster and easier task. My life revolves around checklists, so your site is amazing to me. Thank you so much for all your hard work. 🙂

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