Cleaning Schedule for February 2022

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Show your home some love this month by following the house cleaning schedule on this free monthly calendar page.

Want to stay on top of the decluttering and cleaning you accomplished as part of your New Year’s Resolution? Then you’re going to love my free printable February 2022 house cleaning routine. This month’s routine continues the pattern from January, with satisfying bubbles to cross off each day as you knock out those cleaning tasks.

Why Clean Room-by-Room?

This monthly cleaning schedule focuses on cleaning one room (or type of room) each day. Why is it best to clean room-by-room? Because that way, you actually see a difference, which helps you stay motivated.

With other task-based cleaning methods, you might dust furniture on one day and clean floors on the next. Maybe on the third day, you’ll change sheets and towels, and on the fourth, you wash all of that. But one thing you won’t ever see is a spotless room because you’re only cleaning part of it at a time. So, you’ll feel like you spend all day cleaning but nothing’s changed. No fun!

Weekly Cleaning Stays Ahead of Dirt

My cleaning routine focuses on cleaning the same room each day of the week, regardless of whether it looks messy or not. The result is that cleaning gets faster every time you do it. Before long, you’ll clean each room in less than half the time it initially took. And you’ll always feel like you’ve accomplished something because you can see the difference.

Frequent Cleaning Keeps the Mess Away

Imagine you spilled something on your kitchen counter. Which is faster: wiping up the fresh spill, or scrubbing a dried one that’s covered in pet hair, crumbs, and buried under a pile of papers? Bingo! Clean your home before messes get bad, and you’ll find it’s easier and faster to clean.

Add in Some Small Daily Tasks

Another benefit of following this monthly cleaning routine is that you’ll get it done faster every week. That means, if you want to have a clean house and do things you enjoy, you’ll have time for it! Play Wordle, binge-watch crime shows, take a nap if you want. You’ll do it all in a clean home. Or you could use some of that extra time to do a few quick daily cleaning tasks that you might not have had time for until now.

Printable Cleaning Calendar for the Month

What follows is a free monthly house cleaning schedule for February 2022. It syncs with the task reminders I share in my Facebook stories and on my Instagram each day. There’s room to add your own goals and to make notes as needed. Check off each bubble as you complete that day’s tasks and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.

Be the first to know how to clean your home

Ready to love your home again?

Monthly house cleaning routine on a calendar page for February 2022
Tap the image above to open a .pdf you can print or save to your device.

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  1. Thank you for this. It looks like the top column of tasks needs to be moved over to the right one column as the daily tasks don’t match up to the corresponding day of the week.

    1. Katie Berry says:

      I hadn’t really thought about lining up the daily tasks with the day’s column. They’re in the same spot as last month.