Cleaning Schedule for January 2022

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Stay on track in the New Year with this month’s house cleaning schedule that covers what to clean in every room and when.

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There’s nothing like a fresh start. Whether you enjoy making New Year’s Resolutions or not, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of a new beginning. When the ball drops at midnight, it’s not just a signal that one year is over: it’s also a reminder that the future is unwritten. Unblemished. It’s ours to make.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Clean House

If you’ve made New Year’s Resolutions before, you might know how they often turn out. At first, everything is exciting, and you think, This time it’s really going to work! But a week goes by, maybe two, and the excitement is gone. Reality has set in, and you start to feel like it’s all just too much work.

Clean Something Every Day

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get your home clean from top to bottom, I’ve got some bad news for you: it’s not a one-time thing. Oh, sure, you can spend a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks, scrubbing every surface and decluttering every closet or drawer.

But unless you and everyone else who lives in your home miraculously stopped making messes or putting things where they don’t belong, all that work will get undone before long. The solution? Use a cleaning schedule to get something done every day.

Add in Small, Daily Tasks

To ensure you’re not overlooking anything, you can supplement the weekly cleaning with a thorough Spring Cleaning. Or, you can do small daily tasks that clean hidden spots around your home, like cleaning window tracks or dusting behind bookshelves.

Why Room-Based Cleaning is Best

I’m a firm believer in cleaning room-by-room. That’s because I like to see things looking clean, and real people who own stuff live in my home. If I spend the day cleaning floors but ignoring the junk on the counters or the overflowing trash can, my house would never feel like it’s clean.

So, I clean a different room each day, and I schedule it to start the week with a fresh kitchen after everyone’s been home and end the week with a tidy living room, so we’ve all got a comfortable place to hang out. The result is that I get to enjoy my weekends relaxing in a clean home instead of spending them trying to get chores and laundry done.

Printable Cleaning Schedule for the Month

What follows is a free printable cleaning schedule for room-based cleaning. This is the schedule I follow in my home, and it’s in sync with the daily tasks I share in my Facebook stories each morning. Check off the circles as you complete each day’s cleaning and watch your sense of accomplishment grow!

There’s a section on the calendar covering the basics of my daily whole-house tidying routine, and at the top, you’ll find the highlights for each room’s weekly cleaning. (If you want more thorough guidance, check out my free weekly cleaning checklists.) There are even sections for you to write your own monthly goals or note things not covered on the calendar.


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Printable house cleaning schedule for January 2022
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