Fall Home Deep-Cleaning Schedule

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Ready to get your home back in order now that the kids are back in school? Use this Fall Cleaning Schedule to make it manageable and get it done.

Cozy autumn pillows and pumpkin decor in a home after following a Fall Cleaning Schedule

A house can seem awfully quiet when the kids head back to school after the long summer vacation. Many parents like to take a breather for a few days, especially those who work at home and haven’t had a moments’ peace in months.

After a few days of calm, though, you may notice your home isn’t looking as tidy as you’d like. Maybe the carpets and floors are looking grubby, or everything just feels dingy or cluttered. Why not welcome Fall with a home that’s clean and cozy?

Fall House Cleaning

I’m a big believer in breaking big projects down over the course of several days, or even an entire month. That’s precisely what this printable Fall Cleaning Schedule accomplishes. By spreading the work out over a whole month, you never have to spend a lot of time on it. That leaves more time for you — something every parent needs after having the kids home all summer long!

How to Use this Schedule

The Fall Cleaning schedule below breaks down a whole-house cleaning over 30 days, so you never have to spend a lot of time working on it. The foundation of this schedule is the Daily Cleaning Routine, which gets your entire home looking tidy and fresh in minutes each day.

Layered on top of this are the Weekly House Cleaning and Deep Cleaning tasks that get every bit of your home spotless. Follow your own routines for those, or use my free house cleaning checklists to know you’re not missing any spots.

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Ready to love your home again?

Printable Fall House Cleaning Schedule

30 Day Fall Cleaning Schedule for Home
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Need More Structure?

If you prefer a step-by-step plan that guides you through cleaning and organizing every room of your house, pick up a copy of my book, 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House. Just open to the day’s tasks, follow the step-by-step directions and go about your business.

Katie Berry's book

I’ve even included a dozen homemade cleaning recipes and a monthly schedule to help you stay on top of things so you never have to deep clean again. Readers call my book “life-changing!” and say it provides “the structure and routine I needed.” I’m confident it can help you, too!

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