Fall Home Deep-Cleaning Schedule

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Autumn is the perfect time to deep clean your home. Use this 30-day schedule to pace yourself and complete it with a little effort each day.

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I’m a big believer in breaking big projects down over the course of several days or even an entire month, as this Fall Cleaning Checklist does. By spreading out the work, you never have to spend a lot of time on it. That helps avoid burnout while still getting the job done, which is the key to keeping your home consistently clean.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

This schedule combines daily, weekly, and deep cleaning tasks throughout your home. The foundation is my Daily Cleaning Routine, which gets your entire home looking tidy and fresh in minutes each day. On top of this are weekly room and deep cleaning tasks, divided throughout the month.

Daily Tasks

Staying on top of daily tasks helps keep your home looking nice, even when you have not yet deep-cleaned a room. No one is saying that you’ve got to spend an hour every day just tidying up before you get to the deep-cleaning part — 10-15 minutes is plenty. And remember, you can divide that throughout the day!

  • Make bed(s)
  • Put clothes in hampers
  • Wash pet bowls
  • Do dishes
  • Wipe counters
  • Clean sink
  • Change hand towels
  • Empty trash
  • Sweep/vacuum crumbs
  • Do a load of laundry

Weekly Tasks

Use my weekly cleaning checklists or follow your own routines, then add the tasks in the fall deep-cleaning schedule to ensure you’ve covered all the rooms.

Printable fall deep-cleaning schedule
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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Use my kitchen spring cleaning checklist, or follow your own routine. At a minimum, you’ll want to clean the following things:

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Ready to love your home again?

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Use my bathroom spring cleaning checklist or follow your own routine. Be sure you clean all of the following:

  • Remove and wash shower curtains
  • Remove soap scum in shower and tub
  • Wash bathroom rugs
  • Empty, clean, and declutter bathroom shelves and cabinets
  • Deep clean drains in your shower and sink
  • Wash walls to remove hairspray spots and grime
  • Vacuum your bathroom exhaust fan
  • Clean mirror and glass shower doors
  • Inspect under sink for mold, treat
  • Vacuum or sweep floor, then thoroughly mop
  • Scrub tile grout to remove mildew

Bedroom Deep Cleaning

Use my bedroom spring cleaning checklist or follow your own routine. Be sure to do the following:

Living or Family Room Deep Cleaning

Use my living room spring cleaning checklist or follow your own routine. Be sure to do the following:

Closet Deep Cleaning

Use my closet deep-cleaning checklist or follow your own routine. Be sure to do the following:

  • Pull out everything
  • Clean the ceiling and light fixture
  • Dust the walls and baseboards
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor
  • Mop
  • Treat musty closet odors
  • Discard worn-out items
  • Donate things you no longer wear, need, use, or enjoy
  • Put things away neatly
  • Clean the door, inside and out

Additional Tasks

Need More Structure?

If you prefer a step-by-step plan that guides you through cleaning and organizing every room of your house, pick up a copy of my book, 30 Days to a Clean and Organized House. Just open to the day’s tasks, follow the step-by-step directions and go about your business.

Katie Berry's book

I’ve even included a dozen homemade cleaning recipes and a monthly schedule to help you stay on top of things, so you never have to deep clean again. Readers call my book “life-changing!” and say it provides “the structure and routine I needed.” I’m confident it can help you, too!

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