How To Fix Your Broken Keurig

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These three steps will fix your broken Keurig and get it working like new again without any special equipment required.

If your K-cup machine is not working properly, don’t throw it out until you have tried these steps to fix a broken Keurig. This method solves the problem of Keurigs brewing half-filled cups, sputtering, brewing loudly, or not brewing at all. Once it is working again, you’ll want to deep-clean your Keurig and then maintain it on schedule to keep it working like new.

How to Fix a Broken Keurig

If your machine is shorting cups, sputtering, brewing only half a tank, or not working at all, the steps below will get your Keurig working like new again. These work best when you do all of them since a Keurig that isn’t working correctly often has more than one clog.

Fixing broken Keurig by unclogging the needle

Step 1. Unclog the Needle

Before you clean your Keurig’s needle, make sure it’s been at least 30 minutes since your last brew, so you don’t burn yourself. Then, grab a paperclip and partially unbend it. With the Keurig’s top open, carefully insert the free end of the paperclip into each of the needle’s holes. You don’t need to worry about puncturing anything: this area is all hard plastic. Jiggle the paperclip around in each hole to break through sediment. (If you are uncomfortable using a paperclip, try a Keurig cleaning kit instead.)

Step 2. Dislodge Clogs Inside the Keurig

Unplug the machine and remove the water tank. Set it aside. Now, standing at a sink, turn your machine completely upside down over the sink basin and give the bottom a few smacks with the palm of your hand. Crazy as it sounds, this helps loosen debris. Many readers have reported water gushing out of their machine at this point because the smacking dislodged hardened sediment within the Keurig’s pump.

Showing the location of the water line on an older Keurig is at the top and on a newer Keurig is at the bottom
Locate the water line on your broken Keurig. On older Keurigs, it is at the top (upper left photo) and on newer Keurigs, it is at the bottom (upper right photo). Put a straw on the tube, wrap it with a cloth, and blow.

Step 3. Dislodge Clogs in the Keurig Tube

To dislodge clogs in your older Keurig’s line, turn the machine upside down and put a drinking straw over the spout. In newer models, including the Keurig K-Slim, the spout is under the water tank so you’ll stand the straw over the spout. (See above photos.) Wrap the juncture with a cloth or paper towel to make it as air-tight as you can. Then, blow hard into the straw to force air through the Keurig’s spout and dislodge any residue in the water tube. As soon as you’ve completed this step, follow the instructions further down to deep-clean your Keurig so you get rid of any buildup that you’ve loosened.

How To Clean Your Keurig

Cleaning does not require any special equipment and takes around 15 minutes. To clean your Keurig, you’ll need mild dish soap, water, white vinegar, baking soda (bicarbonate), and an old toothbrush.

1. Descaling

Remove any K-Cups or pods in the holder. Some Keurigs require a pod to run, in which case you can put a used one in the holder. Then, fill your Keurig water reservoir with a homemade descaling solution made from equal parts cold water and distilled white vinegar. (Or use a commercial Keurig descaling solution.) Immediately begin brewing and dumping out cups until you’ve emptied the entire tank.

2. Rinse and Repeat if Needed

Once you’ve brewed all of the descaling solution, rinse the water reservoir and refill it with fresh, cold water. Run this through the machine, dumping each cup until the tank is empty. On the final cup, add a small pinch of baking soda to the brewed cup. If it fizzes, run another tank of fresh, cold water through. If there’s no fizz, you’ve flushed out all of the vinegar.

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Fixing a broken Keurig starts by washing the disassembled parts

3. Clean the Keurig Parts

After descaling your Keurig, remove the water reservoir and lid, along with the stand that supports your cup. Open the top and remove the K-Cup holder — that’s the insert that pops out. Wash the Keurig parts with warm, soapy water. Use an old toothbrush to dislodge any white residue, mineral scale, and lime buildup that you find on the water tank or other places. Rinse with clean water, dry with a soft cloth, and reassemble your Keurig.

How to Maintain Your Clean Keurig

Once you’ve put effort into getting your broken Keurig working again and deep-cleaned it, you’ll want to follow the steps below to keep your Keurig working like new.

Descale it Monthly

Some Keurig models will tell you when to descale it, but others don’t. Those descaling notifications aren’t always reliable, though, so it’s not a bad idea to schedule this task monthly. If your Keurig gets a lot of use — in a busy office, for example — you may need to clean and descale it more often. Signs that your Keurig is due for cleaning include slow brewing or half-filled cups, or if the machine seems louder than usual.

Use Filtered Water

If your Keurig has frequent problems or your descaling notification turns on often, try switching to filtered water instead of tap, which has high mineral content. Water from your refrigerator’s dispenser works fine, or you get a special filtering water pitcher.

Wash the Parts Often

Leaving water in your Keurig’s reservoir overnight promotes mildew growth and leads to mineral buildup in your machine. Make it a habit to empty and air dry the water reservoir nightly. Wash the reservoir and other removable parts weekly in warm, soapy water. If you use a reusable Keurig pod, wash it daily. Also, any time you brew something besides coffee — like cocoa, chai, or soup pods — immediately run an extra cup of plain water to clean your Keurig’s insides and prevent clogs.

Drain Your Keurig When Not in Use

Even when the water tank is empty, there is still water inside your Keurig. If left for more than a day or two — in an office that’s closed for the weekend, for example — that water will cause clogs and lead to mold or mildew. So, unplug it and empty the tank. Wait 30 minutes, then turn it upside down over a sink to drain. Then, leave it empty with the top open to improve airflow.

Troubleshooting Common Keurig Problems

Below are some other common problems with Keurig machines and their solutions.

Unseated Reservoir Magnet

Remove the water reservoir and look on the side where it touches the machine. Make sure the magnet is flat against the side of the tank and at the bottom of its channel. Reseat the reservoir properly.

Keurig Shuts Off Unexpectedly

See if the green Auto-Off button is in service. This setting turns the machine off after 2 hours if not in use (90 seconds in a Keurig mini). Press the black Auto-Off button to disable this feature.

Keurig Won’t Turn On

If your Keurig doesn’t turn on, you can often fix it by unplugging the machine for several minutes then plugging it back in. Hold the ON button for five seconds. This step should cause the machine to purge water in the line. If these steps don’t fix your Keurig, contact their customer support.

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  1. Thanks for this. We just got our Keurig in January and we bought the reusable k-cup because we knew we couldn’t afford to always by the k-cups. Lately, the Keurig has been jipping me on my coffee. We always use the button farthest to the right to brew the coffee. We have a Pure water filter on our tap because we live in the city and we use that water in our Keurig because you’re suppose to use purified or bottled water in your Keurig or your going to break it. Anyways, how do you get the k-cup holder out of it? How much loose tea do you put in the k-cup? Can you use tea bags in the k-cup? I haven’t even used tea in the Keurig? Thanks for this. I will definitely be using this today to clean our Keurig. I look forward to your answers. Thank you.

    1. Hi Heather! It’s infuriating when the Keurig short-cups you, isn’t it? Gotta be honest, I don’t always use purified water on mine because sometimes I’m just not awake enough, so that might be why mine clogged to begin with. Then again, if something’s going to be higher maintenance than I am in the morning before I’ve had my coffee, it won’t last long. LOL

      You didn’t say what model yours is, but with my Keurig removing the K-Cup holder involves a bit of jiggling and then the thing pops out. The holder is actually a plastic insert — mine has a white arrow painted on it — so you just grab by the raised edge, twist and lift. (Really technical instructions there, right?)

      As for loose tea, my reusable filter has a “fill to here” line, so I…fill to there. You can’t use tea bags, but if you have a tea you like that’s in bags I suppose you could cut them open and dump them in the holder. Then again, microwaving is probably easier.

      I buy my tea loose, in bulk and organic, with a Subscribe & Save discount via Amazon. My favorite is this one, which combines chamomile, cranberry, roobios, rosehips, hibuscus and orange peel. It’s divine!

    2. We just run it without a k-cup in it. It dispenses hot water and we just dip the tea bag right in the hot water. Sure it’s not much different but it’s easier and faster than nuking the water.

    3. Just stuff the tea bag in the holder. The round tea bags are best for this. My tea comes out tasting delicious.

    4. To remove the the insert put your finger on the bottom of the insert and push put back line up white lines at the top .. Look at both before taking apart so easy ..

    5. That’s kind of the entire point of these steps. Have you followed them? All of them?

    6. Thank you so much for helping me unclog by Keurig! I followed your instructions exactly and it now works perfectly. My hubby, who isn’t a coffee drinker, ask me if I would brew him a cup soon after I cleaned it. Apparently I did not let the vinegar water solution mixture run completely thru. , so his coffee tasted like vinegar. LOL! He told me that was only shot at getting him to enjoy a cup of coffee. He said he will never try it again.. so people, make sure you get all the vinegar out before you pour yourself some coffee

    7. I have had a keurig for a while and decided to try the tassimo. What a hassle it was to make a coffee. I only made one then sold it and kept using my keurig.

    8. My coffee keurig does not give a whole cup of coffee It seems that the water is not getting through to pod I don’t know how to tell it to you I have taken it apart and cleaned it but nothing seems to work.

    9. If you’ve tried each and every one of the steps, including the turn & tap as well as the straw trick, then it’s probably just dead. If it’s still under warranty, Keurig will replace it for free.

    10. I just had a similar problem today. It had plugged up during the regular cleaning and no water would come out. I did all the standard cleanings but still no water came out. I took the machine covers off and removed the lines from the check valve. I first made sure water was coming from the tanks. Sure enough, water everywhere. I then used a turkey baster (a glass one) filled it with water and attached it to the line leading to the pump. I pushed the water in and used the bulb to pull water in and out. I pulled out an amazing amount of scale out of the machine, close to a quarter cup. One note here, I had the vinegar/water solution in the machine and it had soaked for about 5 hours before I started this. I continued this with fresh water each time until there was no more scale in the water. Ran it and it works like new. There was so much scale built up I think it had just completely plugged the machine up with the heavy white scale. I ran 3 reservoirs through the machine and it’s working great again.

      I love my Kurig this was my first and I must admit I neglected it. I have a new one now and this one is just a back up so I had no reservations about ripping it apart to try and fix it. It was worth the time. I think this one is going in my office now.

    11. How did you take the machine covers off without breaking them. And you don’t mean the base do you?

    12. No one is suggesting to remove the covers! The parts you see in the photo are all removable. The water tank is the one you remove to fill before making coffee. The lid is the one on the water tank. The base in most Keurigs does come off should be removed and cleaned regularly, anyway, since it catches drips. Check your owner’s manual and you’ll see the parts of your machine that can and should be removed for cleaning.

    13. Hello so I tried to clean my Keurig and now when I plug it back in it’s stuck on 12oz. Nothing else lights up and it won’t turn on? Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for getting back to meツ We have the Special Edition K69/K65 single serve. I set mine up the night before so since I am always the first one up I just have to push down the handle, press the button, go to th’s bathroom and when I come back, it’s done and I just put the creamer and sugar in and I am good to go.
    I inspected the reusable cup and saw the fill line. I don’t buy loose tea. Too expensive right now. I would β™‘ to and I know it would be best and open up a whole new world for me but right now I got my ‘stash’ of Twinnings and Bigelow. I do have loose leaf of Earl of Gray from Twinngs(I just bought it first the tin. I β™‘β™‘β™‘ tins!) . I willl also try opening the tea bags. Your tea doesn’t come out weak from not steeping for 3-5 minutes, Katie?
    I will try removing the K-Cup holder like you said…yes too easy lolツ and give it a go. Daily I give the whole machine a wipe down because it seems a lot of dust settles on it for some reason and there is always coffee residue in the K-Cup chamber.
    I pray you and your family have a very blessed Easter. Thank you staying around and conversing with me on this. I really appreciate thisツ

    1. These steps should work with your model, from what I’ve been able to see online.

      I agree, loose tea is a bit expensive. That link I’d given you is actually one of the better deals I’ve found. But, yes, it does come out rather weak in the Keurig. Sometimes at night, or when I’m brewing a cuppa for my son, that’s what I want. Otherwise, I’d rather go with an infuser and use my electric kettle. πŸ™‚

      I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Easter, too!

    2. I am going to purchase an infuser as I did try the tea in the Keurig and didn’t really care for it either. Again, thanks for these tips. You’ve been most helpful ツ and I have ordered the tea you suggested-I cannot wait to try it!

    3. OMG! I am amazed! I thought my Keurig was broken but this worked! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

    4. I am a tea snob, and make my tea the old fashion way – in a tea kettle. So did not expect much from a “coffee machine” to make my tea. But let me tell you how happy I was when we got the Keurig…it was as great for tea as it was for coffee. I use loose tea in the reusable cup and it is fast and easy. I have also used tea bag in the cup as well, but loose tea is the best way to drink tea (told you I was a tea snob) and there are a few companies on-line that have a huge assortment and they are pretty inexpensive compared to many of the tea places I used to frequent for my loose tea purchases. Try “Enjoying Tea” on-line. They have the most amazing Creme Earl Grey! They also have discounts all the time and with each order you get a 15% coupon/password to enter each time you order until it expires, usually a few months. Love the Keurig, but have used a French press as well for tea. I cannot wait for the weather to cool off so I can start enjoying my tea every evening! Cheers!

    5. I love tea, too, Cheryl. Iced or hot, winter or summer – I love it all! Will definitely check out the Creme Earl Grey. Thank you!

    6. I agree the The Twinings Tea is definitely the best tea ever & love trying all the new flavors that come in the Kcups.

  3. Forget the Keurig! I went old school and got a percolator and bean grinder best coffee I ever had! I got a 9 cup Corningware at a flea market, there’s tons of them on Ebay cheep.

    1. Absolutely! We bought a small Farberware percolator and have never looked back. Fast, hot, tasty coffee.

    2. I completely agree about the superiority of percolated coffee. I’m just incredibly impatient.

    3. I found starting with hot water cut brew time in half. Good things come to those who wait πŸ˜‰

    4. I follow the “cold water only for all cooking” because hot water contains lead. It takes longer but if it keeps the lead out, it’s worth it.

    5. Hot water is more likely to loosen lime and other mineral buildup in the hose, though. OTOH, I suppose you could look at it that as a form of vitamin supplementation. OTOH, ugh.

    6. Starting with cold water makes the coffee taste much better. I believe the instructions tell you to use cold water too. I’ve been using my percolator for 30 yrs, love it!!

  4. Loved this post! I had tried vinegar with water and flipping the machine upside down. I even attempted to unclog the needle and still the machine would only drip water. I found this post and followed your method step by step and would you know I can now make fresh coffee. It seems there was a lot of coffee grinds clogging the needle. I even saw some debris shoot out the straw as the machine was brewing. No longer need this cleaner solution, taking unopened bottle back to the store. Thanks so much!!

    1. You’re quite welcome. Thank you for taking the time to let me know it helped!

    2. HI! i have used this method before, (except the straw part, guess I missed that) and it always worked. However, I am descaling right now for the THIRD time in 12 hours, letting it sit for 4 hours like the manufacturer said. Still it says descale. This will be the only time descaling after trying the paper clip and straw tricks though. I don’t know what else to try…..

    3. I have a B70 and without a coffee pod the hot water comes out, seemingly ok. I ran vinegar through it, did the paper clip thing, removed the top hood plastic and tested the check valve and looked at the hoses leading up to the water feed needle. Removed the bottom and looked at the motor and more hoses. Cleaned the inlet from the tank and everything I could find that would come apart easy enough. The problem remains. I can run water but when a pod is inserted it starts out ok then after about 5 seconds it starts to run slower and slower to the point it only drips
      The straw trick is interesting because the over flow tube that brings water back to the tank has a check valve so if you try and push air through that it won’t go through. Perhaps you can explain what I am doing wrong?
      The fault seems to be lack of pressure to push the water through the pod. Or perhaps the check valve is clogged so bad it won’t work in either direction.

  5. I’m not a housewife; I’m an old geezer. But your how-to sure saved me a heap of trouble. I’ve had my Keurig for a few months, and today the pump seemed to die. I had seen this article copied on Lifehacker, so I followed your instructions. I had to vary them because I have a Vue model. The needles have grooves, not holes, but they had gunk on them that needed scraping. I ran through about a quart of vinegar water, and now the machine seems to be working fine again. Thank you very much.

    1. Mine doesn’t have that pump thing to blow the straw through so I think that part would be important why doesn’t mine have that? Is there another place it might be I’ve looked all over and I don’t see it. it’s starting to put out water which it was only two drops before but it’s still not doing it fully I have soaked it and ran through cycles for three days. Suggestions.?

    2. The newer models don’t have the water intake tube at the top. Descaling it with vinegar, cleaning the needle nozzles, and he turn-and-tap should help.

  6. I like my keurig very much. I have had 2 pumps die within the first year of owning them. Both never indicated to be cleaned by showing the “descale” command. Keurig is fantastic to deal with and both times shipped me a new machine within days. I use softened water that is also filtered from my refridgerator. The 3rd machine has worked for two years now. I think it is a new improved and better pump. It is much quieter. These cleaning tips are spot on. A good pump can’t pump well through clogs. :). Good day!!

    1. Keurig does have great customer service! My machine has never nagged at me to clean it, either. My other coffee maker, OTOH, seems to nag at me every couple of days. Ugh.

  7. The owners manual with the Keurig also recommends running the vinegar cycle every few months to help keep it running well, not that anyone ever reads the owners manual :-p

    1. I’m glad to have been of help! I can’t start my day without coffee, and the Keurig makes it so darned convenient. I really do love that thing.

  8. I really thought the motor was gone bad in ours but followed your cleaning instructions and voila! It works again! Unbelievable! I used the paper clip and nothing felt clogged or came out. Maybe it was the 5 or so smacks on the bottom that did the trick πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. You are so welcome! I would hate mornings without my Keurig, so I’m glad to help others keep theirs alive. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

    2. Thank you so much!!! My husband was on Amazon getting ready to buy a new machine when I found this!!! It worked perfectly!
      Mmmmm coffee!

  9. My Keurig just gave out on me right before heading to work today. All day I been thinking about this darn thing. So, immediately when i got home i Googled my issue and your site popped up. Followed your instructions and lone behold it started working again!!!! THANK YOU for sharing and saving me the cost of buying new one!!!

  10. I would think blowing air into it would cause contamination since the mouth is generally full of bacteria. Also, the Keurig site says to never turn the machine upside down.

    1. This is where common sense comes into play, Madje. After you blow into the tube, you’re running vinegar and water through the machine. Vinegar kills bacteria, so there’s no concern there.

      As far as not tipping it upside down: it fixes the thing. That means you don’t have to buy a new one. Is it any wonder why Keurig would say not to tip it upside down, then?

  11. Hi Katie,
    Just wanted to thank you for a great post and let you know that I used part of your cleaning – the paperclip – to fix our new Keurig 2.0 machine. It wasn’t quite 2 months old and stopped brewing – no water coming out! After running the paperclip through the holes a couple times, the water now flows nicely! The Keurig 2.0 has a hot water feature which I ran a few times and you could see the old grounds that were clogging the needle, in the bottom of the cup.
    Thanks again for the post.

  12. Thank you. I have a hot cup of tea. My Keurig was out for about a month. After descaling it didn’t work….but the paper clip did the trick. Thank you

  13. Thank you so much for the amazing tips! I had tried descaling twice through and it just would not unclog. After sticking the paperclip through the needle holes and tipping it upside down and banging it to loosen anything else in there, it worked like new!

  14. Awesome! My husband’s Keurig started making a strange grinding noise and refusing to brew a couple months ago. I was afraid that the pump, or some other inner workings, had quit on us. I followed your instructions and it works again! Just in time too since my mom sent hubs some k-cups and a carousel for Christmas. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  15. Thank you so much for this easy fix! I had just about given up on my machine all together. I’d see other tips on how to fix the issue, but they didn’t work for me. I followed you steps (except the straw blowing, I didn’t have a straw) and it worked like a charm! So glad I don’t have to replace my machine!

  16. My Keurig is one year old Model K70 and the blue light will not go off, I get 1/2 cup of coffee, even tho it’s set right, and it grinds like no other. Yes, I have cleaned it also.

  17. Thank you for this! I wonder how many Keurigs hit the scrap heap when this could save them and keep the coffee flowing!

  18. This totally worked. Was going to throw out the machine altogether. We did the vinegar thing multiple times, but we didn’t try the paper clip, the tapping it while upside down or blowing through the straw (fyi,,, couldn’t blow into it at all, but was able to suck out a ton of stuff)… not sure which of those three things worked, but totally works perfect now. I had to run probably 6 cycles of crap out of it (hopefully not mold, just grounds???) and it seems to work perfect now.

    Very helpful.

  19. I have a Keurig cup holder that use mini filters ( like Mr. Coffee filter ) put filter in cup , put coffee in filter quarter inch from top or less. Put cap on cup. Put cup in Keurig , make coffee.

    Here is what’s nice , take filter and coffee and throw away. Clean cup for next brew..

  20. Great idea… any tips on how to fix one that won’t turn on? This is my second one to quit and I won’t be fooled again… If it can’t be fixed it’ll join the other one in “rip-off heaven”.

    1. I wish I had a solution for you. Best thing I can come up with is to contact the manufacturer.

  21. Our Keurig is 3-4 years old. Many times I have done the first steps you suggested when it wouldn’t pump. None of them worked this time. I tried the straw trick and its pumping faster than it has in years. Great idea! Thank you.

  22. Thank you for these instructions. Our Keurig stopped brewing, and Keurig customer service was of absolutely no help. I followed the steps here, and it’s brewing like a champ! Thanks again!

  23. Thank you for this article. This is our second Keurig, but this one is fancier. It was only a couple months old before it did the bad things you described. So I followed your steps and it works better than new. You rock.

    1. Remove the water reservoir, tilt the machine so the magnet touches the basin again, refill the water reservoir and replace it without moving the magnet. That should take care of it. If not, contact Keurig. There’s a reason they stopped making that model.

  24. It was the straw blowout and the hitting it on the bottom that made it work! Thank you! I tried two of the other methods and it still didn’t work until I used your two tricks! Best post on how to clean a Keuig!

  25. I tried the banging & the paper clip unclogging… still no water
    Just how hard do U have to hit it – I have giving it the hardest sacks I can 3 themes now & still no water flows.
    Please advise. thank U.

  26. I havent used my machine for a while and i went with the normal descaling process. I used straight vinegar and ran it down till the reservoir was down to add water’ stage. Then i added several cups of water and ran that thru back down to the add water stage, I did this a few times then I let it sit over night. I was worried that it grew mold in the internal tank from sitting so long bc i have read that could happen. Now this morning I’m finishing up the process of rinsing a day it’s giving me problem. Not ‘brewing’ even when it says it is. And sometimes water is coming out of the nozzle and back into the tank. This wasn’t happening last nite. It was going fine. I hope I didn’t screw it up!

    1. Straight vinegar can corrode plastic and rubber, which is why I’d recommended mixing it with an equal part of water. I’m afraid you may need a new machine.

  27. Our Keurig is telling use to add water and the reservior is full…it keeps telling use to prime..any idea on what to do.

  28. I used the descaling process suggested, on this web site, and my Keurig works great now. I was about to discard the Keurig because the machine kept saying descaling but the pump wasn’t putting out much vinegar to clean it out . Everything works great now!

    On another note, I have been using my own coffee for years because I hate spending forty cents or more on a k-cup. I have even seen some Starbucks K-cups for around seventy-five cents each. I figure my cup of coffee cost is about a dime. I also have found a few boxes of k-cups with expired dates and discovered the k-cups are just fine. I have also used the k-cup twice (small cup size) and added a little instant coffee to enhance the coffee strength. I decided this was too much hassle even for this retired guy.

    I really like being able to have a fresh cup of coffee whenever I want one!

    1. I love being able to have a cup on demand, too. I only drink one or two cups most mornings, so the K-Cup expense isn’t too bad, especially since I can always find coupons then stock up when they’re on sale.

  29. Thanks for the suggestion to “turn and tap” the machine (Keurig 2.0 in my case)… Great therapy for both me and machine. Our pump seemed to stop working yesterday and into today (even after having turned off and unplugged the brewer overnight), and giving it a few good taps over the sink cleared the blockage (coffee grounds, I think) and started the flow! I had to hold the machine upside down for a ‘few’ minutes while the water “pulsed” out (very important to unplug the brewer for this reason). Interestingly, the water was still steaming, I guess from our having tried again to make coffee shortly before applying this fix, so be mindful of that, too… Now were are back in action, just in time for the next “case of the Monday-s!”

  30. Thank you so much for this article, I do not know exactly which step makes the difference, the tap on the bottom or blowing air, but I follow your instructions and it works perfectly every time. Thank you again!!!

  31. Thanks for the tip. I ran a gallon of vinegar through the machine with no luck. The paper clip trick worked magic. I was thinking I was going have to replace. Now I’m good to go!

    1. Hey Kevin, I’m glad to have helped! The vinegar works for some, the paper clip works for others, and the whack on the bottom works for the rest. Combining the three is a great way to get your Keurig working again because, let’s face it, who wants to buy a new one every three to six months?

    1. I haven’t tried it, but I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work. Let me know how it turns out!

  32. Bought a Keurig from a yard sale and didn’t work initially. I’d cleaned it already.. But once I did the unclogging and the rest of the steps.. low and behold – it works.. Not bad for $10.00
    Thank you..

  33. We haven’t tried your techniques yet, so when we do I will send along a comment…Thanks for the tips

  34. When you say put a straw over this spout, where exactly are you talking about. In the picture, I’m not seeing a spout. Thanks.

    1. There’s a spout on the side where your water reservoir is. Remove the reservoir, turn the machine upside down, slip a straw over the spout, and blow.

    2. Sheila, the spout is in photo #4. Not sure why you didn’t see it.

  35. Trying this with my 2.0 today and will report back. However – do the 2.0’s have a spout to put a straw onto and blow? πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the detailed instructions!

    1. I don’t own a 2.0 so I don’t know the answer to this. Did you find one?

  36. Sometimes my coffee comes out and just explodes all over the kitchen. I have coffee grouund everywhere. DId twice yesterday. made a cup of a different kind this morning and it worked fine. hope your cleaning method will cure the problem.

    1. Chances are the spout has a clog. Using the paperclip trick should take care of that.

  37. THANK YOU!!! The straw did it. I’ve had my B70 for about 5yrs. Actually, I was googling to find ways to make coffee using-up my k-cups without the keurig. Thank you.

  38. My Keurig reads “brewing” but no water comes out. I’m trying to descale it but it won’t work if I can’t get the darn vinegar/water to filter through. Any suggestions?

  39. Hi Katie, I need help after follwing the steps to clean my Keuric , The add water light stays on even when the tank is full, I have tried everything that shutting it ,unplugging, and notbing..the lights power,add water stays on…Hopeful that someone knows. Please

  40. Hi Katie, After following the steps to clean my Keuric as your directions ,I need help getting the add water light to go off and the machine to work like it was working prior.Bc the light stays on the water doesn’t heat up or other lights to work.. Hopeful someone can help. Thanks

    1. Hi Noemi,
      I don’t know which model of Keurig you have, but sometimes if you fill the water tank and then VERY CAREFULLY tip it toward the side the power lights are on you’ll reconnect the magnet that tells it you’ve added water. If that doesn’t work then it might be time to either call Keurig (1 (866) 901-2739) or buy a new one.

      But don’t buy the 2.0. That one doesn’t let you use any k-cups but theirs, and they’ve since realized what a stupid marketing decision that was. (That’s why you’ll find the 2.0 on sale everywhere these days.) Buy an older model, or wait until August when the next version comes out.

  41. You saved the day!!! We were on the verge of buying a brand new one today but decided to browse around to see if there was a fix and here it is. Took a couple minutes to breeze through the steps and BAM!! Keurig works like a charm now. THANK YOU!!!

  42. I was about to give up on my Mini Brewer but did what you suggested with the paper clip and now water is coming out perfectly again! I have had mine for about 4 years now and we have become close friends! LOL. I have been extremely happy with its performance and longevity.

    1. I’m so glad it helped you! You’re the first reader with a mini-brewer who’s left a comment to let me know the paper clip trick works with the mini, too. Thank you for taking the time to let me know that!

  43. The paper clip part worked for me. Perfect. Thank you. Just unclog the three holes on the top pin. They are on each three sides of the pin. Force it. Go deep. Wipe clean with a paper towel and do it over and over. Works great!

  44. The example shows to use a paper clip to clean the nozzle. DO NOT USE A PAPER CLIP. You will possibly rupture the soft plastic elbow above the spout, and you will get an internal leak. It will temporarily work, but it will eventually destroy your unit with a slow leak dripping internally on the components. Use a blunt plastic toothpick or something similar. The real culprit that stops flow totally is the pressure valve located under the hood of your unit, and if you remove the screws that holds the top on (mine is a k60), that you can see when you open your unit, remove the top, and squeeze this valve, it will start flowing again, and then you can run your vinegar through the unit.

    1. Allen, that really depends on the unit. With mine, there are no screws to remove so I’ve used a paper clip and have done so for three years without problems. A previous commenter suggested to “really cram it up there” but I don’t think much pressure is needed; just enough to break through any crusted coffee grounds. You’re right that a blunt plastic toothpick would work, too, assuming one doesn’t break it off in the hole.

  45. My Keurig had been sputtering and pumping slowly emitting half cups of coffee for a few days. I found your site and followed your directions to a T and am again enjoying my coffee with the same quality of when I first bought my machine. Thanks a million, I will pass the info onto all my friends

  46. My Kuerig “special edition” played dead on me also. I was so frustrated and I don’t give up easily….so, on my own, after running a vinegar cleanse, I took the cup plate and water reservoir off and turned that puppy upside down and shook it hard for a few minutes. After several clear water cycles it came back to life! This was before I read your excellent cleaning procedure! I now go through your cleaning suggestions whenever I descale, just to be confident that I am maintaining the machine properly. Thank you for your effective advice as I am sure it has helped many besides me!

    1. I’m glad you got it working again, James! I’m afraid if I took mine apart I’d never get it back together. LOL

  47. Skip the straw and use a can of compressed air instead. Cover up the prong on the base when air comes out, and that will force the stuck water out of the system. Otherwise this guide is spot on.

    1. That’s definitely one way to do it, if you happen to have a can of compressed air to hand. Thanks, Michael!

  48. Hate to brag prematurely, but I just followed each of the steps and this baby works again! Thanks so much! Also, shortly after receiving this pot, I was shocked at the amount of plastic waste and at how the coffee was really not so tasty, so I purchased the “as seen on TV” pods, 4/$10 at target, and they are super. I have been using them daily for about 18 months and they are still going strong. I prefer to grind my own beans for a superb tasting cup of coffee. The putz of rinsing them out is outweighed by the great flavor.

    1. Hey, with the Caribou coffee you get up there I’d use those pods, too!

  49. I cleaned my kurig with vinegar a couple of weeks ago but never used it. I went to use it today and it would not work. I thought it was the vinegar I ran through the system. I followed your instructions and it is working perfectly. Thank you

  50. Thank you! I wish I had found your website before I took the top of the brewer. I spent time disconnecting the hose,with no success. I was about to give up and read your turn it upside down slapped it a few times. …and it works. I still need to put the cover back on…but that is better than buying a new one! Thanks again for your post.

  51. I had trouble too.

    Maybe I am not getting the point. I took the maintenance thingy out of the pack, placed it in the cupholder, lifted 5 times – done.

    I guess I would recommend trying that before starting picking your machine with needles.

  52. Thanks so much! Ours was short cupping, then it just stopped asked to des able but wouldn’t brew to de scale…. I.e. All the above was happening! Followed all your steps, including straw, and am des along now with vinegar perfectly fine! Hadn’t realized it had become so slow, until I saw how fast it brewed the de scale! Thanks again!!

  53. LOVE my Keurig….and it’s worked like a charm for over 2 years now. I take good care of it, clean it often and change filter every 3 months. BUT…it did start making more noise than usual and was “shorting” my cup. Did a few of the (new to me) things you suggested and it worked like a charm. Good as new again….thanks!!

  54. I could kiss you!! Worked like a charm! I’ve had my Keurig for a few years and I had settled for every now and again heading to work without my coffee that was forever “brewing”. I thought this time that it was finally on its last leg! I now have full streaming water! My needles were clogged!! Many thanks!!!!!

    1. I’m so glad to have helped, no kisses required! Seriously, I can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee so I’m very glad you don’t have to anymore. Enjoy!

  55. Thank you Katie ! I just want to thank you for posting this information. I had my keurig for a longtime now. It quit pumping water, or when it did it was half a cup. I followed your crazy advice lol. And guess what ? It works like a new machine ! I didn’t descale it, that wasn’t necessary for my situation. Thank you for your valuable information ! You saved me from spending a lot of money ! ?

    1. I’m happy to have been of help, Ken! Keurigs aren’t inexpensive, and it’s always nice to save money rather than replacing something, isn’t it? Enjoy your coffee!

  56. Thanks so much. I was so sad. No coffee for two mornings until I saw this such a life saver and kept me from having to search their site.

    1. If I went two mornings without coffee you’d be reading in the news about a crazy lady screaming at strangers! Glad to have helped, Carrie. Enjoy your coffee!

  57. Thanks for this! I have been tryin all of these tips…but the straw, but it’s still not working. πŸ™ However, after sitting for a few hours, it randomly will work for a few cups, but only fills them 1/2 full then stops working again. I suppose that is progress.
    QUESTION: I don’t understand where to out the straw and blow. Which spout are you talking about?
    Thank you for the clarification.

    1. I figured it out and it seems to be working now! I put hot water in the tank as well as blowing thru the straw on the spout. It made four cups so far with no problems!

      Thanks you so much!

  58. It was definitely the spout thing because a little water will come out of the spout after it makes a cup. I don’t recall seeing that before!

    1. I’m glad you got it figured out and it’s working! Enjoy starting your days with a reliable cuppa now. πŸ™‚

  59. Thank you so much! I was lost without my Keurig and you helped me bring it back to life… and saved my morning πŸ™‚

  60. I descaled my Keurig and now every cup of coffee taste like vinegar. I can’t get the taste out of the machine. It will not run without a k-cup so I have wasted at least 12 of them. What can I do to get the vineagar out.

    1. Emily, it sounds like you have the Keurig 2.0 since it won’t run without a K-cup, and not the original Keurig machine pictured in this entry. My best recommendation is to just keep reusing an old K-cup until you’ve run two entire tanks of plain, clean water through the machine to get all of the vinegar out. Good luck!

  61. Thank you!! Worked like a charm…..I tried other sites to see how to clean and none of them worked until I found this site!!I I have 4 Keurigs and love them all!!

  62. THANK YOU!!!!! I just bought 2 stainless filters, and it quit working. I thought, that was a quick $30 waste! But your directions got it going. Woot!!! Thanks again. πŸ˜‰

  63. Hello,

    I have tried to descale, I cleaned it, I used the paperclip method, upside down taps…..everything, including vinegar and nothing. The water leaves the resevoir now at least but it never brews anything. At this point I am really ready to call it quits.

    Any other suggestions?

    I have had mine for 6 years and have not had any issues until now….so maybe it’s just time??


    1. Hi Shon,
      I think if you’ve tried all of these suggestions and it’s still not working then it’s probably just time to replace it. Before you do that, however, try removing the cup holder insert and running it through the dishwasher on the top rack. Sometimes there’s just so much buildup that it can’t get the coffee out.

      Good luck!

  64. My keurig isn’t hot like it should be. its just warm. Does anyone know why? or what i should do? Please help! Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Mandy, it sounds like your heating element is no longer working. If your machine is still under warranty you may be able to get a free replacement by calling Keurig at 1 (866) 901-2739.

  65. Thank you!! This worked perfectly! My parents are older and didn’t know how to fix it. At first I thought it was strange to blow into the tube but sure enough that did the trick!!! Thank you again!

    1. Blowing into the straw does seem strange but it sure does work. Glad your folks have a working coffee maker again!

  66. I’ve had my keurig for a few years. I was devastated when it started dripping my coffee out s-l-o-w-l-y. Life saver! Thank you!!

  67. It worked it really worked. I was about to buy a new machine and then I said to myself let me read on line about this problem of water not coming out of machine. I did every step took it apart, got paper clip, cleaned ports, turned upside down, hit it, used straw, blew in it, used vinegar, cleaned it real good, turned it on and out comes the water again. Thank you Thank you sooo much. Drinking again

  68. You saved my sanity!!! And a bunch of money i would have had to spend on a new one when i love my K 2.0 so so much! β™‘

  69. what do you do when the hot water comes out of the spout you put the straw over, basically it runs back into the water tank

    1. Did you have it upside down at the time like the instructions say? If so, dump out the water that ran into the tank and blow again. Chances are you’ve got some buildup in there that’s clogged your system. Hope that helps!

  70. Have you heard about the new refrigerator which has a Keurig dispenser in the water area of it’s door? What will they think of next???????

    1. I love the thought of freeing up counter space with the Keurig in the door, but I can’t help wonder if that’s just not going to be more things that can go wrong?

  71. Thanks so much! I thought my pump died too. I even took it apart to no avail. But blowing a straw on the top needle and paperclip and the whacking it a few times did the trick. I was minutes away from heading to the store to get a new one for my wife as she is the main coffee drinker and this was a last ditch effort to save me a few bucks! You had me with the comment …..”I wonder how many people have thrown away their coffee makers because they didn’t know how to clean a Keurig” Keurig could probably save themselves a lot of money if they would include these instructions AND PICTURES in their manual unless they simply make more off of those outside the warranty purchases. Thanks again!

    1. Hey, Mark, you are so welcome! Even though this helped you get your old Keurig working, you get Good Husband points for your for your willingness to head out and buy your wife a new one. πŸ™‚

  72. I have had my Keurig for 4+ years and have loved it since day one! A few months ago it started giving me problems so I went back to drip coffeemaker, put a new Keurig on layaway, did everything I could think of to fix the old one, and finally gave up. Now I have the 2.0 home, and was getting ready to trash the old one, but thought I would give it one more try to get it working. I found your instructions and my old K works again!!! I don’t know if it was the turning it upside down and tapping, but that was the only “new” step that I added. Thank you so much for posting your solution!!! I now have a Keurig for home and one for the office πŸ™‚

  73. Thank you so much! These steps fixed our machine. It hasn’t worked this good even when it was new! So appreciate the time it took for you to write out all these directions.

    1. You probably could, Nancy, though I’d be concerned about accidentally poking a hole in the tube with the wire in the center of the pipe cleaner.

  74. This didn’t work for me…..any suggestions? It is certainly flowing better, but not even close to the level it should be.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. I’m very sorry it didn’t work for you. If you tried all of the steps without success then it’s probably a mechanical problem to blame. In that case, I’d recommend getting in touch with Keurig. Their customer service number is 1 (866) 901-2739. If your machine is still under warranty, they’ll ship a new one out right away!

  75. I have a new Keurig 2.0 (300)and have owned it approx 1 month. All of a sudden it stopped brewing coffee. Would only brew a tiny bit i have no idea why? I use pods so I had no clue what was going on! I followed your steps anyways and bam it works like new again!! Thanks so much!! The new Keurigs dont have a tube to blow through but the base tube so i blew through that with a straw just incase πŸ™‚

  76. We got a new 2.0 last year and it quit within a month. Customer service was great but it didn’t help so they sent us a new one along with a cleaning tool. You put water into this little bubble thing, shut off the machine, put it in like you would a pod and open and close the handle a certain number of times and grounds stuck in the needle are supposed to rinse into the bubble things water. So far so good. Keurig has come out with a reuseable pod for the 2.0 and it works great! If your coffee is ground too fine you will get dust size particles but other than that it is well worth the money. It was $14.99 on Keurigs’s website vs. $28+ on Amazon. They had a 15% off special on accessories when I got mine so it was only $12.74. Now that i know it works I’m getting a second one so I can have another cup ready to go when the first one is done.

  77. THANK YOU!

    I used my handheld steamer to unclog the water tube and clean the needles. I also shot the steam on the water filter spots. Then used the half water/ half vinegar descaling method.

    Worked right away. I tried it on my own but having your guidance really helped me know what and where to clean it.

    Happy to put away my old brewer and use my Keurig again!

  78. I used your tip to unclog our 2.0.

    But another problem. the water keeps dripping even after the K cup is done running and the machine says it is ready. Any suggestions there?

    1. Sounds like the water isn’t completely getting through the cycle. I’d try cleaning it again with the tapping, blowing, and vinegar water just to make sure you’ve got all the debris out of there. Or, if it’s still under warranty, contact Keurig and they’ll replace it for free.

  79. Thank you!!!! I’d tried everything but the straw, and was about ready to find a repair shop. Won’t let it get that bad again.

  80. Wonderful post! I was sure my Kureg was done and I followed your instructions and am now enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee! Thanks!

  81. After having two Keurig machines “die” within a year of purchase because they clogged and I could unclog with all of the usual tricks, I switched to a Cuisinart brand. It went 2 1/2 years before we had to deal with a clog. I think they are the nature of the beast.

    After scouring the web and trying every trick I could find ….. and I had missed your site ….. I thought to pull the compressed air (Dust Destroyer) out of my office closet. BINGO! I had the unplugged unit on the counter in the center of the kitchen. The initial spray of air into the needle that punctures the k-cup sent coffee grounds from one side of my country kitchen to the next. Behind the TV, blah, blah. A few more shots (with a towel over the unit this time) around the rest of the inside of the k-cup mount and we were gold. For good measure, I did the filter/intake in the water reservoir area as well.

    A run through with vinegar and water. Coffee brews as good as new. I called Keurig to advise of trick. Representative in tech support had never heard of idea. Had people try air compressor (like you use to fill tires – huh???) but not canned air.

    Anyhow, works like a charm. Hope it helps someone else. The machines are too expensive to replace regularly. And since you don’t have a problem until you are desperate for coffee πŸ™‚ this works great and quick. Probably could do as a maintenance thing periodically and then do a quick brew with plain water.

  82. Thanks for the tip. What I also found that finally worked was to pat the top firmly while brewing. That seemed to finally loosen the scale that was preventing the brew and water started flowing, we thenfinished with a full scaling regiment followedby a full hot water brew.

  83. Thanks for the info on cleaning the Keurig. I did not know there were three slots in the device that punctures the K-cup. I was only getting partial fills. I had done so many cleaning solutions with no results. Descale stayed on all the time, even after the cleanings. Rodded out the puncturing device on all slots with a paper clip and now it works like brand new. Descale sign is finally gone. I was about one step away from throwing it out and buying a new one. Thanks again for the information.

  84. I was sure my Keurig was dead but I tried this and my beloved machine has been resuscitated!!! Descaling will now be a priority every 2 months πŸ™‚

  85. Hello, thanks for posting this.

    I have a problem, my Keurig is NEW I only used it once and after
    that it won’t work, it’s still stuck on the Preheating mode :(. I tried
    everything it won’t work. And please if you can explain were do we
    exactly blow in the 2.0 model? because i tried to blow on the same
    paperclip spot but with no luck.

    1. Yes and a strange thing happened, I placed the straw on the needle
      and instead of blowing I inhaled it and water came out, then I plugged
      the keurig it started working for a few seconds then it went back to
      preheating mode :(.

    2. If your Keurig is new, it’s covered by the warranty. They have fantastic customer service — just give them a call and they’ll replace the machine for FREE!

  86. I have owned and loved my keurig for years so I thought I knew all the troubleshooting tricks, until now! My keurig wouldn’t brew this morning, I tried all my tricks and called customer service who told me to get a new one. I found your website as my last attempt before heading to the store and it is back up and running!! Thank you!!

  87. Tired all step w/my Kerig, πŸ™ still won’t brew. Makes noice, gives choose of cup size, clicks, clicks again n blue lit cup size turns off w/nothing happening. Any other suggestions?

    1. I’d call Keurig customer service. They’ll often replace a machine for free.

  88. This worked..i revealed my kereg and had used the paperclips on it but was still running slow so I googled it and found your site!!! First I used the straw and found one of,the whole completely blocked, so my husband used can air in the holes after turning it upside down, and water ran everywhere…thank you!!! Works great again
    Going to descale it again. You save me $100 and a trip to Wal-Mart!!! Thanks for posting

  89. THANKKK YOU. I tried to do the vinigar cycle but my keurig machine wouldnt allow ANY water to pass and so i couldnt do the cleaning cycle. I looked EVERYWHERE for help but nothing until i saw your post. I tried the paperclip to the needle amd all this nasty black stuff came out. And BOOM it bow works better than ever. Thank you.

  90. Amazing!! It worked πŸ™‚ thank you so much! I think the plastic tube was clogged. Thank you again!!

  91. When I went through the steps I found the problem. The screen in my tank was clogged with some kind of film. I took a straw to the bottom of the tank were the water comes out pushed down in the valve and blew threw the straw. It pushed the film up so I could grab it with chopsticks. Now my Keurig works fine. So I would consider adding that to the cleaning. Thanks for the help though.?

  92. I found a film clogging the screen in the water tank. I cleaned it by blowing it with a straw on the bottom of the tank and the film lifted up enough so I could grab it with chop sticks

  93. Nothing like waking up in the morning to find your coffee machine won’t work. Did all the steps (half asleep) and it worked like a charm! My husband did a “water hack” with ours so the water automatically refills…didn’t want to have to buy a new one. Thank you so much!!! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m so glad to have helped! That “water hack” sounds awesome. Refilling my tank drives me nuts!

  94. I did everything you posted, and…yeah!! It worked!! Thanks! I think the upside down whacking it was the trick! Thanks!!!

  95. I thought that I would have to purchase a new coffee maker my Keurig would only drip a few drops at a time then nothing. I tried this to see it it would work and it worked, it’s even better than before. Thank you

  96. What a great and useful resource. Our Keurig had stopped working completely = the pump ran and ran but no coffee – but 20 minutes spent going thru the cleaning steps outlined here – and the Keurig works like new again. Thank you so much

  97. Lately, our Keurig Coffee Maker has had “coffee grounds explosions” when we brew coffee. After we brew the coffee and lift the lid, there are grounds on the top of pod as well as in the mug. We have LOVED our Keurig and have been so disappointed that the machine has started doing this. What is causing this? How can we fix this?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. The holes are plugged. Follow the part about using a paper clip and it should work like new again! ?

  98. The advice about turning it over in the sink and giving it a good whack solved my problem! In fact, after I did this, I immediately heard liquid sloshing around in the unit verifying that something was freed up. I immediately followed up by running a full reservoir of mr coffee cleaner through it because I hate the smell of vinegar. I’ve also found the powder coffee cleaner stuff sold in grocery stores works better than vinegar. Thanks so much for the detailed article. I always use plain tap water and our water is semi-hard, so I need to be more diligent in cleaning.

    1. Happy to have helped, Dan. Thanks for the tip on using Mr Coffee cleaner. πŸ™‚

  99. My Keurig would sometimes give “short cups,” and I wanted to fix that. I followed these instructions, and now the Keurig won’t even turn on. By the overwhelming number of positive comments, I can only assume I did something wrong. I have a feeling it was when I turned it upside down. Water didn’t get on the buttons or anything, but it poured out of the machine. πŸ™ Any advice?

    1. Kari, I am so sorry it’s taken me a bit to respond to this. (I’ve been enjoying a few days offline.) It sounds like you had quite a blockage in your Keurig’s system which got knocked loose when you turned and slapped it. I’d fill it with 50-50 vinegar and water, then let it sit for a while to give the vinegar a chance to dissolve any lime or other buildup in there. Then I’d dump that water and repeat the entire sequence in this tutorial. If it STILL doesn’t work, call Keurig. They’re actually pretty wonderful about replacing broken units. πŸ™‚

  100. You are a lifesaver! I thought mine was dead and in a “why not try this” moment I stumbled upon your post. It now it works beautifully! Thanks!!!

  101. I want to sincerely thank you , I had a hard time finding the little holes but one I did , it worked like a charm … Thanks ever so much , I was truly hurt .. I needed my coffee!!!?

    1. Those little holes really are difficult to find, aren’t they? I’m so glad you found them and now have working Keurig again, Venessa. Mornings just are not the same without a good cup of coffee!

  102. Thanks so much for the post. I thought my Keurig may be a goner because it wouldn’t put out water at all. After using your step by step I’m back in business. Thanks again!

    1. I’m so happy to hear it worked for you, Kerrie! Thank you for taking the time to let me know that I helped. I’m so addicted to my morning coffee that I hate to think of anyone else suffering needlessly. πŸ™‚

  103. Hi Katie,

    Everyone has said it so many times already … your steps really work. Your approach is not only spot on, but just happens to be incorporate some old-time common sense. The days of giving it a gentle kick or wrap alongside it or just a little friendly upside-down shake still works in the day of technology and complexity.
    We just need that little reminder that there still is a place for simplicity of approach.

    Thanks for your efforts,

  104. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Katie!!! I am thrilled! I have had my Keurig for 5 years and was getting ready to toss it….and I ran across your blog. I followed your steps and now my Keurig works like a dream.?β˜•οΈ Thanks for sharing!?

  105. Awesome!!! The paper clip worked. I have to have my morning coffee before hitting the beach! Thanks so much for writing this post!
    Pam Rambo

  106. I’m wondering if you have any tips about packing the Keurig up to move. I don’t know if I feel comfortable taking my machine apart to drain water out. I’ve seen a couple of videos on YouTube.

    1. I’d make sure the water tank is empty then turn the machine upside down over the sink so it gets a chance to drain. If you’ve got a dish drying rack, maybe prop the machine upside down in there overnight so every drop gets out. Wrap it in a towel or two which will catch any extra water and cushion it during the move, then slip it in a plastic bag.

  107. You’re absolutely right, Carly! I’ve heard from so many people who were about to rush out and buy a new Keurig then tried this. Boom, their old one worked again so they didn’t have to spend $100+ on a new one. I love that.

  108. Awesome tips! I’ve cleaned all the parts and done the de-scaling with vinegar solution quite a few times but these other tips are advanced! We need to keep our Keurig in tip top shape since coffee is life, so thanks! πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m sorry, Tom. Before you trash it, call Keurig’s customer service. They’ve been known to replace machines for free even past the warranty date. Their number is 1 (866) 901-2739. πŸ™‚

  109. Our aging Keurig died yesterday morning. After pricing new machines online, I did a search on troubleshooting and fixing a croaked Keurig. I’m not handy and my do it yourself repairs don’t always end successfully, but I had nothing to lose. I selected HousewifeHowTos because everything was so sensible, nicely explained, and looked easy to follow. Your most excellent “how to” saved my Keurig and saved me the $150 I thought I was going to have to spend this month for a new coffee brewer. Thank you so very much! πŸ™‚

  110. My Keurig wasn’t working at all. After going through all of the above steps it works like a charm! Thank you for the tips!

  111. This is just amazing. I was inches away from putting my trusty Keurig in the trash this morning. I completed your steps and it is working like a charm.. Thanks for putting this on the web!!! Made my morning.

    1. Good on you for looking to fix your Keurig before trashing it. I’m so happy this helped you!

  112. This is amazing thank you!! I was without it for days and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t make it work when I descaled it!! Life saver !!!

    1. I’m so happy to have helped, Alexandra! Thank you for taking the time to let me know it worked. If you’re on Facebook or other social media, I’d sure appreciate if you’d tell your friends and followers about it, too. πŸ™‚

  113. I have a B70 model and currently I am experiencing the exterior of the K cup has the grounds on the exterior of the cup after the brewing process. What causes this and what is the cure………………if any?

  114. This worked EXACTLY it states. Mine in less than a year old and I was really mad with Keuring.

    Thanks for the help

  115. Hi im going to try the steps above as my keurig has been spitting the water back into the reservoir and it sounds funny…My question is…there is water still inside the keurig where it sucked it up when it was working..if I turn my Keurig upside down will this mess up the motor?

    1. No, it shouldn’t. If anything, breaking the air bubble in there will help the motor function properly again. Just don’t tip it so the water flows over the buttons.

  116. Oh my goodness!! I was bummed out this morning when my little K quit working. I was ready to toss it and hoping to find one on sale, then I came across your blog. I did everything you suggested and …. It’s fixed. I think it works better than new!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!

  117. I could not figure out where the 3 holes were to clean with the paper clip until I found your site. Why aren’t others as smart as you? Thanks! I will need to look at your blog and see what else I can learn ,

    1. Hi Jane! I’m glad I was able to help solve your Keurig situation and hope you’ve found plenty more on my blog to read. πŸ™‚

    2. I got a Keurig k55 hot brew for Christmas this year from my son. Just checking the reviews and noticed how to clean the needles. I have one needle should I have more than one? or are you saying to clean the holes by the needle?

    3. Congratulations on your new Keurig! I wrote this article specifically about the original Keurig, but the answer should be the same: there’s only one needle. It’s the holes around the needle which you want to unclog, though since yours is brand new I’m sure you’re not having any problems. If it ever stops working as well as it does now, come back and follow these steps and it’ll be as good as it was on Christmas morning. Enjoy!

  118. Thank you for the straw method! I had descaled it with vinegar last week, still said descale, stopped brewing, did the upside down smack, then water was filling reservoir not into cup! I had a hundred in my pocket about out the door. Told Hub, let’s try one more thing. The straw blow fixed it! Mr. Keurig lives on.. Only bad thing, Hub asked for his $100 back.. He said, I’m the one who blew it! Ha

  119. I think mine has a problem with the water pump. It’ll brew fine the first few times when cleaning, then it only lights one of the lights for the size — the largest — and then when I push the button, it makes a lot of noise and does nothing. This is not going to be fun.

    1. That does sound like a water pump problem. If your machine is under a year old, Keurig will often replace it for free. They have a fantastic customer service department!

    2. Mine was brewing slow and only tiny cups and finally one day it just stopped brewing and only illuminated the largest cup size too, but this has at least fixed it initially. I’m in the plain water phase of the cleaning, but it’s brewing a normal size now and I have all the cup size options again. It’s worth a try, if you haven’t already done it.

    1. Good morning I am having issues as will, No tried to blowair through two tiny hole nothing goes, and what is descaling??

    2. The air does not get blown through the two tiny holes; it gets blown through the water intake tube on the side of the machine, as the photo shows. The paperclip gets used on the two tiny holes. Descaling sounds gross, but it just refers to running vinegar water through the machine to loosen and flush away any scaly mineral buildup.

      I hope that clarifies things. πŸ™‚

    3. Thank you,we were fixing to throw ours away as well,Even started pricing new ones,then found YOU.its working perfect now .i never used the descale,always used vinegar,(but never did the 50/50.)went thru 2 bottles and no help.You wacky tricks work,THANK YOU

  120. My Keurig (Model K70 Platinum Brewer) stopped brewing full cups and only a small stream of coffee would brew, sometime would just sputter a splash of coffee but continue to make the humming noise as if it was brewing. This went on for days then “de-scale” showed up on the screen. So I went through the proper de-scaling procedures per the manufacturers instructions about 5 times over the course of 2 weeks but the problem kept returning. I stumbled across your post so I tried it your way. I noticed the little whitish rubber spout that you instructed to clean with a straw actually has two open holes on my model. So, I blew inside of both of them – one hole seemed clear and the other hole I couldn’t get any air through at all. He tube appeared clean, no obstruction. Anyway, the problem is persisting and now I’m not sure what the problem could be. Do you know anything about the double-water-tubes and of the cleaning procedure with the straw is the same??

    1. I don’t know about the Model K70. I’m sorry. There shouldn’t be a problem with at least trying the straw trick, though.

    2. Hi Melanie,
      I have a K70 Platinum as well. Use a can of compressed air (like the kind they sell at Staples or Office Max – used to blow air out of computers and keyboards) to blow out the water from each water tube. The tube that comes with the can of compressed air fits perfectly into the water tubes and is flexible enough to bend up and inside the water tube. Works for me!

  121. If blowing thru straw is too cumbersome, I’ve used a can of compressed air instead. “The plastic tube that comes with the compressed air fits perfectly into the water tubes of the Keurig. A few blasts of the trigger and “thar she blows!”. I usually place some paper towels under the dispenser due to the amount of water that shoots out.

    1. Mine is actually a model K70 Platinum – I blow air thru both holes with the can of compressed air.

  122. My machine was working fine, but I’ve been trying to descale it and it is only pumping water through every other cup now. Am I just not leaving enough time for it to cool in between uses? I did the cleaning process too so now I’m wondering if I just messed something up.

    1. It sounds like the pump may be dying, Emily. Before giving up on it, go through the turn-and-tap and straw method again. If your descaling loosened gunk, those steps will help break through it.

  123. The paper clip did the trick, I was just ready to run out and get a new machine , save me money and the hassle. Thanks for the quick fix.

  124. This works! I went through except the cleaning the tube steps and still no joy. My machine did not seem to be trying to take in water after cup size was selected -no noise or activity, and seemed to be a bad pump or something. I even called Keurig and their walk through was no help.

    I decided to go back and do the tube step and then it worked! I checked all three cup sizes and they were all correct. Going to descale it later today.

    Lesson learned- don’t skip steps you think may not make sense. Just do them!

  125. Thought coffee maker died but after cleaning as you suggested it works like new. I did use a can of compressed air after using the paper clip and worked well. You saved me from buying a new one. Thank you.

  126. OMG! Like you, I was ready to toss my 2 year old Keurig! I didn’t have any drinking straws, but followed your other procedures and it worked like a charm! I am thrilled
    and would love to subscribe to your newsletter! Thank you so much!

    1. I’m so glad it worked for you! When you subscribe to the newsletter, be sure to check your Inbox for the confirmation email to activate your subscription. The newsletter comes out every Sunday night.

  127. Thank you so much! I’ve always cleaned the needles and descaled, but your advice about blowing into the water lines……GREAT! Mine wasn’t pumping water, but now it’s like new again. Love your website.

  128. my machine sprays water out of the top (at the level of the top of the coffee pod. water sprays out in every direction , runs down the machine onto the counter and onto the floor. i have descaled and cleaned and it still does this every third or fourth cup. any suggestions on how to fix before it accidentally takes a short flight out the nearest window?

    1. It sounds like the 3 holes on the dispenser are plugged. Have you tried the paperclip cleaning that I described?

  129. Blowing into the tube sounds rather unsanitary. My question is what do you do if leaving the unit for 6 months in a non-climate controlled hot environment? Water is in the tube and gathering bacteria. I picture green slime growing along the tube walls. How can I empty the tube before leaving?

    1. If you follow the directions, you’ll be running hot vinegar through the machine after blowing through the tube. Vinegar is a disinfectant so there’s no need to worry. You could also try using compressed air. Either way, if you aren’t going to use your machine for 6 months it should be completely drained and left to dry. You can do this by dumping the water reservoir then turning the machine upside down over the sink until fully drained.

  130. I have a keyring model 60 and it had been stored for some time and now when I try to use it… When I push the power button it will light up blue and say not ready but after it goes thru that process it just goes back to the main page and never gives me a chance to brew a cup of coffee…. Please help… I love my keyring and I don’t want to get rid of it!!!

  131. My Keurig was working until I put the vinegar through it!! So I went through all your steps and it worked once! Repeat and voila,. Working great now with 3 streams of water! Haven’t seen that in years so must have been clogged needles in the top! Thanks so much!!

  132. Keurig 2.0 i tried all the tricks plus disassembly to inspect upper lines and lower filter. As a last effort i ran 2 cycles of full strength CLR through and lime chunks came out. Then ran diluted strength until no more debris. Flushed with 3 tanks water. Good as new.

    1. CLR is wonderful stuff, but I can guarantee I’d get thousands of outraged emails if I told people to run it through their Keurigs. Glad it worked for you!

  133. It worked! I had tried to descale my Keurig by doing 50/50 vinegar and water and ran it through several cycles. Then…. it stop pumping water. I could hear the pump strugggling and… not a drop. Speaking drop, I was about to dropkick the Keurig and throw in the trash – just like the last one I did with the same problem. I Googled “Keurig fix” and your site came up. I did what you suggested to clean out the nozzle. I used a safety pin, plugged t back in and it worked again. Now I realize, like you stated, that the last one I threw away most likely did not need to be discarded. Thanks for saving my day and saving others’ day. Trust me – if I do not get my caffeine fix, the world knows it! Thank youn and God bless, Dave

    1. I’m so glad to have helped, Dave. I can’t imagine a day without coffee, and I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone!

    1. Yes. You also have to press a button. I’m fairly sure most people can figure that part out.

  134. My 2.0 will fill the reservoir with water, but not brew. I have the cleaning pod and paper clip, but neither have worked. Any other tricks?

    1. It’s the same method, but don’t skip clearing the intake tube then turning and tapping.

  135. Yay, your suggestions worked for me too! I was so frustrated after de-scaling with TWO bottles of the Keurig solution, only to still have short cups, or no fluid flowing. Ugh! Then I went to google and found your site. I followed your silly suggestion by tapping the bottom of the machine with a flat hand, held upside down over the sink, and placing a straw over the water line and blowing through it…something worked! I ran another mixture of vinegar through it, and surprisingly, I have full cups flowing again! THANK YOU!!! ????

  136. My friend was throwing hers away. I asked if I could have it. Found your website and I now have a working keurig for free. Lucky me! Thank you!

  137. Ok. Well i’ve been working on mine for a couple of hours now and nothing. I admit I used straight vinegar at first but I’m stuck at the pump is trying but nothing is coming out. I didn’t have a paper clip but i do have a sharp object used to pierce and tie up a turkey. It’s about the thickness of a paper clip but sharper. Anyway it fits. I blew into the tube thingy and several times I’ve cleaned out the needle. I also poured out about half the vinegar and diluted it. I’ve turned it upside down several times and tapped the bottom. I’m stuck. Help! Ps I apologize for my typing, right hand is broken.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your hand. Hope it heals soon! The reason for the paper clip isn’t just because it fits the hole, but because it’s long enough to get back further in the spout where the clog is likely to be. So, if you’ve tried blowing in the tube and all of the other steps, then it might be worth hunting down a paper clip.

  138. My very old simple Keurig could not be disassembled as directed however I tipped it over draining all vinegar water I had tried first and then using a flashlight to find the three hole used a paper clip to clear clogs and used a straw over the pin to blow out what I could. I banged on the bottom a few times and plugged it back in and ran a quart of vinegar water through it followed by clear water until there was no fizz from baking soda and the machine now appears to be working. Thank you for instructions.

  139. Well to start with couldn’t locate our booklet that came with the machine. So after a hour hunt decided to look on my IPad and found your site. Thank goodness for the great instructions and pictures. Our super Keurig is working again. How often should we clean since we don’t use it everyday? Thanks again.

    1. I’m glad to have been of help! Since you don’t use yours daily, I’d just make sure to empty the water reservoir after use then run the 50-50 vinegar water through it every 3 months or so.

  140. Regarding the above information. You can diagnose that this solenoid is your culprit by temporarily plugging the vent hole with tour finger during the non-brewing episode. If some drips of coffee start coming along with air bubbling into the bottom of your reservoir – you have confirmed the failure mode!

  141. This worked for me too! I have a 2.0, so it took a bit to find the three holes – they are actually part of the needle.
    One tip – don’t drop your safety pin inside like I did! It took alot of shaking for it to get to a place where I could pull it out!
    These steps helped fix another problem I was having with the screen display – so I’m very happy!
    Thanks so much for these instructions.

  142. This worked perfectly for my Keurig. The first time I didn’t realize that the holes you were cleaning with the paper clip were in the part above where the pod goes and was looking at the basket. Once I cleared the top part as your photo shows, all worked perfectly! Thanks for your excellent instructions.

  143. I’m having trouble with the blowing the straw in the spout part. If I am looking at the correct part, My spout has two tiny holes. Should I use the straw on one then the other?

    1. It sounds like you’re looking at the spot over the basket where you insert the K-Cup. The spout I’m referring to is on the side where the water tank goes, as shown in the photos.

  144. I have water coming back through the spout and not getting a full cup coming out with the coffee.

    1. It sounds like you have a clog in the water pump mechanism. Be sure you’re doing these steps in order and that you’re giving it a good smack when you’ve got it turned upside down.

  145. You are a life saver! I thought I was going to have to drive all the way to starbucks for coffee and buy a new Keurig. I thought I had tried everything, but after the needle thing and blowing through a straw, my keurig has magically come back to life!

  146. After throwing the last one away, I looked online for help. Found your website and it works like a charm! Thank you!

  147. Hello
    Thank you for posting this but I suggest putting the part about some machines need a kcup left in it to work. That was the case for mine, I tried everything to get mine to work ugh what a pain lol
    Your post was very informative and I thank you again for it.

  148. I am SO Glad I found this article. We’ve had our Keurig for less than a year, have been super careful to only use filtered water in it, and only really use it on the weekends. I was so mad yesterday when it quit working! I used your paperclip trick, and we’re back up and running πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  149. I was ready to cry this morning when my Keurig wouldn’t put out water to make coffee. After panicking, I looked up the number for Kuerig and dialed. Then I Googled and found you! I did the steps and, wallah, my kuerig works like new.
    I am on well water and my water is very hard. I’m going to switch to using distilled water from now on, as well as doing the maintenance you suggest.
    Thank you!
    Now I’m going to have my coffee!!!

    1. I’m glad I was able to help, Donna. Distilled water is definitely an option, or just add a filter to your tap.

  150. Yay! Fixed it! I had tried vinegar but nothing was going through. Not sure which step did the trick, but I do know it’s working. Thanks!

  151. My husband removed the water tank and blew out the water inlet with an air compressor a few times. Ran a bit of vinegar through the system and blew it out again. After a few times of flushing the lines out all the coffee maker works like it is brand new.

    1. Basically the same principle, but instead of taking the thing apart and using an air compressor my how-to suggests leaving the tank in place and using a straw. Whatever works!

  152. Thank you very much! It totally worked. My machine was very clogged that water would not run through it, it was just drop by drop and I thought it did not worked anymore. I used the paperclip option and went quite deep and noticed that when I pulled the paperclip there was a lot of coffee grounds. I use the “run hot water” option a couple of times and it works just like new. Thank you!! Thank you!!

    1. I’m glad this helped! It always surprises me how compacted those holes get with grounds.

  153. Thank you! My Keurig had totally stopped working. I followed your simple directions to a tee and it works like brand new!

    1. Ok…i tried all the steps several times….after clean…i plug in…it goes thru motions, push big button, gives half of the size, but full stream….try for a second cup…..nothing…..any suggestions before i throw it out?

  154. HELP!!!! I have tried everything I have seen
    and nothing is working. is it time to throw it out the back door or is there anything else I can try?

    1. If you have tried each and every step in this tutorial as directed and it still doesn’t work then it’s probably the water pump. In that case, if it’s no longer under warranty it’s time to replace the unit. Sorry!

  155. I took a straw and blew in the plastic area, the needle area, and even used a paper clip to dislodge any/all coffee grounds. This did the trick. Thank you SO much for the tips! #cheers

  156. I tried all of the above and then gave it 3 good spanks…working like a charm…looking forward to a full cup of java tomorrow

  157. As crazy as it sounds, turning it over and slapping the bottom of it works. I thought mine was surely broken but that 1 little trick worked wonders. Thanks for the post!

    1. Isn’t it crazy how that works? For many machines, it’s either an air bubble or mineral buildup clogging the system. Turning and smacking it loosens either and gets it working again.

  158. You show the tank and stuff removed but not how to remove it. My unit is leaking hot clean water so I’m trying to find out where it’s coming from and fix it but don’t know how to take it apart without breaking anything. Mine is plastic not metal

    1. The plastic tank comes off of my model so you can refill it with water. You just lift it out of its place. How have you been refilling your water tank all this time?

  159. I tried going in from the bottom by removing screws and that didn’t work it only exposed the electrical stuff.

    1. That’s an electronic malfunction which, unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for.

  160. Thank you so much for your advice…..simple steps and my machine now works perfectly! Felt odd to ‘spank’ then use the straw, and now wonder how you figured that out in the first place….lol. Thanks again…you’re wonderful

  161. I’ve clean ran water vinegar rinse all came out clean holes . It would draw water dispense to clean. And turned on this morning for coffee and water drew through push button nothing came out no coffee guess I need to tap it through and do straw. It’s irretating

  162. Worked great, thanks a lot. I was totally plugged and looking at buying a 2.0 and not liking the thought of limited sizes and small water only sizes. I could tell right away that the paperclip was loosening things and I had to repeat that a couple times. Then the vinegar and water and it is like new. I sur ehop eit lasts another 5 years.

  163. I did above and water flows fine when there is no pod inserted. With pod it flows very slowly and doesn’t make a full cup. Ideas?

    1. If it flows fine without the pod but slowly with a pod in then it sounds like the brand of pod might be at issue. Have you tried a different kind just to check? It also wouldn’t hurt to do the paperclip thing again. I hope one or both of those things helps!

  164. Above you said for kuerig 2.0 please see changes below and I didn’t see any so I ran through the steps with my 2.0 and I’m pretty sure it’s broken now.
    The vinegar mixture just produces steam and will not go through the machine.
    You should put a warning on this page. It just cost me $100+

    1. I’m sorry you encountered problems, Ashley. You are literally the first person in several hundred who’ve commented here — and several thousands who’ve commented on social media — to have had this problem. The slight variation for the 2.0 is simply that your machine doesn’t run without a pod in it, so I recommended using an old pod in that case.

  165. Thanks so much. Our machine is at our river camp, a long way from any town, so I was so happy when your suggestions worked. I really didn’t want to drive miles to buy a new one!

    1. I’m glad you didn’t have to make that drive! Enjoy your camping. It’s the best. πŸ™‚

  166. Thank you! This was very helpful. I’d just recently descaled and run clean water through, so was discouraged at the sudden blockage. These steps helped me clear it successfully. May I add that I found two items from the bathroom helped in the cleaning: cotton-tipped swabs and cotton balls? After employing a pin to the needle openings, I used a dry cotton ball, which seemed to “grab” the debris nicely. I then used it on the debris in the K-cup holder (mine isn’t removable) and it gets into the corners. I used the swabs around those areas also, and gently around the water-intake tube. Finally, when I ran the water through, I used a Pyrex measuring cup and kept track of how much water passed through on the largest cup cycle, and could also see any coffee grounds or debris that passed. Washed the cup out each time so I could make sure I was finally getting clean water. (I brew into the measuring cup sometimes to fill a metal bottle with my coffee for traveling.)

  167. My coffee making is leaving water on the looks like the water is coming from the internal tank. My Keurig is a K70 model.

    1. Check around the base of the water tank and see if there’s gunk built up on the gasket. The residue can cause the valve to remain open which allows water to spill out of the tank. Give that a good scrub with a soft toothbrush to loosen up any grime. Complete the rest of the instructions in this article and see if it works. If there’s still a leak, contact Keurig and they may replace it for free.

  168. After descaling our Keurig machine, my wife and I were unable to get it to pass more than an ounce of water at a time.

    We followed your steps and now it works. Alleluia.

    FYI: whereas before we followed your steps only one stream of water came out of the three openings at the needle in which we jiggled the paperclip, now there are three streams of water so emerging. Also, two or three white clumps of what appeared to be undissolved powder (the “scaling” to be removed?) popped free at the spout into the water tank, which on our unit is on the bottom.

    Thanks so much.

  169. My keurig seems to work until I put the Kcup in the holder, hit brew and coffee will dribble out very slow, some time not at all. I have cleaned descaled, did everything on your check list still no worky. Can you help me out here, got yo have my coffee.

    1. In my experience, that’s usually from not being firm enough with the paper clip and slap. But that’s just me, and I don’t want you to damage your machine. So use your best judgment.

  170. Hi! We were crying as we thought we’d have to throw our Keurig 2.0 away…your method worked well! We almost exclusively use a reusable filter, and it seems to be acting weird now. Will only brew for a few seconds then stops. Runs clear water fine. Any ideas???

    1. I am having hot water running back into the tank it doesn’t come through that where the coffee cups at

    2. That’s because either the intake valve or the dispensing nozzle is clogged. Clearing those is pretty much the entire point of this tutorial, so give it a try.

    1. The variation is simply that the 2.0 requires a pod in the machine to run water. The rest applies.

  171. My Keurig said to de-scale, so I did with 50-50 water and vinegar and the water stopped coming out! Mind you it was working fine until this. I followed all the directions here including whacking it upside down and blowing into the discharge tube, I repeated this 4 times with no luck. I emptied it upside down, emptied the reservoir and left it overnight having resigned myself to purchasing another. I tried it in the morning just to be sure and it works! I assume the tube lines had to dry out overnight? I’m thrilled, Thank you for the tips I hadn’t heard of!

  172. Step 3 is spot on, worked well where just trying to flush water through it had stopped working. Thanks!

  173. We thought our keurig died and we were so upset. We put it in storage and then I came across this on Pinterest. I just did it and it’s a mirical!!! It works as good as new!! Thank you so so much!

  174. This ROCKS!!
    I was about to beat my machine with a bat. Followed instructions exactly… for real I am drinking a hot cup now!!

  175. none of these things are necessary. I called Keurig, they sent me an orange tool that should have been in the box ( I probably threw it out ) and in two minutes walked me through unplugging the coffee grounds in the machine. pefect !!!!!

    1. That’s wonderful! My Keurig is 6 years old. It didn’t come with an orange tool and the one they sent was for newer models.

  176. Hi, I followed all the steps. I did not get any debris out with a paper clip or the straw. Then when I started running the 50-50 vinegar water it stopped flowing at all. I turned it on that side and banged it several times and then it did a little better. I repeated this turning on its side not upside down and banging and it’s gradually giving me more and more volume each time I run it. Give me more ideas? Thanks!

    1. Sounds like you’re loosening up some residue in there. Try running HOT water with the vinegar to see if that helps dissolve whatever’s left. Though I should point out that turning it upside down (not on its side) is what’s worked for me and several hundred others, so….

  177. It worked! Took two carafes of water through to get rid of the vinegar. Thanks for the excellent tip!

  178. Thank you for sharing your cleaning tips. Over the last couple weeks and months the water had been sputtering out of our 4 year old Keurig slower and slower every day. I woke up this morning and attempted to brew myself a cup of coffee… and no water was pouring out at all. ? I had planned on giving it a deep cleaning but wasn’t so sure it would do the trick… I followed each one of your cleaning steps… 1 by 1.. and Wow! My wife and I love our morning coffee and this cleaning technique worked so well. So rather than slow walking our Keurig to the coffee-maker graveyard…. We’re celebrating with freshly brewed coffee. It’s ALIVE !!!! Not just barely sputtering out water / coffee but its flowing like a waterfall ! ????

    Thanks a million ?

    1. I’m so happy to have helped! A day without coffee is a day I just don’t want to get out of bed.

  179. When you’re cleaning with the paper clip, don’t forget to clean out the puncture tube IN THE PULLOUT FILTER, too. That’s where mine was clogged!

  180. I’ve done everything it says and my machine won’t work,it acts like it’s going to work then all the lights go crazy and it wont work,we just bought it in February. What can we do?

    1. Good news: it’s still under warranty! Contact Keurig customer service and they’ll replace it for free. ?

  181. Hi Katie,
    Thank you!
    For a while, the heating light was not working but with your instructions and a few light smacks it is working again.
    Good advice! πŸ™‚

  182. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! You see, i’m a southerner and normally i’m not real cranky, but lately I have been! My dang keurig ain’t been working at all! So I’ve gone about two weeks without my morning mug of coffee. I was about to throw this fancy machine away! Then I thought “nawhhh if I can fix a toilet, then dangit I can fix a keurig!” I followed ALL of the steps in your article and lemme tell you: IT WORKS BETTER THAN WHEN I BOUGHT IT. Thanks so so much, girl, you have made a happy southerner outta me. I’m so happy that my daily coffee crave will be fulfilled now and my crankyness will dissappear! Thanks so so much!

    1. I am so glad you found this helpful, and very grateful you took the time to come back and let me know, Whitney!

  183. If you push from the bottom of the K-Cup holder it pops out easily as well, also the bottom of the K-Cup holder can be separated from the main body of the cup holder by a simple twist. a quarter turn is more than enough, and trust me, this area DEFINITELY needs to be cleaned out regularly.

  184. I cleaned/desescaled my Keurig according to the manual booklet using full strength vinegar and now I can’t get the vinegar taste out of it. I just keep running water through it with no results. Any ideas or suggestions?

    1. I’d wash the water tank and pod basket in hot, soapy water and rinse it very well then let it dry overnight. After that, another run through of water should take care of it.

  185. I have gone through each and every step several times, but my Kureg will not “pass any water”. I got one cup of coffee this morning, less than a full cup. Then first time it said “descale” It made one cup of hot water and vinegar and water. Now it’s completely blocked. It won’t let any water through. Again I did every step…… hmmmmm….uggggggg!

    1. I’m not sure why this hasn’t worked for you. My best advice is to try the straw and the turn and smack steps one more time then descaling again. If it still doesn’t work, maybe contact Keurig?

  186. IT WORKED!!!! YAY!!!! I was ready to throw away and I read your article as a last attempt and sure enough, it worked! My Keurig is 4 years old and it running like new again πŸ˜‰

  187. My machine pours well. The problem I have is the hinge that allows you to open and close the machine. It sticks to the point that it needs to be forced to open. Any thoughts.

    1. I don’t know a good answer to that, but it sounds as if there’s some buildup to blame. I’d recommend scrubbing the hinge with a soft-bristled brush and hot water plus a little de-greasing dish detergent (like Dawn). Good luck!

  188. Thank you ! this was all great….especially the paperclip into the needle, water came spurting out ! Running great now ! Appreciate your sharing !

  189. My Keurig started giving me small cups a couple months ago. Not a BIG deal, just a matter of brewing twice to get a decent sized cup of Joe (and at 5:45am, IT MATTERS)
    Lately though the Keurig seems to not want to brew that second cup. You have to unplug, wait a minute and go through it again. I decided to Google some troubleshooting tips and VOILA! Here I am.
    I have tried all of your steps, plus more…..nothing. IF it decides to do anything it just turns on, makes me believe it’s heating the water and after about 5 seconds goes to brew…..with nothing coming out. It’s not a new model so the warranty is long gone.
    Of course I just bought 140 K-cups at a yard sale and have no where to brew them…… πŸ™

  190. Thank you SO MUCH for this article. You just saved me a whole lot of money because I was going to go buy a new one but I tried your steps and they worked!

  191. On the blow out step, I noticed air was coming out of the bottom where the water would get sucked into the machine. I covered that with my finger and the blowout then forced the water in pipes out the needle and cleared my clog

  192. Thank you! When my Keurig started only spitting out small spurts into my cup I figured it was clogged but didn’t know where to start to troubleshoot it. Thank you for your tips! Its all up and running now!

  193. If you have an issues with your Keurig maker, new or older call the Keurig customer service. They will walk you thru the steps and if they cant help getting it work properly, they will send you a replacement.I know it sounds crazy but Im not lying about my experience that i had which was I I had 1 of their makers(cant recall the model but was 1 of the more expensive home brewers)which was over 1yr(think it was 2 or almost 2yrs old) & it was brewing really slow.Please keep in mind Im not promising they will just start handing out replacement makers but they have amazing customer service, and its worth a try for them to help you or send a new one if they are willing to. I called them to see what I should do and they walked me thru several steps.It wasnt totally broken but was just not up to par and I had no idea if it was breaking or what. After that I continued to have trouble so they offered to send me a NEW maker, all I had to do was send a piece off the maker(I think it was the coffee grounds pod that comes with) I was shocked…and thankful! They were SO nice and in no way did I expect that to happen!Once it came,crazy enough they sent me the wrong one (it wasnt the same model I had) and instead of having me send that back, they sent me a second one and I got to keep the “wrong maker.” I was floored. I did offer to send it back after it came, as I had to call them to tell them it was a smaller brewer than my original brewer. All they wanted me to send was the coffee grounds k cup unit from the original brewer. This is just another reason why I love Keurig & have stayed with the brand.Ill be a loyal customer for sure! Its an investment for the brewer, BUT if you think about it it pays for itself and you end up having it last a very long time given you take care of it and call customer service when/if it has issues.

  194. I was about to throw out my Keurig but decided to try this first and it really worked! I had forgotten to tap it when it was upside down so it initially didn’t work but as soon as I redid that step it was fixed!

  195. Thanks Katie! Worked like a charm! I did not want to wait for a replacement needle cleaner nor did I want to spend the $49.99. I found this online and now have my Kurig is brewing my coffee again and I am one happy mom!

  196. Hi Katie. I know I may be late because other comments are from 3 years ago, but I’m certainly glad that this information is still available. I love coffee so much and I think Kurig is one of the best household items I’ve ever owned. So thank you and google for saving my sanity, saving me money and saving my Kurig, all from a simple paper clip.

  197. I have been trying to descale my brewer for 2 days! I bought the descaling solution and followed the instructions to a T, TWICE!!! I had NO improvement with my brewer. Then I found your Blog and I’m so glad I did… after following your instructions one time my brewer now flows like it did in the beginning. I just wish I had found this sooner and didn’t waste $24 on the descaling solution. THANK YOU!!!

  198. Thanks me and my wife followed each step and our Keurig 2.0 is like brand new….thank God I didn’t just run out and buy another one…..your a lifesaver!

  199. WOOHOO!!!! This worked like a charm!! Definitely takes some time to get the final vinegar step flushed thru with clean water but oh so worth it!!! Thought we were gonna be buying a new Keurig but Katie saved the day!! Thank you!

  200. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was almost about to cry. I really thought my Keurig was a goner and this worked great. I had to repeat the tapping and blowing with a straw twice but it worked. I think mine was super clogged. Thank you so much for this. I will definitely make sure my
    Friends know.

  201. OMG, You just saved me money! I was ready to toss this one, and stop at Starbucks on my way to buy another one. Thank you for sharing these steps.

  202. Thanks so much for the post!!!! My Keurig was about to get retired because it wasn’t brewing a whole cup of coffee and I was sick of wasting k-cups. Now it brews like brand new and I am a happy camper πŸ™‚

  203. Help!! This didn’t work ;( I unclogged the pin up top and banged on the bottom, but I have to be honest, the straw blowing part wasn’t working. My keurig has two holes so the straw opening did not fit around both holes. I did my best blowing into one and covering up the bottom but no good ;(. I tried to run the water/vinegar solution but the machine still won’t bring up the water…. any other tips? I haven’t used my machine since the summer, if that helps.

    1. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, Sarah. You’re only the second or third it’s failed. ???? Two thoughts: try two straws, one on each opening, at the same time? Or, if that’s not possible, maybe it’s still under warranty? Again, I’m sorry!

  204. Thanks for being there for me when my machine just stoped working. I knew there just had to be a way to fix it! I tried each of your steps including blowing through the little plastic tubes, nothing but one little sound. After going through all the steps again and putting everything back together I noticed that the little tubes you show are at the top above the water line. So after taking everything apart I blew through the small intake under the water tank. After setting it up again it made more clicks and motor sounds . Not giving up I decided that I just was not blowing hard enough so I got out my small shop vac, put the hose on the blow side and blew air through the intak under the water tank. Woho! It pushed all the water in the holding tank out! Now I have a newly working keurig!! Thanks so much for the help!

  205. I did everything that you said to a t, but now when I turn it one it sounds like it’s heating up for 5 minute and then the add water lite starts flashing ( mind you it’s at the fill line mixed with a water vinegar solution) the heating light is flashing and so if the middle coffee cup button.

    1. Sounds like you have an electrical problem, not a motor problem. I’d recommend contacting Keurig.

  206. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Went to use our machine this am and it wouldn,t pump was so sad but it’s working again yea!!!!!!!!

  207. Worked amazing! Thanks so much for the good tips, I thought mine was a gonner after following poor advice from another site. Glad I stopped here.

  208. Thank you, thank you. After descaling and changing filter, cleaning holes around needle, still no improvement. I found this site so we did the “spanking” the bottom and blowing with a straw. I’m not sure which or if both was what worked, but it is a full stream now. You made me a happy camper!!!!

    1. I’m so glad you found my site and that I was able to help, Barbara! Enjoy your coffee. πŸ™‚

  209. I can’t thank you enough! I have spent all day trying to get my Keurig unclogged. Decided to google one last time before going to Walmart to buy a new one! Saw your article. It worked!!

  210. I put the cup in to make a cup of coffee the blue light does not come on, I lift the handle 2 or 3 more times, and then it starts flashing, , and on comes my coffee, does not matter what cup I use

    help johnr

    1. If you’ve tried all of these steps, then you might have an electrical problem. See if your machine is still under warranty. If you haven’t tried all of these steps, try them.

  211. Hi Katie,
    Women are definitely smarter than men!
    My husband looked up how to fix and got this guy’s web site that didn’t help him one bit.
    Thank you for the post!!!!!! It worked and now, thanks to you, we have coffee again!

  212. Omg!!!! You are a coffee pot saver!!!! I totally was getting rid of my Keurig because it quit taking up water. Thought I’d done everything that I could to clean it, but NO, I didn’t!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! It is now working like a charm ????

  213. I am so glad I found this page! I just went through the same hassle. Followed the step-by-step and now everything works exactly as it should! I am so over-caffeinated right now, its insane!

  214. Hi. As usual, I pressed the button to increase cups from 8 to 10 and the :”strong” button. neither changed. I pulled the plug, waited and turned it back on. Now the only thing on the screen was the on/off button. I have tried your steps above. Still only the on/off button on the screen. thank you.

  215. Thank you!!! My Keurig has been dribbling like an old man for a few months. We don’t use it every day because most mornings we brew a whole pot. Well, today was a snow day so I tackled this project. Followed all your steps and now my Keurig is brewing like new!

    1. “Dribbling like an old man.” That’s the best laugh I’ve had in weeks. Glad your Keurig is working again!

  216. I recently purchased a Keurig K70 coffee maker and it will only brew not even 2 oz. of water. I like hot tea and only use it for hot water. I’ve tried all the methods described here: descaling it (left vinegar in it for over 4 hours before I rinsed and used cold water to clean it), poked the needles with a paperclip, slapped it upside down, cleaned out the screen in the reservoir, etc. Slapping it upside down seems to work for a while then it goes back to only brewing a few drips. I haven’t really tried the straw method. How do you use the straw and where do you use it? Now it seems to be overflowing and leaking but I can’t figure out where. Someone suggested that the pump is faulty. Do you know where I can purchase one or is it too expensive and I shouldn’t even bother doing that?

    1. Keurig has excellent customer service so, since you said you recently purchased it, I’d contact them directly at 1 (866) 901-2739. They’re great about replacing machines that are still under warranty. πŸ™‚

  217. I had a problem where my Keurig would leak for 5-10 minutes after brewing. I looked inside and noticed that there was a bunch of water sitting inside, underneath where the K-cup sits. Another thing I found out with the Hot 2.0, there are three removable things inside. The part where the K-cup sits and a few other things below. The part where the K-cup sits jiggles and if you place your hands on either side, parts 1 and 2 will put out and there is a tray-like part, which is 3. 1 and 2 disconnect from each other and 3 just slides out of the machine. When I just took mine a part, there were coffee grinds inside of 3, which also has the nozzle where the coffee leaves and drops into your cup. I cleaned those out with Q-tips and everything is working fine again! I hope this helps anyone who had a similar problem!

  218. my son’s keurig leaks water onto counter whenever brewing a pod.are there any ‘o’ rings that should be replaced? any suggestions would be appreciated,thanks

    1. There aren’t O-rings to replace but lime and mineral deposits can build up and keep the water tank from forming a proper seal when it’s returned to place. Give it a good wash in hot, soapy water and go over the base with a soft-bristled brush to dislodge any buildup. Unplug the machine and use the brush in the area where the tank rests, especially around the gasket, then wipe it clean. Let it dry thoroughly before reassembling.

    1. If it’s a Keurig, try cleaning the needle as shown in the photo, and pull out the area where the pod goes then clean that. Sometimes buildup in there can cause grounds to flow into the cup.

  219. followed the cleaning method (have done this before), but now I am only getting about a 1/3 cup when using the largest setting. Any suggestions?

    1. Turn and tap it again then run more vinegar and water through. Sounds like you dislodged some buildup that would’ve caused a problem down the road, and now it’s time to get it out.

  220. My husband is the coffee drinker. After we read the manual and cleaned, descaled, and changed the filter we still couldn’t get the water to drip down. My husband was frustrated and about to give up and told me to buy a new Keurig machine. I found your website and we did everything you suggested- paper clip, turning machine over and pounding it, blowing with the straw and we couldn’t believe it BUT IT WORKED! Thanks so much

  221. Thank you so much! Your tips worked perfectly and it was so easy. I actually used a paper clip and a small bottle brush straw cleaner for some other parts where the k cup goes and also used half vinegar and half water for a cycle and it’s working like new:)

  222. OMG My machine just stopped pouring water out and I followed the simple step and YEAH it works again!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!????

  223. Thanks for the article. I followed the steps but it didn’t brew well until I cleared the exit needle.
    Thanks again

  224. I woke up this morning Keriug died or so I thought. Followed your instructions and she’s working great!! You rock ????????

  225. Wow thanks for the post! I was so upset this morning not being able to have my cup of coffee. I read the kurig site, useless! Then found yours, within 10 minutes, it’s running beautifully again! Thank you!

  226. This was WAY easier than the other site i found that had you dismantle the whole dang thing! This was fast, easy and worked ! Thanks!

  227. I am pleasantly surprised. This actually worked. My Keurig is like new! I was online looking for a new Keurig when I saw this site and thought what the heck. What do I have to lose? Now I am brewing a cup of coffee and I saved over 100 bucks! Thank you for taking time to post this!

  228. Hi there! I have never before posted a comment online like this but not only has your info given my dead Keurig life again, but it has given me a jokingly “one up” on my hubby. Our lifeline (Sunday morning coffee) was not to be had due to the death of said Keurig. My husband spent an hour or so searching for info online to clean, descale, basically breathe life back in to the old girl (In reality she’s only a year or so old!) to no avail. So I took up the project this morning. I spent a minute or two online, found your website, followed the simple steps and Waa-Laa! My Keurig has life! The process took maybe 20 minutes up until the vinegar & water de-scaling step which took 20+ minutes since I didn’t stand next to it the entire time. You know that I called my husband immediately to brag!

  229. I’ve had a Keurig for about 16 months. I was smart in that i registered it with Keurig when i started using it. All of a sudden, it wouldn’t brew a cup of coffee…just dribbles out. I’ve tried descaling it, I’ve taken it apart, followed the directions and nothing is working. I think the Keurig is dead. However, when it stopped working at 14 months, i got ahold of Keurig. They were kind enough to send me a brand new, identical model. Yayyyyyy Keurig!!

  230. I almost cried this morning when my keurig would not work. Found your cleaning tips on Google and thought I’d give it a try. After following each step it works beautifully. A big thank you for returning my keurig back to me.

  231. I cleaned my Keurig per instructions, vinegar and let it set for the 4 hours as it told me to do. ran the rinse, now it tells me I need to de-scale it again. what does De-scale mean, what is it that needs to be cleaned off?

    1. I never mentioned letting it sit for four hours! At any rate, “de-scaling” means running the vinegar solution through again. For the record, I recommend a 50-50 vinegar and water solution and not straight vinegar.

    1. Oh no! You’re the first person in 4 years, and several hundreds of people, who’ve had this happen and I’m sorry. I’d suggest contacting Keurig’s customer service if it’s under warranty. They’re fantastic about replacing machines.

  232. This process worked perfectly. I had previously descaled the device, and the descale light was not lighting. So, between the paper clip and pats on the bottom, the device started working as planned. Descaled once more with vinegar, and all is well.

  233. You saved our Keurig! I had tried all of the tricks that I knew but I sitll didn’t have it fixed but continued on and did the upside down things and that did it!

    One caveat for others who need to go to that step–unplug and WAIT and then WAIT a l bit longer for the water to cool down before moving it and turning it over–I got a splash of hot water on my hand that ultimately didn’t leave a mark but it sure hurt!

    Thanks! I will bookmark this for sure!

    1. I’m so glad this was able to help you, Jodi! Yikes about your hand — and thank you for the tip. I’ll update the entry to include your advice. πŸ™‚

  234. Thank you! My first thought when the water stopped coming out was that I was going to have to buy a new kuerig. But I’m a fix it yourself type so i found your site, did everything and now it works like a charm!

  235. I got my Keurig new a couple years ago and got the needle maintenance msg after my 3rd cup of cofee. I tried the cleaning attachment, plus the paper clip method and still got the msg. I thought, why I am doing all this work on the coffee maker for one cup of coffee? Put the Keurig in a closet until the other day, when I thought I would give it another try.
    I am going to try the instructions above and see what happens. I do like the convenience and variety of coffees, but will not make myself a slave to cleaning the damn thing!

    1. Eh, all coffee makers require regular cleaning. The message you’re getting is referring to descaling the machine with the 50:50 vinegar mix, something you’d need to do with a Mr. Coffee or Ninja coffeemaker, too.

  236. Thanks so much for this info!! We hadn’t noticed that it was telling us to descale and it had stopped working altogether! We used the paper clip trick and it is fine again!!!

  237. We were on vacation when our kuerig got clogged and couldn’t for the life of us find a paperclip but what we did have and use could be a great option. We used one of those disposable plastic too flossing stick thingies. The little bristles on the side clean great.

  238. I ran the water and vinegar mixture thu my Keurig and then rinsed all. Now when I try to turn it on all the lights light up together and the machine wont do anything

    1. Try resetting it by pressing both the auto-off and cup size buttons at the same time.

  239. One thing to add — my Keurig was also spewing water back into the reservoir through the overflow spout (“reservoir return valve” mentioned above) and I realized there are two ports to the spout and only one was plugged. (Holding my finger over both, then one at a time while it tried to pull water into the reservoir told me which one – the left). So I tried the paper clip on the metal puncture tip, running vinegar through (I held the overflow spout and it forced water forward and air bubbles backwards into the water reservoir), turning it over with the top open and “whacking it” (cleared a lot of hot water – be careful), and putting my mouth over the overflow spout/reservoir return valve and trying to blow. For this last step I couldn’t generate enough pressure to blow anything forward – another sign it’s definitely plugged. Fortunately I had a small syringe at my house, and it turns out the regular syringe tip is an exact fit for the plastic overflow spout (not a ‘luer lock’ syringe – it won’t fit). So I filled the syringe with air (and then water) and injected gently, and then with more force, and eventually it starting allowing water through with the sound of water moving through the tube! I think kept injecting gently with a vinegar+water mix, and then setup the keurig with fresh water and ran a full reservoir full of water through without a k-cup cartridge. Now it seems to work again!

    The point to add, if it helps anyone else, is a syringe may help to unclog the overflow valve/reservoir return valve.

  240. After a night of some drinks my wife woke up to the unit not working. This was not good as I took the brunt of her “unhappiness”. I quickly found this web site and followed the directions using the paper clip. Within 15 minutes the unit was working like new!

    Thanks for the very useful info!

  241. Thanks so much, thanks to your tips we have coffee this weekend and I was able to cancel a new machine reorder!

  242. did all that, but now it won’t pump water back into machine…..the heater comes on and is blowing steam out of sharp outlet….
    going to dig into it further, but this one may be toast….going to try to clean other end of pump outlet…..the water has access to the pump, but its almost like a sensor is gone…..the machine thinks it is full of water, when it is empty……


  244. Cleaned as suggested and added more water plugged it in, the lights came on but now it won’t shut off or start brewing, nor does it allow me to select a size. ???

    1. I’m sure you’ve already tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. Have you also tried removing the water reservoir before unplugging it, and leaving it unplugged for several hours?

  245. We had this problem with another brand of Keurig cup brewer, where we were only getting half our usual cup. After we turned & tapped, and blew through the water spout, we were back to getting full cups! Thanks!

    1. I’m glad to hear it! What’s the brand of yours? I’d love to let people who own the same one know there are steps that can fix theirs, too.

  246. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting this. I have been using these instructions for years to keep my 1st Gen 2012 Keurig running smoothly!

  247. So far so good, my keurig quit working this morning. I did what you said. It’s now working, but making a noise that it normally doesn’t make, but glad it’s working

  248. Your instructions worked! Thank you!!!! The water wasn’t running through, I followed the instructions you gave. I think the straw trick did it! Thank you!

  249. I googled how to fix a broken Keurig and you post came up. I tried it and IT WORKED. And I even turned it upside down and banged on it! lol. Thank you!! I was about to toss this thing and I’m glad I didn’t!

  250. My keurig brews the correct cup size, but never cuts off. I have to cancel it after every cup. Any ideas? I have tried cleaning it more than once.

    1. No, I’ve not encountered that problem before. You might want to contact Keurig customer service!

  251. Thank you! This worked beautifully. My mom and my sister recently both through there’s a way because of the same problem! ??

    1. So glad to have been of help. I wish I couldn’t helped your mom and sister save theirs, too.

  252. Hahahahaha I had tried everything except “whacking” it. That did the trick. It fixed multiple problems. Thanks so much.

  253. Thank you! This is my second Keurig and it stopped working. I tried everything and decided to buy a Nespresso. Love the Nespresso, but it doesn’t make a plain cup of coffee which you want sometimes. Since I hadn’t thrown the Kuerig away yet, I decided to try your suggestions. Viola! it is working. I think using the straw in combination with turning it upside down and banging on it did the trick!

    By the way, for anyone interested – Nespresso makes a really nice cup of coffee!

    1. I’m so glad to have helped! I’d wondered about the Nespresso, so thank you for the recommendation. πŸ™‚

  254. It worked! The baking soda tip was a big help. After I had run several containers of water through I put some baking soda in and it really fizzed so I kept running water. Thanks for the help.

  255. I knew about cleaning and running vinegar through it, but the paperclip is what made it work again….like new again. This is an older model that you pour water one cup at a time…great for tiny spaces and I love it. So happy! Thank you for sharing!

  256. You were a wonderful help!
    Thanks for taking the time to post your fixit tips.
    I am sure lots of frustrated owners throw their Keurigs away.
    I was close to that, and then I read your excellent article. Thanks again!
    It now works like new!?

  257. A white circular disk fell out of mine when I turned it upside down, I can’t figure out where it goes, please help

  258. Worked like a champ! I did use a bicycle pump to blow the line out – and it was the culprit. The hose fitting on a bicycle pump fits over the inlet like it was made for it. Thanks !

  259. Holy Cow
    Just decided to put off the inevitable and go to Target to buy another Keurig since it made noise but wouldn’t brew. Last minute we decided to give some trouble shooting a try. Of course, we had no idea where the manual was since we’ve had the Keurig more than a year.

    Got lucky and found your site WITH PICTURES…THE BEST PART, and after a few minutes we had our Keurig working just great.

    Thank you for starting our new year out right and saving us some money. Now, we’re all fighting over brewing a cup of coffee even though it’s nearly midnight.

    1. So glad you didn’t have to shell out for a new machine. Enjoy your coffee and Happy New Year!

  260. My keurig puts TOO MUCH water in a cup. This morning the large cup almost overflowed and the coffee was too weak to drink. Any suggestions for this problem?

    1. I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you. Why did you take apart the holder? The insert pops out without bothering the spring.

  261. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought this one was a goner. I’ve thrown out other Keurigs and this time I, couldn’t afford a new one so I thought I’d look online to see if I could fix it. I found your post, followed the steps and now I’m enjoying a nice cup of Keurig coffee.

    Thank you again! Next time I have troubles, I will follow your steps before I consider replacing it!

  262. Thank you, this worked beautifully! I also liked the tip about the pinch of baking soda to make sure all of your vinegar is out of the machine πŸ™‚

  263. I live in Mexico and hauled my precious Keurig all the way here because I really don’t think I can live without it. Imagine my horror yesterday when, out of the blue, it simply stopped working. I tried 2 other YouTube video fix it’s and nothing. Then I found your post and HALLELUJAH it worked!!!! Thank you a million times over!

  264. Help tried all the suggestions. Still it working.
    I have a model 870
    I press the brew button and hot water is coming out of the machine and going Into the container that holds the water. It’s not sucking the water out of the water container at all.
    It does is for awhile and then stops like it thinks it made the cup of coffee but it didn’t. It just put hot water into the water container.
    HELP how do I fix this?

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I really don’t have any answers aside from the ones I’ve shared. Maybe someone else will see your comment and offer a tip that works.

  265. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You saved us $150! Works again. Must have been clogged. Who knew?!

  266. Sorry to leave off Keurig comments but I’ve a small Farberware percolator. According to manual I’m supposed to use food grade commercial cleaner. Is there some more natural (In my pantry) way to get rid of the oils and stain? I’d guess white vinegar but don’t know.

    Thanks, Sherry C

    1. Hi Sherry,
      I haven’t used an old-fashioned percolator in years, but I do recall they make some delicious coffee! You might try scrubbing the interior with baking soda to get rid of the residue. I’m afraid I just don’t recall more about cleaning percolators than that, though maybe someone else will see your comment and have ideas.

  267. Paid $15 for a used Keurig model K-140 in beautiful shape. Seller said he had just drained it but had not used it in a while. Brought it home and it would not operate at all. I tried everything you said to do – even used a portable air compressor tire pump to blow it out. Now it works like a charm and I just had one of the best cups of coffee ever! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Kathy!
      What a great deal you got — and I’m happy to have helped you get it working like new. Enjoy!

  268. This was the best idea. I tried every other method known to man or internet. And finally turning it upside down and smacking it was the solution. We were about to give up but viola! It works! Thank you so much!

  269. Came across your cleaning guide for the Keurig due to the fact that a friend of mine had a Keurig that was not working right. My own acts up every so often but I keep it working. Anyway, I tried your tricks and sure enough I got it working, the thing is this is a newer Keurig that he had but if you have hard ward filter it and if you use the reusable pods don’t over fill them. I found so much coffee grounds stuck in the needles. I have also noticed that if you have to bang them on the side a few times it works also. My Keurig is 5 yrs old, I have problems once in awhile but eventually it works just fine after cleaning it. So keep at it they will work just fine. Thanks for the hints!!

    1. Those are great tips about filtering hard water and not overfilling the reusable pods, Carol. Thank you for sharing!

  270. Ahhhh Thank you for sharing your expertise! It was the needle I think that was clogged maybe with coffee grinds? Anyhow, I rammed a thick needle up there and voilΓ ! Merci!

  271. Great instructions, thank you. We had no water running through not was it pumping. I cleared the tube using a compressed duster can and shoved the red tube in each hole of the tube. One was clear but the other was plugged. Once the forced air cleared the hole the coffee maker worked perfect!

  272. These instructions are the easiest to understand and very thorough. I am determined to fix mine today! I am skipping the vinegar and going straight for the CLR. CLR has a simple video that would work nicely with these instructions, just don’t use both! Thanks!

  273. I had stopped using my Keurig. Prior to storing it I messed with it to try and remove the residual water inside. Fast forward a couple of years and I have houseguests coming and I needed to use the Keurig. I could not get it to work. It made lots of funny noises, but would not draw or run water. I knew it was clean but I followed all of these steps anyway. It worked! I think clearing the water line was what got it going. I suspected that I needed to get the “draw” going on the water line but didn’t know how. Thank you so very much!

  274. Thank you! My keurig is fixed, such a relief! A new keurig is not in the budget so I’m glad it’s such a simple issue.

  275. Have a brand-new K duo. When trying to make a 12-cup pot it only makes about 10 1/2 cups. Water reservoir was full each time I tried. Is there some way to calibrate it?

    1. The reservoirs on several models are inaccurate. I don’t know of any way to recalibrate them.

  276. Katie I have gone through all your tricks, and my Keurig still continues to shut off before it can begin to start brewing. The thermostat/thermal protection device trips every time. I reset it using the paper clip trick, but it always trips again when I try running some plain water though it. Your advice to call “customer support” after exhausting your tips only got me a shrug and recommendation to buy a new one. Their troubleshooting steps were pretty lame. This unit is only a year old (and of course out of warranty). Any other suggestions for when the thermal protector keeps tripping?

    1. I’m sorry, Richard. That must be really frustrating, especially if customer service was of no help. My best suggestion is to clear the working memory. To do this, remove the water tank and any pod. Unplug, dump, and drain your machine completely. Then let it sit unplugged for 48 hours. Then, hold the On/Off button while you’re plugging in your machine. Once it’s plugged in, reinstall the water reservoir (filled with cold water) and try brewing a cup. Let me know how it goes!

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