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How to Vacuum Floors Like a Superstar: Be a Legend in Your Living Room

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How much do you really know about vacuuming your floors so you aren’t wasting time but actually getting rid of dust, debris and allergens from your home? True vacuuming superstars know there’s more to it than just swaying back and forth like a backup singer. 

To vacuum like a diva, you need to get your machine in top-top shape then clear the floor and work those attachments and settings effectively. Then, glide through the room like you’re in slow-mo, letting the vacuum work its magic instead of just tossing dust around like confetti. And don’t let this be a one-hit wonder, either: consistency is your true star power.

Once you learn the right way to vacuum, you’ll be amazed how much better your floors look. And the dirt? What dirt? 

A Quick Vacuum Tune-Up

Make sure your vacuum is tuned up before you start: check that the brush roll spins freely and that the dust container is empty or at least less than half-full. 

When the canister or dust bag is full, your vacuum can’t create the proper suction to pick up more dirt. And when the brush roll is tangled with thread or hair, it can’t pick up dirt. Leave vacuuming with a poorly-maintained machine to the amateurs, darling. Keep yours working like a true star.

Set the Stage by Clearing Your Floor

Clear the toys and dirty shoes, and pick up any pieces of debris larger than a pea. Then, every other week, move small furniture like side tables and floor lamps out of the way so you can clean beneath them, too.

You and your vacuum cleaner are the stars of the show, so don’t share the stage with clutter or large bits of debris that can slow you down.

Vacuum Attachments As the Opening Act

Imagine you’re center stage at The Hollywood Bowl when a gust of wind blows directly at you. Where do the loose feathers on your evening gown go? If you pictured them skittering toward the backdrop and stage wings, well done, darling.

That’s why at home your carpets turn dark at the edges or you see more dust near the walls on hard floors.

  1. Start your vacuuming session using the crevice attachment to tackle the edges where dust gathers.
  2. Use the hose extension with the floor attachment to get under heavy furniture.
  3. For carpeted areas and rugs, use a brush roll attachment to agitate fibers and lift dirt. Adjust the roller so it glides smoothly but makes enough contact to leave vacuuming lines, which signal it’s making contact with the carpet fibers.
  4. On hard floors, opt for a smooth roller or a hard floor attachment to avoid scratches.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Spotlight

To get your floors cleaner, give your vacuum time to pick up dirt and debris, not just fling it around. This means slowly pushing your vacuum away and then, without moving it to the side, pulling it back. With the next movement, push it forward and slightly to the side so the path overlaps. Continue all the way across the room, take a few steps forward, and work across the room again.

Most people vacuum faster than their machine can pick up dirt. But divas do not rush their performances, they savor their time center stage. Consider that slow back and forth your signature move and work it.


Have Carpeting? Take an Encore.

Carpet fibers have more than one side, which is part of what helps them hide dirt. But this also means that you need to vacuum carpets in more than one direction. So just like your time on the red carpet, once is never enough.

After you’ve vacuumed across the room one way, turn 90 degrees and repeat the performance. This gets the dirt out better by reaching all sides of the carpet fibers. I do this with area rugs and floor mats, too. You’ll get yours so clean you’ll want to take a bow.

A Vacuuming Diva Routine

The typical approach is to vacuum thoroughly wall-to-wall at least once a week. That means using the attachments, the signature move, the works. I have pets and allergies, so I do a second midweek performance in my bedroom and living room.

Then stay in tune with touch-ups every other day in what I call the “high-traffic areas” on my cleaning checklists— the path the crowd fallows through a room, around the sofa, in front of the sink, and along the side of your bed.

But relax, darling, those second vacuuming sessions can be the slap-dash, quick vacuuming most people are used to. As long as you’re properly embracing your inner vacuuming diva at least once a week, you’ll keep your floors clean in style.

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