9 tips to make cleaning more fun and enjoyable

9 Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun

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Do you ever put off cleaning your home because it’s such a boring way to spend the day? What if you could make cleaning more fun, so you’d actually enjoy the process?

Next time you’re trying to talk yourself into cleaning, try one of these tricks to make cleaning more enjoyable. They may not turn you into someone who looks forward to cleaning day, but they’ll certainly make it less of a chore.

1. Be Okay with Okay.

I spent years struggling with cleaning perfectionism, so if I couldn’t do it perfectly I wouldn’t do it at all. Guess what happens when life gets busy? Yep, things turn into a mess!

By focusing on getting things clean enough to be comfortable, it takes the pressure out of cleaning. Now, instead of trying to reach a state of spotless perfection it’s just about making things a little better than they were. And that shift makes cleaning so much less miserable.

2. Tune into Entertainment

When my hands are busy, my brain loves to work on solving problems. But sometimes, that turns into a negative mood and soon I’m rage cleaning. (Anyone else do that?) Staying entertained is a great way to make cleaning more fun and avoid that negativity.

Whether it’s your favorite true crime podcast, an audiobook, your favorite reality TV show, or a bouncy playlist, let it distract your mind white your hands do the work. When your brain is entertained, cleaning time goes much faster.

3. Make it a Game

Make cleaning more fun by turning it into a game or competition for both kids and adults. Set a timer and challenge yourself to clean quickly, or compete with family members to finish tasks first. Adding competition speeds up cleaning and makes it more enjoyable.

4. Reward Yourself

I’m a firm believer in using treats as an incentive, and science supports my belief. As Gretchen Rubin explains in her book Better Than Before, giving ourselves treats helps us feel cared for and rewarded.

So, after a cleaning session, treat yourself. It could be a favorite snack (ice cream, anyone?), a nap, even a phone call to a friend you enjoy chatting with. Knowing there’s something to look forward to makes chore time more fun.

5. Use the Right Tools for the Task

What would you think about a carpenter who showed up at your home with a handsaw and a plastic hammer? Not much, right?

But so many of us think cleaning isn’t worth investing in the proper tools. Then we wind up spending more time doing the job, and we’re left disappointed with the results. Ask friends what they use. Here’s my list. The important thing is to find what works best in your home.

6. Enjoy Some Company

Chatting with a friend or family member can make cleaning more enjoyable. I have a dear friend who lives overseas, and we often “body double” by connecting on FaceTime as we clean. Something about feeling like you’re not the only one cleaning makes chore time more fun. Misery loves company maybe?

7. Visualize the Result

To make cleaning more fun when you’re not in the mood, visualize the result. Picture your space clean and tidy, then work to make it real. It’s like previewing a movie trailer of your final result.

8. Embrace the Zen

Embracing the Zen of cleaning is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with my body and mentally zone out. The simple act of washing the dishes or folding towels grounds you in the moment. It’s a very helpful practice for dealing with anxiety and boosting my mood.

9. Make it a Workout

Cleaning time is a great chance to get in a workout. Wear a fitness tracker, set calorie or step goals, and tackle cardio-intensive tasks like washing walls or mopping. Even lighter tasks contribute to non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), promoting health.

Know of any other ways to make cleaning more fun? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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