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My Nightly Kitchen Cleaning Routine for a Better Morning

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Have you ever noticed how miserable mornings feel when you wake up to a messy, smelly kitchen? I am already not a morning person to begin with, but finding a mess waiting for me makes me even grumpier.

So, I set out to create a nightly kitchen cleaning routine that would deal with those things while also giving me a head start on the next day.

Why A Nighttime Cleaning Routine?

Waking up to a messy kitchen makes me get down on myself for not following through on the routines that help me manage my ADHD and remain productive.

But if I start my morning feeling like I’ve already messed up—before I’ve even had a chance to do anything else right—the rest of my day feels like one long confirmation that I am not managing life well.

On the other hand, when I wake up and see my kitchen clean and everything’s ready to go in the morning, I feel proud of myself for having “adulted.”

And starting the day with a reminder that I can do things, and that sticking to routines prevents problems, helps me stay focused on the systems I know work for me. Hopefully, you’ll see something in my nightly routine that works for you, too!

Nightly Kitchen Cleaning Routine

Now, I combine this with my daily cleaning routine to deal with things like swapping out the towel and wiping appliance fronts.

Both are among the printable cleaning checklists that I use to make sure I don’t overlook anything when I’m cleaning. (The ADHD is strong in this one these days.)

Get the Step-by-Step Checklist Sent to You

1. Table and Food

  • Clear and wipe the dinner table.
  • Put away leftover food.
  • Make lunches for the next day.
  • Move frozen items for tomorrow’s dinner to the fridge to defrost.

2. Kitchen Clutter

  • Wipe the counters.
  • Load and run the dishwashwer.
  • Empty the sink.
  • Run the garbage disposal.
  • Recycle junk mail.

3. Empty and Clean

  • Take out the trash.
  • Empty and rinse the coffee pot.
  • Wipe the inside of the microwave.
  • Empty, clean and refill pet bowls.
  • Check if there are wet clothes in the washer.

4. Morning Setup

  • Keys ready to go?
  • Clothes picked out for the next day.
  • Homework ready.
  • Shoes by the door tidied up.
  • Check the next day’s schedule.
  • Alarm clock set.
  • Security system set.
  • Thermostat checked.
  • Lights off.

Of course, you may not need to do everything on my nightly kitchen cleaning checklist. Maybe you don’t leave your pets with a bowl of food when you go to bed. (It keeps my cat from meowing all night.)

Or maybe you have other things you’d add—there’s space on the checklist for those, but I’d love to hear in the comments what else you’d include!

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