A woman standing on a woven rug in front of her oven—one of the places people forget to clean.

10 Places Everyone Forgets to Clean

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Have you ever wondered about the hidden corners and unseen spaces in your home that might be gathering dust and grime?

While we all have our regular cleaning routines, there are certain places everyone forgets to clean that can accumulate unseen dirt and bacteria.

From the dark underside of unseen spots to the unnoticed ones hanging out in plain sight, let’s talk about those spots and the simple steps to get them clean.

Where the Wind Blows

Opening your windows daily is so smart, but make sure your screens and sills are clean so that fresh air doesn’t fill your home with dust.

Use your vacuum dust attachment monthly to clean the screens, then go over the sills with a damp microfiber cloth.

The Sink’s Hidden Surprise

Ever wondered what lurks beneath your bathroom sink stopper? It’s not just hair—soap scum, dirt, and other residues create a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you don’t know how to remove the stopper so you can clean the drain, use the standard baking soda and vinegar combination followed by hot water.

Kitchen Odor Culprit

Your garbage disposal splash guard is a magnet for everything from food particles to soap.

If fruit flies or kitchen odors are a problem, this might be why. Lift those rubber flanges and scrub them, then keep your garbage disposal clean.

Laundry Cycle Oversight

Think about what your laundry basket holds, from wet sheets to sweaty clothes. Using the same one to carry clean and dirty clothes can transfer bacteria, mold and mildew.

Yet this is one of those spots everyone forgets to clean—maybe because we’re tired of doing laundry? Use a disinfecting wipe after you start the wash, or keep separate ones to be on the safe side.

Dust Mites’ Favorite Hideout

Using the area under your bed for storage is smart if you’re short on space, and it keeps those monsters away.

But the reduced air flow makes that spot prone to gathering dust mites, which can lead to allergy symptoms, skin rashes, and asthma issues.

Clear out and clean this space monthly, or more often if you’re cleaning to relieve allergies.

A Remote Risk

Your TV remote is a common germ carrier coated with everything from food residue to snot and even dangerous bacteria left behind by dirty hands.

Don’t forget to clean it weekly by removing the batteries then wiping it thoroughly with a disinfecting cloth, or use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to tackle those germs.

The Oven’s Secret Underbelly

In some homes, the drawer under the oven keeps food warm. In others, it’s a storage spot for baking sheets.

Either way, that drawer in your oven collects an alarming amount of dust, especially with pets around.

Pull it out seasonally to vacuum the space under it, then wash and dry all sides for a thorough clean. If pests are a problem, make it once a month.

The Overlooked Exhaust Fan

Your bathroom’s exhaust fan is your best defense against mold and mildew in this frequently damp room.

But too much buildup keeps it from extracting and can lead to a house fire, too. Clean it every three months by vacuuming the blades and washing the cover to keep it working well.

Dimmed by Dust

Dust on light bulbs means less light for your money. If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, which get hot with use, dust buildup adds volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to your home’s air.

Keep your bulbs clean by giving them a quick wipe with a dry cloth when you clean the room. (Then dab a touch of vanilla extract on the cool bulbs to make your home smell amazing.)

Above and Out of Sight

Ceilings collect more dust than you’d think, especially if they’re textured. Make cleaning your ceilings a seasonal task and you’ll see much less dust in your home.

Use a long-handled duster on smooth ceilings, or a dry microfiber paint roller to get dust off popcorn ceilings without pulling off the texture.

How’d you do, or can you think of other places everyone forgets to clean? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. Good luck with your renovation! I know the result will be beautiful and make for a home you are happy to spend time in. Sorry about the painting fiasco, I think my blood pressure went up reading the story in sympathy! We are with you in spirit!

    1. Katie Berry says:

      Thank you, but I’m beginning to think I’ll never see the end of this project. Then, once I finish the kitchen, it’s time to move onto redoing the master bathroom then the powder room then painting the upstairs, replacing carpets with wood floors… Oh dear, I think I’ll be busy for the next several years!

    2. Sandra Weinhardt says:

      And then… and then… you will move!

    3. Katie Berry says:


  2. Linda Ferguson says:

    You are now talking a “FULL TIME RENOVATION “! When will I eat , sleep, get clean, etc.! A LIFE OF ONLYYYYYY RENOVATION?

    1. Katie Berry says:

      You’re absolutely right. I’ve been at this daily for a week now, and have started to forget what life was like before.

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