6 Things You Can Clean with A Mop

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Your mop can clean so much more than floors. If you have a bad back, need to clean high spots, or just want to speed up cleaning certain things, you will love these hacks.

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If you’ve got a string or microfiber mop, it can do much more than clean your floors. If you have a steam mop, you can use it to do a couple of these, too, though pay attention to any warnings. Using a Swiffer? If the high cost of replacing disposable pads and the poor job they do actually cleaning don’t convince you to switch, maybe these other ways to use real mops will.

1. Mop Your Blinds

A string or sponge mop makes cleaning blinds easier, especially if you’re short or the blinds are high. First, lower the blinds so they’re fully extended, and turn the slats to face the same direction. Next, go over the slats with a dry string or microfiber mop, turn them the other way, and repeat. Finally, get the mop lightly damp and go over both sides of the slats again. That’s it. (Steam mop owners need to clean blinds the usual way.)

2. Clean Tall Mirrors with a Mop

There’s no need to get out a ladder or step stool to clean high mirrors if you have a microfiber mop. For this, you need some glass cleaner and a microfiber or string mop. First, place a towel at the mirror’s base to catch drips. Next, dust the mirror from top to bottom using the dry mop. Finally, spray the mirror with the glass cleaner and polish it with the dry mop. Only use a steam mop if you can adjust it to a low setting and the mirror is not in an unheated or overly cooled room.

3. Wash High Windows

Similar to using a mop to clean mirrors, you can mop tall windows, too. For this, you’ll need two microfiber mop heads so you can keep one dry and use the other on the glass. First, dip the mop in a homemade window cleaning solution or spray your favorite glass cleaner onto the window. Then, switch to the dry pad and wipe the glass from top to bottom. The usual tips for cleaning windows without leaving streaks apply: work on a cloudy day and switch pads as needed to avoid leaving streaks.

4. Clean Walls

Dirty painted walls or those with washable wallpaper are easy to clean with a microfiber mop or a string mop with a fresh head. First, dust your wall from top to bottom using the dry head. Next, rinse the mop to remove any dust you picked up. Finally, add a couple drops of liquid dish soap to a spray bottle of warm water, apply it to a 3-foot section of your wall, and wipe it with the damp mop head.

5. Mop Your Shower

Cleaning shower walls without slipping around is a breeze when using a mop. Spray a homemade shower spray cleaner on the shower walls, then wipe them clean with a damp mop head. This method is a great way to clean your shower after using homemade soap scum remover without having to stand in it. If you have spotty glass shower doors, you can use the mop to clean them like mirrors or windows. If you have a steam mop, check the owner’s manual to make sure it’s safe to use on vertical surfaces.

6. Clean a Bathtub with A Mop

A simple way to clean your bathtub with a bad back or without bending over is by spraying it with cleaner and then rinsing it with a damp mop. If someone in your family likes to soak or play in the bathtub, keep a mop head specifically for this task and not for use on floors. A new string, microfiber, or sponge mop head will work—but be sure to wash and dry it after each use.

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