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13 Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil After Washing It

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Did you know there are other uses for aluminum foil besides wrapping leftovers? Just about every home has a roll, but few people know to keep some in their cleaning closet, too.

I love discovering new ways to use household items, like cleaning with used dryer sheets or making use of kitchen scraps. So, every time I find good uses for aluminum foil around the house, I take note and try it.

1. Shiny Silver

Use aluminum foil, table salt, baking soda, and hot water to clean tarnished silverware and jewelry. Stir table salt and baking soda into a sink of hot water lined with foil on the bottom. Add your silver jewelry and watch the tarnish disappear.

2. Rack Guard

Use a sheet of aluminum foil on an oven rack beneath drippy casseroles or pizzas to catch overflow. It won’t pose a fire risk on the rack like it would if you lined the oven floor. After cooking, wad it up or wash and reuse it.

Pro Tip

You can wash and reuse foil several times. Use soapy water on both sides, rinse and pat dry. You can run it through the dishwasher on the top rack, too, but it will change color—that’s harmless, though.

3. Wrap Banana Stems

Wrap the stem ends of bananas with a piece of aluminum foil, singly or as a bunch, to keep them fresh longer. Bananas ripen by releasing a gas from the stem, but the foil keeps it from spreading to others. (Too late? Use them to make Banana Bread Without Sugar.)

4. Sharper Snippers

Sharpen scissor blades by cutting into a piece of aluminum foil folded in half several times. Each time you cut, the foil smooths rough spots on the blades and sharpens the cutting edge.

5. Makeshift Static Guard

Use a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer to discharge the static cling created by friction as your clothes tumble around. You can get several uses from a ball of foil before it needs to be replaced.

6. Kitchen Cleaning Saver

Use aluminum foil on top of your kitchen cabinets that don’t reach the ceiling. Dust will settle on the foil, so cleaning the cabinet tops is as easy as crumpling up the foil and putting down fresh sheets.

7. Clean Press

Clean your clothes iron on a sheet of aluminum foil sprinkled with table salt. Turn your iron to hot and run it over the foil several times, letting the salt rub away gunk.

8. Paint Cleaning Perfection

Line paint roller pans with foil before use so you can lift the foil to pour leftover paint back into the can. Wrap wet paint roller or brushes in foil if you need to take a break. For overnight breaks, top that with a plastic bag.

9. Pet-Proofing

Pets don’t like the feel of foil on their paws or the sound it makes when the walk on it. So, spread use aluminum foil sheets to train your pets to stay off of furniture. After a week or two, they’ll get the hint.

10. Steel Wool Saver

Slide a piece of aluminum under steel wool pads while they dry to protect the surface beneath from rust. Wrap the pad up in foil until you need it again to keep it from oxidizing.

11. Rust Remover

Use a damp wad of aluminum foil to rub away rusty spots on chrome. The chemical reaction between the wet foil and the chrome will lift away rust and grime.

12. Cold Protection

Create a cone of aluminum foil around young plants to protect them from frost on chilly nights. The foil helps them retain heat. Remove it first thing in the morning so it doesn’t turn into a plant sauna.

13. Boost Your Wi-Fi

To create a makeshift wifi signal booster, cut the top and bottom off a plastic milk jug, then cut away one side of it to leave a U-shape formed by the other three sides. Line the inside of the U with foil and put it behind your router’s antenna to direct the signal in a specific direction.

So, what’s your favorite use of aluminum foil? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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